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George Mikituk


About Me

I have over fifteen years of experience in small business management consulting in North America. This has given me a profound hands-on experience on issues, problems and the needs of entrepreneurs and managers. The consulting experience is further supported by twenty years of actually managing various companies as president, founder, and executive. I contribute business-related articles to many online magazines with high authority domains such as Business.com, ToughNickel, MyCorporation.com, CustomerThink.com, as well as to my own professional website www.gsmbizsystem.co. I specialize in website content writing related to business, entrepreneurship, HR, marketing, digital marketing. I have developed actionable business plans and marketing strategies for many North American companies in a variety of industries.

Industries I Write About

Management Consulting

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Human Resources

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Education Management

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Marketing & Advertising

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My Writing Samples

Sharpen The Cutting Edge Of Your Marketing Mix

With the massive amount of information, data, videos, and podcasts churning on the internet, it is difficult to devise cutting edge strategies that don't quickly get dull, and lose their power of conviction. Marketing has entered the era of hyper competition where you can no longer find safety in a local market, because consumers possess the power to search as far afield as they wish through the power of the internet.



Senior Business Consultant

Developed and implemented organizational restructuring strategies, marketing strategies, financial controls, budgets, digital marketing, operational improvements for a variety of small and medium sized businesses in North America.

Company: Integrated Business Analysis

I worked there from 6/1997 until 4/2007

Chief Operating Officer

Instrumental in tripling the revenues and profits of this start-up company in the oilfield services industry. established international supply chains and customers. Involved in every aspect of the business and in mentoring the CEO and other key staff.

Company: Wellquip Ltd

I worked there from 7/2007 until 3/2011

Independent Business Consultant

Provide online and onsite business consulting services for businesses across North America and internationally. Contribute articles and blogs to high authority online magazines such as Business.com. CustomerThink.com. MyCorporation.com, ToughNickel.com, and to my own professional website at www.gsmbizsystem.com. Provide articles and website content, business plans, marketing strategies and expert advise on demand.

Company: GSM Management Services

I worked there from 5/2011 until now

Content I Write