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Kasandra Roth


Biomedical Technician

About Me

Depending on who you ask, I'm either a very well written engineer or an extremely mechanically-inclined writer. The bulk of my adult career has been in the field of biomedical engineering technologies. I specifically worked for a local hospital and was the resident expert in vitals machines, telemetry, and sterile processing. During my time in the medical field, I was the liaison between clinical staff and biomedical engineering. I on-boarded staff, explained new equipment and wrote guides to help the clinical staff use equipment.

I wrote SEO copy to support myself while getting my degree. When my life circumstances made it so I could no longer work the long days demanded of hospital employees, I went back to what I know best: writing. Now I freelance full-time. I am a copywriting and SEO specialist, competent in Word Press and Google Analytics as well as Yoast and MOZ. I strive to keep myself as up-to-date as possible on SEO trends. I have done significant work in optimizing meta tags, page titles, and descriptions.

I love throwing myself into a project, learning, reading, and then creating. Since leaving the medical field I became a certified content marketing specialist and a certified customer value optimization specialist through Digital Marketer. I pride myself on transparency and my ability to adjust my writing to fit my client's voice.

If you're interested in my skillset, please reach out!  I would love a chance to speak with you.

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Hospital & Health Care

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My Writing Samples

Ladies With Agency: How Final Fantasy XV Played the Tropes

A discussion of the ladies of the latest game of the Final Fantasy Series by Square Enix.


Writing to Keep from Writing: Step One is Admitting There’s a Problem

The first post in the running series Writing to Keep from /Writing/. It's written to help those who feel stuck in their current fiction writing habits and based off of clients that I coach.


I Am the Little Sister: A 90’s Lesbian’s Input on Gone Home

An in-depth look from a character perspective of the game Gone Home.


Breath of Fire Series: No, Seriously, Let’s Talk about Nina

Discussion of the reoccurring character in the popular Breath of Fire video game series.




• Developed and implemented bed management program for hospital • Implemented new quality control-type procedures • Developed training procedures for staff on new equipment • Improved communication between Sterile Processing and Biomedical Engineering • Created a working relationship between Clinical Education and Biomedical Engineering • Headed project to change hospital vitals monitoring to an uploading intranet system via VitalsLink • Facilitated changeover from Spacelabs monitoring system to Philips' IntelliVue iX system • Researched and discovered critical flaw in tubing sets for Plum A+ infusion pumps • Wrote and distributed numerous documents regarding technical use of equipment

Company: Trinity Health (HQ Michigan)

I worked there from 9/2014 until now


I'm responsible for a wide range of equipment within my hospital, including but not limited to pumps, autoclaves, washers, beds, stretchers, and various life support equipment. When I was hired I was charged with setting up a viable preventative maintenance program for the hospital's beds and stretchers. I maintain an updated inventory and all needed maintenance on these units. I've also been on many inventory and introductory special programs within my hospital. I'm able to work on most of the equipment in the 400 bed facility and work on satellite locations as needed.

Company: Trinity Health (HQ Michigan)

I worked there from 6/2011 until now

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Track Your Asthma

Many asthmatics are not aware of the wide array of triggers that can impact their breathing. Things as simple as textures or smells can trigger shortness of breath, for example. Tracking what you are doing when your asthma flares up will allow you to learn and avoid non-conventional and conventional environmental triggers.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: asthma,asthma triggers,tracking asthma,asthmatic triggers


Using TeleCare to Combat Patient Isolation

Many chronically ill patients in remote areas can suffer from feelings of loneliness and isolation. By being able to have a face-to-face with a doctor or health care professional via technology, these patients feel less isolated and are more likely to continue their self-care.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: chronic illness,isolation,telehealthcare


Creating Customer Avatars to Suit Your Business

Businesses cannot go anywhere without customers. Focusing on who the primary client is and giving them a full customer profile, otherwise known as an avatar, can help companies stay in touch. Avatars can also help reach out to groups a company wants to focus on.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Customer Avatars,Creating Avatars


How Customer Avatars Help Focus Your Business

In the startup world, many times the "flash" of a new idea can take up the most space in everyone's mind. This may leave a company out of touch with their hopeful client base. Creating customer profiles, called avatars, of every level of client can help focus your business and create a communication line between you and your customers.

Content type: Blog Post