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Katana Haley


About Me

I'm passionate about sharing obscure digital marketing information that will help other business owners and marketers achieve their goals.

I have a deep and intimate knowledge of SaaS, B2B, and the healthcare industry. I'm passionate about sharing obscure digital marketing information that will help other business owners and marketers achieve their goals. 

You can see some of my lifestyle content on Lifehack.org as well as work samples on http://Katana.Pressfolios.com. 

When I'm not writing copy, I'm writing music or reading.

Industries I Write About

Marketing & Advertising

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Computer & Network Security

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Hospital & Health Care

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Information Technology & Services

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Consumer Goods

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Financial Services

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Nonprofit Organization Management

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Computer Software

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My Writing Samples

How Fundraising Software Will Help Increase Donations

When it comes to raising funds, obscurity is a nightmare for your organization. The easier it is toreach out and make others aware of your non-profit, the better. It is essential for non-profits tooperate like for-profit organizations if they want to succeed long-term. As a part of businessoperations, you need the ability to accept donations anywhere and anytime. Not only that, you needa platform that allows you to automate your message and raise awareness.


5 Tips for Creating Better Invoices

Harvard Law School case management makes skillful use of legal billing software. Even the Director ofState Courts entrusts billing software to send invoices securely. Law firm billing software is alsorelied upon for research management and citation at Yale.


Why Legal Document Management is The New Standard of Efficiency

As a legal professional, you understand that deadlines and organization are crucial. Some legal practices are adopting the technology more quickly than others. Legal document management will help you run your practice in an organized way and stay productive.


How To Guarantee Your Course Will Be Profitable and Loved

So you’ve spent months building your course and now you’re ready to show it to the world. Where are the people that want to take your course? How do you build trust and make them care? Better yet, are you going to get a return for any of your efforts? When you create an online course, you need to know if it’s going to be profitable before you launch.There is an easy way to tell if there is a market that wants your product, there are already courses available.


What is Malware Removal? (Sales Page)

Has your website been infected or blacklisted? Malware removal is essentially the scanning and removal of infected files on your website or computer. The process is a series of actions that must be taken following a hack or injection of corrupted files. Malware is malicious software typically used for illicit reasons that disturbs the normal function of websites, apps, and computers. Its removal is essential to the security of your information.


How To Use Appoint.ly To Close More Clients

Make it easier for your clients to schedule appointments with you by using Appoint.ly. Clients can pick a time slot with one easy click. The software makes it impossible to double book a time slot in your schedule, helping you to clarify your day.



Media Coordinator/ Copywriter/ Office Manager

My experience as the Media Coordinator for Texas SuperFood included developing all email marketing campaigns, which generated more than five figures within three days of each email. I held a few different titles at this company which included managing a chiropractic facility and handling treatment plans.

Company: Texas SuperFood/ Nuplexa

I worked there from 12/2013 until 8/2015

Copywriter/ Digital Strategist

Early 2016, I established myself as an independent digital marketer and copywriter. I produce content for clients in SaaS, cyber security, insurance, healthcare, and finance.

Company: Growth Masters

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Technological Lead Generation Solutions for Greater Returns on Your Effort

B2B healthcare marketers are seeking to reach a very targeted audience of buyers. It’s critical for healthcare SaaS companies to address more than just pain points when creating content. This article will address how marketers can get the most out of their content and budget, eliminating capital spent on people who will not become customers. Solutions will be addressed through the presentation of newly emerged technological solutions in the healthcare sector.

Content type: Article

Keywords: marketing spend,budget,target marketing,content strategy


B2B Content with a Purpose: Sales Funnel vs. Marketing Funnel

The way that B2B companies must market themselves contrasts from B2C. B2B sales funnels require specific lead nurturing and education. B2B companies need to know how to build a longer sales funnel and ensure that key decision makers make it through the funnel. There also needs to be a method to test for issues in the sales funnel.This way, if a prospect doesn't complete the process, the business knows why. The differences between the marketing funnel and the sales funnel will be made clear.

Content type: Article


Tips to Create a Successful Wordpress Dropshipping Site

A successful business begins with a professional site. The article will detail how to select a supplier, host, and the overall process of how to start a dropshipping business. It will also outline key points; content creation, automation where possible, and site management.

Content type: Article


Why Virtual Training Labs are The Technological Solution for Companies

Across a range of industries, virtual lab environments have been deployed with great success. Business executives need to know why they should consider retiring antiquated training methods and convert to a cloud based lab environment. From hospitals to universities to astronaut training, virtual training labs have become more relied upon. This is because they so effectively provide custom solutions for business needs. The article will outline how any type of training environment needed can be cr

Content type: Article


Why Your Business Needs an Automated and Unified IAM Strategy

Businesses need to know why it's important to have a solid IAM strategy and how it can be implemented without slowing business agility. The article will outline automating access controls, protecting organizations from internal and external threats, and how to achieve an environment that is both efficient and secure.

Content type: Article

Keywords: IAM,identity and access management


How To Simplify Your Company's Cloud Migration

The article will detail how simple it is to transition to cloud services. The article will detail how cloud transitioning benefits security risk management and disaster recovery.

Content type: Article

Keywords: cloud migration,disaster recovery,security risk management


The Simple Security Risk Management Solution for SMBs

The number of security concerns and data breaches have increased. Small to medium sized businesses need to know that there is a simple solution for increasing digital security risks. Implementing a DR plan helps ensure a SMB stays open after a cyber attack. A solid DR plan protects against both external and internal threats. By engaging in risk management, enterprises can prepare for cyber attacks and respond appropriately. A large part of preparation is educating employees before a cyber attack

Content type: Article

Keywords: disaster recovery,security risk,data breach,post recovery,cyber attack,digital security,enterprise,SMB


Residential Landscaping Blog Ideas

Homeowners have a great interest in landscaping projects that increase property value quickly and over the long term. I've generated a few blog title ideas based upon the information your target audience is looking for: Surge the Value of Your Residence with Professional Landscaping The Most Overlooked Landscaping Essentials When Selling Your Home The Watering Practices that Promise a Luxurious Lawn

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: value of residence landscape,property value landscape,increase property value landscaping,property landscape maintenance,property landscape design


How To Leverage Emerging Technologies for a Better Resident Experience

This sales article will indirectly point to RentBridge services and technology recommendations for property managers. The article will help managers understand they benefit more from inbound marketing service specific to the realm of property management rather than generic marketing.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: marketing for property managers,marketing ideas for property managers,marketing strategy for property manager,tools for property managers,airbnb property management


How to Know When You Should Choose Jumbo Financing Options

The blog post will describe in detail the benefits of acquiring a loan that is beyond the limits set forth by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The reader will be informed about jumbo loan qualifications, the difference between a conforming loan and a jumbo loan, and interest rate advantages.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: jumbo financing options,100% jumbo financing,jumbo financing programs,what is jumbo financing,jumbo financing definition,jumbo finance meaning