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Adrian Fernand ⠀


Freelance Writer & Content Strategist

About Me

A well-rounded career in the communications industry, I am a well-respected consultant in the fields of copywriting and brand marketing. With a decade spent in a variety of creative roles, I offer a wealth of insight and experience. With many successful and innovative campaigns to date, previous appointments and clients include Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon, Barclays, Telefonica (o2), AVG Antivirus and the Australian Football League. My campaigns have achieved front-page news coverage, viral status including international coverage in The Huffington Post, received accolades and have been shortlisted for the Cannes Lions Awards for Best Use of Social Media in 2013.

Industries I Write About

Marketing & Advertising

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Writing & Editing

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Apparel & Fashion

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Leisure & Travel

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Luxury Goods & Jewelry

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My Writing Samples

How to Make the Most of Your E-Mail Campaigns with Direct Mail

A look at modern email marketing strategies and how best to incorporate direct mail.


Breaking the Myths of Direct Mail

How better to understand a traditional medium in a contemporary context.


Mixing Traditional and Modern Suiting

A tailor's perspective on the junction of tradition and modernity.


The Best Shoes to Style with Your Summer Suit

How a gentleman should pair his shoes with his suit in the warmer months.



Freelance Writer & Editor

Working for a range of clients across a variety of sectors I provide creative direction, digital strategy, and copywriting services. KEY CLIENTS: Barclays, Telefónica/O2, First Move Direct Mail, - Jetstar Airways, Jim Beam Global,L’Oréal Paris, Kiehl’s. La Roche-Posay, Priceline Australia, Maxwell & Williams, Oscar Hunt, and D’Marge.com

Company: Adrian Fernand

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

Lead Digital Strategist

Lead digital strategist on integrated marketing campaigns, particularly those employing innovative uses of social media. Clients include: New Balance, Mimco, Jack Link's, TAC.

Company: PopUp Collective

I worked there from 3/2012 until 3/2013

Event Manager

For the world’s leading luxury goods brand I worked in a role that straddled communications, marketing and CRM. Responsible for the events, I also concentrated on the strategic planning associated with merchandising and its in-depth reporting.

Company: Louis Vuitton

I worked there from 9/2001 until 12/2005

Languages I Write In

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

The Advantages of Polycarbonate Over Glass

A look at the advantages of polycarbonate over glass in a variety of architecture applications. Using your training material as a guide, I plan to present a convincing case so that polycarbonate is the best choice.

Content type: Blog Post


How the Hotel Industry is Revolutionizing Guest Experience

The hotel industry is in a state of flux, which means big changes for guests and hoteliers. We reflect on the trends set to revolutionize the way we do business with our clientele.

Content type: Blog Post


How shopping smarter saves money over time

Finding a better deal is always rewarding, but at what cost? When shopping smarter hunting around for a bargain takes more time than buying at full price elsewhere. This lost time can be minimised with a series of tools that allow shoppers to save time and money.

Content type: Blog Post


Top 20 Benefits to Portable Workplaces

Demonstrate how portable tech, cloud computing, VoIP, and other tools are allowing companies and their employees to become more nomadic. I propose to cover items such as meeting scheduling, tech that goes beyond teleconferencing and project management subscriptions that can make remote teams functional.

Content type: Blog Post


Direct Marketing & Direct Mail Content

I have a bunch of direct marketing and direct mail blog content that I can customize for your business. This covers a range of initiatives and is largely supported by research. I can supply you with a list of topics from which to choose some stories, which I will then turn into unique content.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: direct mail,direct marketing


Menswear & Tailoring

I have many articles in the menswear and tailoring space that we can turn into unique, SEO and keyword-rich content for your brand. I'll supply a list of topics and from their we can build your content calendar.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: menswear,tailoring,men's fashion


Art and Home Staging

How choosing art when selling your property can increase its sale value. Authoritative, aspiration with examples.

Content type: Blog Post