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Lisa Maloney


Award-winning travel, outdoors and profile writer

About Me

I'm an award-winning travel, outdoors, health and profile writer based in Anchorage, Alaska. I've written three travel and outdoors guidebooks, including "Moon Alaska," which won a Silver Award from the North American Travel Journalist Association. I also served as senior editor at Alaska magazine, covered About.com's nationwide hiking/backpacking beat, and have contributed hundreds of freelance articles to publications including Via, Northwest Travel & Life, The Writer magazine, Backpacker magazine, Alaska magazine, Matador Network, Roots Rated, JetBlue.com, TheBrandUSA.com, and many more. 

Industries I Write About

Writing & Editing

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Consumer Goods

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Food Production

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Leisure & Travel

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Marketing & Advertising

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Media Production

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Alternative Medicine

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Online Publishing

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Performing Arts

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Public Relations

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Sporting Goods

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My Writing Samples

That others may live

Profiling the elite pararescuemen of the Alaska Air National Guard's 212th rescue squadron -- guardian angels that watch over the lost and injured in Alaska's backcountry and rural communities.


5 iconic Alaska trip ideas

Five iconic trip ideas for any Alaska visit; published on Moon.com.


The best small towns in Alaska

A roundup of the best small towns in Alaska, and what makes them special; published on Moon.com.


Moon Alaska

A full-length travel guidebook that covers the entire state of Alaska. Published in June of 2017.


The love of high places

A feature profile on the young owners that drive the Alaska Mountaineering School and its clients to high-altitude success. Published in the Anchorage Press, Alaska's second-largest newspaper.


The best winter boots for men and women

Hands-on testing and analysis of the best winter boots for several scenarios. Published for The Wirecutter in December 2016.


5 ways to attract (and retain) good trainers

Strategies to help gym owners and managers attract, and retain, the best personal trainers. Published on Precor.com.


6 ways personal trainers can boost their hourly rate

A roundup of ways personal trainers can improve their hourly take-home pay without compromising performance, service or safety. Published on Precor.com.


Tone away from home

Exercises and equipment to help you stay fit while on the road. Originally published in Breathe magazine, now only available as a PDF download.


Lost? In trouble? These Alaska dogs will search you out

A profile of the human and canine members of Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs, an all-volunteer organization that assists in searches for missing persons.


How to find and photograph the northern lights like a pro

A news article with tips from professional photographers on how to get great images of the northern lights or aurora borealis. Published in the Alaska Dispatch News, the largest newspaper in Alaska.


Valdez, Alaska is the coolest little town you've never heard of

More than 11,000 social shares for a commissioned blog post detailing the special appeal of Valdez, a small town in Alaska.


His and Hers Cancer Awareness

Resources for screening and testing of male and female reproductive cancers; originally published in Alaska Business Monthly.


Conquering an Invisible Obstacle

Imagine going to court, but not being able to read the signs telling you where to go or understand what people are saying. This profile examines the challenges, successes and community service of a local language interpreter center.



Freelance Writer and Editor

Freelance writing, editing and reporting on topics ranging from outdoors to travel, profiles and all things Alaska. Published credits include Via, the Wall Street Journal, Alaska magazine, Last Frontier magazine, OutsideOnline.com, Backpacker, RootsRated.com, The Writer magazine, Matador Network, SheKnows.com, Coast magazine, the Alaska Dispatch News, 61ยบ North, JetBlue.com, TheBrandUSA.com, and many more.

Company: MaloneyWrites.com

I worked there from 1/2005 until now

Guidebook Author

Writing outdoors and travel guidebooks. Titles include Day Hiking Southcentral Alaska (Mountaineers Books, forthcoming in 2019); Moon Alaska (Perseus Books, 2017); Alaska Adventures (Horizon Guides, 2016); and 50 Hikes Around Anchorage (Countryman Press, 2010).

Company: Various Publishers

I worked there from 1/2009 until now

Copywriter/Consumer Goods Reporter

Researching and writing extensive reports and blog posts on consumer goods.

Company: ConsumerSearch.com

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Freelance Outdoors Correspondent

Reporting and writing outdoors features and columns for the state's largest newspaper.

Company: Alaska Dispatch News

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

Editorial Consultant

Editing, fact-checking and writing for the state of Alaska's official travel website.

Company: TravelAlaska.com

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Freelance Journalist

Reporting and writing features, special sections, and six years of weekly columns at a gutsy, gritty weekly newspaper.

Company: Anchorage Press

I worked there from 7/2005 until 1/2017

Interim Senior Editor

Editing, assigning, fact-checking, developing and writing departments/features for a national glossy on all things Alaska.

Company: Alaska Magazine

I worked there from 3/2015 until 8/2015

Editorial Consultant

Scheduling, creating and promoting all editorial content related to hiking and backpacking for About.com, one of the top 25 websites in the United States. About.com was recently rebranded as ThoughtCo.com.

Company: About.com

I worked there from 7/2012 until 8/2015

Copywriter and Editor

Copywriting and editing for HayliePomroy.com in support of the #1 NYT bestselling book "The Fast Metabolism Diet," and the NYT bestselling "The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook."

Company: HayliePomroy.com

I worked there from 1/2012 until 3/2015

Contributing Writer

Writing feature articles, news briefs, special sections and event guides for a regional outdoors magazine.

