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Tom Schwing


About Me

I'm a general research writer providing quality content across a broad spectrum of industries. I made the career transition to full time writing in 2017. Since then, I've sold full rights for hundreds of articles in the automotive and trucking industry, alternative medicine, health and wellness, electronics, IT and data security, and construction and engineering to name a few. Despite my considerable success in these diverse specialty niches, my leading sales category continues to be the ubiquitous "Other". I may not be an expert in your field, but as a voracious researcher, I will be by the time I've covered your special topics no matter how "niche" or obscure they may be.

 As a writer, I've been recognized by numerous clients for taking on complex technical topics and making them understandable to the layman in a friendly authoritative voice. I draw on  40 years of workforce experience in industrial manufacturing and construction, including 5 years in the US Navy as a submarine Trident missile technician, This vast work experience is my knowledge base for articles in the fields of Defense and Space, Construction, Building Materials, Computer and Network Security, Computer Software, and Aviation and Aerospace, and of course that critically important category of expertise for any freelance research writer which is "Other". 

Industries I Write About

Defense & Space

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Alternative Medicine

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Aviation & Aerospace

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Building Materials

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Computer & Network Security

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Computer Software

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Glass, Ceramics & Concrete

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Medical Practice

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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My Writing Samples

Lean Sigma Six in the Cannabis Industry

Lean Sigma Six (LSS) is a blend of two proven business management tools. “Lean” is the technique developed by Toyota and focuses on efficiency in the manufacturing process. “Sigma Six” was developed by Motorola, and focuses on customer satisfaction. Combining these two principles as LSS provides an effective management tool that all businesses can apply. Now LSS is finding widespread acceptance in the medical marijuana industry.


Sage 100 Contractor: Construction Software For Small Contracting Businesses

There may have been a time when general purpose accounting software was enough for your startup construction company to get by. As business demands increase along with your company's success Quickbooks may turn out to be, shall we say, not so quick. Sage 100 Contractor was developed specifically to manage the special needs of construction workflow and tracking and you won’t need to be a programming wizard to put it to work.



Industrial Millwright

Assemble and erect industrial machinery in various facilities across the country specializing in baggage security scanner upgrades and airport conveyor systems.

Company: CRAS -Construction Recruiters America Staffing

I worked there from 1/2014 until 7/2016

Plant Supervisor

Precast concrete production and operations. Steel mold and conveyor abrication and maintenance. Production crew supervisor.

Company: Huber Concrete

I worked there from 7/1983 until 12/1993

Sole Proprietor

Professional model building services and website -based sales in the radio control hobby market. I honed my skills for web-authoring, technical manuals, and diversified product descriptions as well as landing page conversions from leads to sales. We marketed, sold, crated, and shipped everything from tiny hobby hardware to 1/4 scale turnkey model aircraft.

Company: Schwing RC Services

I worked there from 1/1993 until 10/2012


Commercial hollow metal doors and frames, MIG and stick welding, custom fabrication. Residential porch, deck, and shed construction.

Company: Schwing Fabrication and Maintenance

I worked there from 1/1989 until 1/1995

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

The Email Dinosaur is Going Extinct! (And So Are the Businesses That Rely on It)

Email overload costs businesses billions. For SMEs, service providers, and entrepreneurs, antiquated email processes can be a business killer. This 1000-word post will cover the perils of email overload, recent demands of GDPR and the costly consequences of noncompliance. We'll close with the benefits of streamlined Book Like a Boss for busy professionals who can't spare 28% of their time managing email overload. I'll be using a deep internal linking strategy for maximum SEO impact.

Content type: Blog Post


Benefits of CBD: Fully Legal Cannabidiol Products 1500 Words

I'm an accomplished CBD writer with more than 90 articles sold through various platforms on the subject of CBD. I'm fully aware of the FDA oversight and restrictions on medical claims for CBD products and I point to scholarly research from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) as the foundation for all my CBD topics including: CBD for Athletes CBD and the Endocannabinoid System CBD for Anxiety CBD For Pain Management CBD for Sleep

Content type: Article


A Turbulent Year For US Uranium Mining

This article will recap the state of the US uranium mining industry beginning with the January 2019 232 petition filed by two US uranium producers, UR-Energy and Energy Fuels Resources, requesting an import quota, and the subsequent rejection of the quota by President Trump. The article analyzes national security issues and economic implications of heavy reliance on imported uranium from Russia and the "working group" actions to address the current state of domestic nuclear fuel production.

Content type: Article

Keywords: uranium,US,mining,232,petition,Trump,quota,imports,national,security,ore,nuclear,fuel,military


Content Available for Purchase

This is a top-of-the-funnel article for marketing agencies with Premier Google Partner certification, targeted at digital marketing for the SMB sector. As we roll into the third decade of smart, analytical, digital marketing even the savviest business owners can use a reality check on the current state of the modern advertising environment. Algorithms change. Advertising techniques which worked for old-school businesses might just kill yours in the continuously evolving digital marketing age.