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Annie Keller


Freelance medical writer

About Me

I am a freelance writer specializing in medicine and medical technology. I also run a missing persons' website, For the Lost (http://www.forthelost.org) and have experience with crime writing and missing/unidentifed people.

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Medical Device

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My Writing Samples

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Describes the symptoms of diabetic rentiopathy and the screening for it.


How Diabetes Can Affect the Eyes

How diabetes can affect the eyes.


New Heart Attack Drugs May Revolutionize Treatment Of Heart Disease

New drugs to treat a heart attack.


Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Myths And Facts

Get the facts about the bacteria.


Father’s Day Not A Celebration For These Dads Of Missing Kids

Father's Day isn't good for everyone.


Dementia And The Missing Elderly

Why people with dementia go missing and what to do about it.


Missing Ohio Toddler Rainn Peterson Found Alive, Taken To Hospital

The toddler has been found alive after two days.


Fugitive In Oregon Torture Case Caught After 24 Years

After 24 years, a fugitive wanted for an infamous torture case in Oregon has been caught.


Petra Pazsitka Turns Up Alive And Well 29 Years After Someone Confessed To Her Murder

Someone confessed to her murder, but Petra Pazsitka isn't dead.


Endangered Infant Jeshua Taylor Found Safe After A Month

The infant had been missing since August.


After Almost Three Weeks Chicago’s Own ‘Baby Doe’ Remains Unidentified

Who is Chicago's Baby Doe?


The Short And Tragic Life Of ‘Baby Doe’ Bella Bond

Bella Bond was unidentified for three months.


Picture Gone Viral Is Not That Of Missing Toddler DeOrr Kunz, Investigation Continues

DeOrr Kunz remains missing.


Girl In Alberta Amber Alert: Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette Located Deceased, Suspect Arrested

She was missing after her father's murder.


Stress Cardiomyopathy Is The New Form Of Heart Attack

Learn about stress cardiomyopathy.


Fourth Plague Death This Year In Utah

The black death still plagues some areas.


Wendy Williams Has It… So What Is Graves’ Disease?

Graves Disease and its treatment.


New research in hair growth

Hair follicles grown in mice.


Viewpoint: Headline-grabbing attempt to edit living human's DNA needs reality check

Living gene editing? Not so fast.


Alternative treatment for OIC

New treatment for post-surgical OIC.


Does this facelift make me look more successful?

Researchers wanted to know if facelifts offer social benefits beyond those of a youthful appearance. This is what they found.


Vitamin D may aid serious burns

Vitamin D supplements are known to reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with sunburn, but a new study from Birmingham University suggests that it may also help with more serious burns.


Should Hospitals Ban Sugary Foods, Drinks?

Does sugar have a place in a hospital?


This Year’s Super Bowl Winner Could Be the Flu

Flu facts.


Medical Technology Rises to Battle Opiod Abuse

Medical Technology Rises to Battle Opiod Abuse.


Two of a kind?

Twins are a unique genetic study of their own.


Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act 101

What's the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act about?



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