Company: Coast Magazine

I worked there from 1/2012 until 1/2015

Freelance Book Reviewer

Reviewing books in a number of genres -- every book lover's dream job!

Company: Kirkus Media

I worked there from 1/2011 until 1/2015

Editorial Consultant

Managing the editorial calendar and writing blog entries for the Canadian and UK arms of Wantacode, along with occasional special projects.

Company: 58phases

I worked there from 1/2011 until 5/2014

Freelance Fitness Writer

Writing fitness and wellness articles for one of the largest women's websites in the world (more than 84 million unique, unduplicated visitors every month).

Company: SheKnows.com

I worked there from 1/2009 until 1/2014

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

## Ways to Survive a Night at the Airport

Would open with reasons you might not get a hotel room immediately (or at all), then get straight to the tips: Keep overnight essentials in your carry-on; buy a one-day lounge pass for better/speedier service; be pleasant to the staff; return to the same customer service agent if possible; key criteria for a resting space (low traffic, comfort, access to flight screens/chargers, etc); having a great roaming plan; and so on. Thank you for your consideration!

Content type: Blog Post


X Ways to Find Free WiFi

A roundup of ways to find cheap WiFi: Head to the most likely suspects (universities, public libraries, some airports and, surprisingly, some supermarkets); apps and websites for crowdsourcing free WiFi locations; apps and websites for scoring WiFi passwords in coffee shops; sign up for loyalty programs; check for cable provider hot spots; ask for WiFi access in shops where you purchase something; and so on.

Content type: Blog Post


Three Strategies for Overcoming Jet Lag

For your "surviving travel" category, a roundup of actionable strategies for overcoming jet lag: Adjusting your schedule to match the destination time zone before you leave; staying up until an early bedtime on your first day in the destination; and all the preventative measures that can ease the burden of jet lag, from leaving home well-rested, avoiding alcohol and stimulants, and strategic napping while on the plane.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: travel,nap,wellness,jet lag


Sample Itinerary: 7-Day Alaska Adventure

A seven-day sample itinerary that'll introduce visitors to every flavor of Alaska adventure, from bear-viewing to glaciers, dog sledding and panning for gold. Can be centered around Anchorage (the state's busiest air transport hub) or Juneau (the hub of the Southeast Alaska cruise circuit).

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: travel,alaska,adventure,outdoors,itineraries,destinations


How to Pack for a Cruise

Cruises are a wonderfully popular way of visiting my home state of Alaska, along with many of your other destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. This post can be generalized to appeal to any cruise traveler, or targeted specifically to any of the aforementioned areas.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: destination events,leisure travel,luxury travel,adventure travel,us,mexico,europe,cruises,trip planning,packing,caribbean


5 Ways a New Gym Buddy Can Motivate You

Are you ready to split your session with a new fitness buddy? We all know splitting sessions makes them more affordable, but check out these five other ways that a new gym buddy can keep your fitness game on point: 1) It pushes you to focus on yourself; 2) It becomes a friendly contest; 3) You get new workout ideas; 4) You get new feedback from the trainer by watching the other person; 5) Watching someone else try their best is inspiring.

Content type: Blog Post


4 Things You Need to Succeed at Writing on the Road

For the writers in your audience, based on 13 years of trial and error at writing and traveling at the same time. Key takeaways include the pitfalls of mobile Internet access; how to fine-tune your portable office; which mobile adapters you do/don't need for working in foreign countries; and tips to establish a manageable routine without sacrificing all your flexibility.

Content type: Blog Post


5 Ways to Get Great Content From Your Writers

For the brand/content managers in your audience, give writers these five things and you'll get great content in return: A clear idea couched in useful context; knowledge of the audience and their interest/ability level; examples of prior work that you loved; basic guidelines like voice (first, second or third person?), length, and a list of key points or desired takeaways.

Content type: Blog Post


6 Ways to Manage Your Writers Effectively

- Deliver a complete creative brief. (Good link opportunity to the other post I've pitched.) - Don't give the writers your actual deadline; leave some flex time for editing, late assignments, etc. - Communicate your expectations clearly. Want an early draft or outline? Availability for revisions? Say so up front. - Start with small commitments/assignments. As a writer shows himself to be reliable, trust him with more responsibility. - Deliver promptly on your commitments (edits, payment, etc).

Content type: Blog Post


5 Things Your Creative Brief Must Include OR How to Get the Right Work From Your Writers

- Basic parameters: Length, topic, format and goal. Is the piece in question a slideshow, Q&A, blog post, web copy, press release, or...? Do you want it to motivate and inspire readers? Drive sales? Draw comments?) - Key concepts: Bulleted factoids/talking points to cover, how the copy should open and/or close; do you want a call to action at the end?) - Who is the audience? Think demographics: Age group(s), gender breakdown, race if relevant, income, and any other relevant habits (for example

Content type: Blog Post


5 Ways to Write Better, Faster and With Less Stress

Key points to help writers be more productive and refine their final product: - Embrace the drafting process (acdon't even try to make the first draft flawless) - Get right to the point (be sparing/strategic with your words) - Work around "stuck" points instead of fixating on them - Know your creative process (Do you have a favorite time of day for working? Or a "happy place" that helps you find your best words?) - Write what you know (and how to research effectively if you don't already "know")

Content type: Blog Post