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Blair Sorrel


About Me

Smith College graduate, Artists and Writers trained email and content copywriter. My official launch was in catalogue copy for Lily of France and Lane Bryant, then I created my own lifestyle column for Free Time Magazine, "The Dollarwise Dilettante," and more recently, I created a concept and blogged for Goodwill Industries, "The Good Look Guy and Gal" which offered a unique selling proposition to the increasingly competitive thrift store market and bolstered model/employees' self-esteem. This past summer, I did promotional writing for the Boston Expressionist, Giovanni DeCunto, targeting luxury development and boutique hotels. My musings have appeared in the New York Post ("Cupid Contest"), New York Magazine, and amNY.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Advanced Mobile Applications

PRESS RELEASE:"Do you see what I see?" was once just a sentimental holiday lyric and as unrealistic as Santa Claus himself. Now Xpert Eye, a breakthrough`innovation of developer Advanced Mobile Applications, allows dual vision and dialogue where and when most needed and in real time. Imagine an emergency room doctor and ambulance technician reviewing the patient's critical condition life-saving moments before he or she arrives at the hospital. Or just as remarkable, the electrical supervisor who


Steve Mariotti

FROM THE MEKONG  DELTA TO D.C. AND THE ABCs OF BECOMING A CEO. (For Huff Post consideration)Today's Baby Boomers, even now as senior citizens, will never shake their recollection of  the Vietnam War, a conflict so polarizing it engendered a profound rift between the nation's Establishment and its youth. And while that turbulent era heralded notable creative achievements: the golden age of advertising, classic rock, and the civil rights movement, haunting images of napalm atrocities and the denig



Lead Writer

Sourcing new leads for cover stories for both the United States and Asian version involving interviewing, research, and writing responsibilities.

Company: Hollywood Weekly

I worked there from 3/2017 until 10/2016

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