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Peter Billingham


Eulogy and Obituary Writer

About Me

Yes, I am a full-time eulogy/obituary writer. Strange occupation, you might say? Absolutely. It's one that is an honour and a privilege.

The last words spoken at a funeral about someone are critical to get right first time. You get one chance. I know. I combine writing eulogies with delivering them at funerals of people I haven't met, doing that weekly. I've written 500 or more eulogies. And I have received many encouraging Google reviews from the families I work alongside. Can I help you?

Wondering if you need a specialist rather than a generalist writer?  I can tick both boxes. I gained a First Class Honours Degree from Birmingham University. I have published two books and many ebooks, I have a popular blog & podcast.

But, nothing beats standing in front of hundreds saying the words you have penned to hone the craft of writing eulogies.  

 If you want an expert to write a eulogy for someone you love, someone you've worked with or someone who was a long-time friend, contact me, please.

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Opening Words

John was a bit like a pit bull terrier but with an immense heart of gold. His generosity would know no bounds. He was a proud man. He was a man's man. He was a "say it as it is" kind of man. Not one to dwell on small talk, not one, you could say, who always had the utmost tact and diplomacy at times, but John could be a raconteur who would keep you spellbound for hours with endless stories from his colourful life.



Funeral Celebrant

Peter Billingham writes words for funeral services that your family and friends will remember forever. I understand how it feels to be responsible for speaking at a funeral. There is only one chance to get it right. You want the best for your loved one, of course, and worry that everything said will go well on the day. Many people have felt the same as you do now. Working together with me took all those concerns and worries away.

Company: Memorable Words

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

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