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Beth Casey


Freelance Writer

About Me

I began my writing career in 2014 and have covered a broad range of topics and niches. My experience includes the following:

• Copywriting • Blog Posts • Feature Articles • e-Books • Ghostwriting • Press releases • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+

I can make your content stand out with backlinks to reputable sources, or to other pages on your own website if you prefer. I am an avid researcher and love to 'dig deep' into topics I write about.

Industries I Write About

Hospital & Health Care

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Information Technology & Services

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Financial Services

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Marketing & Advertising

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Food & Beverages

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Packaging & Containers

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My Writing Samples

Rabbi Manis Friedman: The three pillars of a successful marriage

Podcast blog: What are the three pillars to a successful marriage and is love a requirement? The answer may surprise you.


Kelly Karsnia and the power of determination

Podcast transcription and show notes: How do you break into software development when you have few skills and no degree in the field? Ask Kelly Karsnia. She began her career in technical customer service, but when when the idea of software development caught her eye nothing could hold her back from reaching her dreams.


12 easy ways to stay fit during the holidays

The holidays are the most difficult time of year to stay fit or lose weight. With so many goodies and holiday treats staring back at you and winter weather to contend with, what can you do? Here are 12 easy ways to survive the holidays while staying fit.


5 digital trends and tools you need to know about

This is a B2B financial article geared toward the banking and financial services industries. It covers some of the top digital technologies that are of interest to bankers and others in financial services.


Live More Independently with Smart Home Technologies

This was a guest post about ways to help a person living with disability to live more independently through the use of smart technologies. It discussed the benefits of smart home technologies, mobile devices, virtual home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, and more.


3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Finances

This is a B2B tech article on how to protect your business finances. It covered the areas of securing your data, preventing a breach, and managing internal controls.


Cloud Technology: The perfect solution to accounting software

This was a B2B article for the Minnesota Society of Public Accountants. It discusses the importance of cloud technology in today's business world. With businesses going more global everyday, it's important that vital representatives have access to company financials when and where they need it. Cloud technology is paving the way to make that happen.


4 Ways to Perfect Your New Employee Onboarding Process

This B2B article was written for the Mason Group. It discusses four simple steps that businesses can take to improve their onboarding process and why having a solid onboarding process is vital to the success of new employees.


How to Boost Your Social Media Strategy for Your Vacation Rental

This B2B article was written for Lodgify. It goes over how to plan a good social media strategy to market your vacation rental properties.


How Bad Reviews can Actually be Good for Your Conversion Rates

This B2B article was written for Campaign Creators and discusses how businesses can leverage bad reviews to their benefits.


Where to Begin Your Digital Marketing Strategy as an Entrepreneur

This B2B article was written for Launch DFW. It covers how entrepreneurs and startups can plan effective digital marketing campaigns to get the most bang for their marketing buck.


A Quick Guide to Bug Tracking Systems

What's the difference was between a simple bug tracker and an application lifecycle management tool, and more importantly, which one is right for your business? This buyer's guide will help you determine which investment makes the most sense for your business.


Freelance Marketing: The Curious Q&A Strategy to Get More Clients

Look out Facebook! Hold that tweet! Now there's a new way to boost your freelance business and it's called Quora. Freelancer's are often looking for more and easier ways to promote their business and Quora offers a new and fun perspective on just how to do it. Read on if you want to learn more...


How One Writer Ditched Crappy Bid Sites for Better Writing Jobs

This was a guest post for the Make a Living Writing website. It covered the pitfalls common to some of the third-party freelance websites out there and how to overcome them. The audience for this website is aspiring, new, and struggling freelance writers.


Use This Mind-Bending Process Goal To Win More Writing Jobs

This was a guest post for the Make a Living Writing website. The article focuses on how freelance writers can transform a negative into a positive and by refocusing their goals, earn more money and win more jobs.


Need Work? Curious Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

This was a guest post that I wrote for the Make a Living Writing website. It is targeted to new and aspiring freelance writers. It covers some unique ways that writers can source leads to more work that they may not have considered.


Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Natural Beverages

This was one of many website pages I was sub-contracted to write for a packaging company that was updating their website with fresh content. In all, I wrote a combined total of 50 website pages/sub-pages, 5 blogs and 1 whitepaper for this business.



Freelance Podcast Producer

I research potential show guests and sponsors and utilize email correspondence accordingly. I manage communication needs of podcast owner/host to ensure the show runs smoothly. I track all efforts to maintain scheduling needs. I transcribe post-show audio files and I research and include guest bio and information. I write episode introductions and manage the client's social media posts and interactions.

Company: Upwork

I worked there from 7/2016 until now

Freelance Writer • Blogger • Social Media Writer

I write on a variety of topics, depending on client needs. My primary niches are health, wellness, beauty, and finance. I ghostwrite blogs, guest post and articles. I've ghostwritten a science fiction e-book. I also performed some light social media marketing. I've written online copy including ads, articles and service pages. I transcribed audio files to text documents. I have WordPress and Campaign Manager experience. I have also proofread and edited copy for the web.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

Freelance Writer

I wrote dental blogs, articles, and website service pages. I also wrote press releases and feature-length articles on essential oils.

Company: Crawford O'Brien LLC

I worked there from 3/2015 until 10/2015

Contributing Writer

I write B2B articles, guest posts, and buyer's guides.

Company: TrustRadius

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Content I Write