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Nikki Flores


writer by nature, marketer by nurture

About Me

I have had a passion for writing as long as I can remember, and I developed an intense fascination for marketing along the way. 

I'm tiny (4'11), but mighty. Surprisingly enough, I love playing volleyball (as a setter and back row).

I set out on a yoga journey at the beginning of the year, and I've been chronicling my progress on Instagram. 

I hate scary movies, love tator tots, and am super organized. 

Industries I Write About

Hospital & Health Care

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Financial Services

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Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

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Computer & Network Security

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Marketing & Advertising

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Mental Health Care

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Commercial Real Estate

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Defense & Space

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Writing & Editing

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My Writing Samples

That Moment When You Realize You Found the Right Demand Generation Agency

It's odd, but this is kind of my career story. Thankfully, it's an interesting read.


Healthcare Factoring vs. Medical Receivables Factoring

This web page has a lot going on, I know. If you can get past all the distractions, the copy I wrote explains the difference between "healthcare factoring" (what the company I worked for did) and "medical factoring" (what it did NOT do). We wanted to cut down on unnecessary inquiry calls.


RetireBright: A Complete Game Plan For Retirement Readiness

RetireBright Advertorial is a time-intensive writing sample. My "clients" were the CMO and the CPO at Great-West Financial's Retirement Services. The target audiences were both financial advisors and plan sponsors. If you cannot download the advertorial, please ask me, and I'll send a copy to you.


Just Call Me the Queen of Pinterest Fails

This is a single entry from a personal blog I've written posts for over the past few years. It's all about how I tried to use Pinterest for good, and most of the things I tried ending up being a big fat fail.



Senior / Copywriter

As a bonafide growth hacker, I write engaging content to enhance my clients' brands by speaking directly to their target buyer persona needs, drivers, goals, and emotions. My carefully crafted words are used for creative initiatives, campaigns, and projects (both B2B and B2C) including emails, brochures, interactive guides, landing pages, white papers, video scripts, websites, banners, and other demand generation materials.

Company: Intelligent Demand

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

Online Marketing Specialist

I jump-started Empower-Retirement's (formerly Great-West Financial) email marketing program, positioning the second largest retirement services provider in the U.S. market as a leader in the digital era. I helped departmental heads meet their annual sales goals by crafting clickable content and staying in the top of subscriber inboxes. Within the Exact Target/Salesforce interface, I became fluent in ampscript and coordinated multifaceted data relationships to deliver personalized dynamic content

Company: Empower Retirement

I worked there from 5/2014 until 2/2015

Corporate Communications Writer

As one of the organization’s lead content developers, my written words took the shape of company-wide sales collateral, community support pieces, persuasive advertorials, action-oriented emails, optimized website content, client case studies and formal executive letters.Above and Beyond: Set fire to unconventional like-gating campaign to surpass 1000+ Likes within 30 days of the Corporate Facebook page launch.

Company: Great-West Financial

I worked there from 11/2013 until 5/2014

Content Mastermind

During my transition from living in Ohio to moving to Colorado, I was contracted by one of the fastest growing integrated marketing communications firms in Northeast Ohio to ghostwrite informational brochures and articles for one of their high-profile clients. I also worked with various small business owners to enhance their web presence and drive profit from strategic social media campaigns.

Company: Freelance Copywriter / Website Analysis

I worked there from 5/2013 until 11/2013

Account Strategist / Creative Writer

Specifically hired into the company to manage a portfolio of top-tiered clients, I routinely applied my writing and marketing talents to help an assortment of clients maintain and augment their offline and online marketing campaigns. From writing creative copy and developing strategic SEO tactics to designing effective email campaigns and carrying out creative social media marketing plans, I helped my clients expand their brand, better understand their customers and increase their ROI.

Company: World Synergy

I worked there from 10/2012 until 5/2013

Marketing Manager

Designed and implemented a wide scale online marketing campaign to jumpstart this brand new business venture while simultaneously managing the marketing efforts for PRN Funding, LLC. I was specifically responsible for the following:I worked closely with the company’s web agency to design and carry out SEO objectives and PPC campaigns. I took all web marketing efforts in-house – more than doubling web traffic and lead generation within 2 months of in-house.

Company: Factor Finders

I worked there from 10/2011 until 9/2012

Marketing Manager

As the head of all marketing, advertising and public relations, I was the sole contributor to The Factoring Blog, which discusses topics related to nurse staffing payroll funding, medical transcription factoring and medical coding financing. I was specifically responsible for the accounts receivable factoring firm's annual marketing budget, coordinating trade shows/conventions, and designing direct mail and e-mail campaigns. I wrote all of the company's press releases and online articles.

Company: PRN Funding, LLC

I worked there from 8/2004 until 9/2012

Languages I Write In

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Word of Mouth is Out, Google Search is In

A few years ago, you (healthcare providers) didn't have to worry about advertising - your patients did it for you. People asked their small network of friends and relatives for recommendations. If your patients had good experiences with you, and if their friends asked, they would recommend you. And then the Internet happened, more specifically social media and customer ratings happened. Suddenly, their networks grew larger, and their opinions grew louder. You can't advertise passively anymore.

Content type: Article


Give, Don't Tell

If you REALLY want to grow a strong list of brand ambassadors, you can't just bribe them to say good things about your company's services or products. You need to listen to how they experience your company. Don't make assumptions. Don't tell them your product/service is the answer. Give your products/services to them, and then listen. What are their gripes? What do they like? What isn't necessary? How you react to the answers to those questions either will or will not become a brand ambassador.

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