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Hi, I'm Gracie. I'm a creative technologist in the advertising industry with a strong belief that technology can make our lives better, when used to serve us, rather than the inverse. I'm also an ex-pro dancer with a failed start-up under her belt and a penchant for cake (preferably the salted caramel variety).

I am passionate about the intersection of technology and human need. I believe technology is a means to a human end, never an end unto itself, and have seen many times through first-hand experience that brands who understand this win.

I mainly write on technology applied to the marketing and advertising sectors: everything from current use cases (e.g.: how Instagram Stories can be used by brands alongside their standard Insta profile) to future-thinking (e.g.: how the ad industry will evolve in the era of voice user interfaces). I also write about product and campaign development, strategy, and brand partnerships.

However, I'm also excited about finding opportunities to branch out and write more consumer-focused content. I grew in France, now live in London, and enjoy spending my down time knitting (yes, I know) and running. I have scores of hobbies and interests (a strength, but also very much a weakness), but above all else, I have an open mind. Reach out to talk about your project!


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My Writing Samples

Chatbots: The New Subscription Box business Model

An exploration of how chatbots are the next big business model innovation, and how established brands can take advantage of them to reach their target audiences.


How the iPhone X Will Revolutionise the Ad Industry

This year's iPhone X launch spells one huge behavioural shift on the horizon that will fundamentally change the way we interact with our devices. Here I consider what this means for the ad industry.


On Technology as an Enabler of Human Effort

Technology enabling humans to do great things is a concept as old as technology itself (I'm talking wheel, not iPad). Here's why we must not forget this simple but essential fact of our connected lives.


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