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Jackie Ruka


Author in Leadership,Well-Being, Happiness at Work/Home and Professional Development

About Me

Published Author of the best selling book "Get Happy" and Create a Kick-Butt Life. Writer of numerous articles and blogs seen in Santa Barbara News Press, Noozhawk to  the Wall Street Journal. Jackie is an award winning marketing and sales executive within Fortune 100/500 companies, well-being and happiness expert, trained Psychotherapist and Business and Lifestyle Strategist, certified Success Action coach affiliated with Harvard University and Medical School. Jackie enjoys writing about mindset for success, happiness habits, productivity, handling change, leadership transformation, health and wellness personally and professionally. 

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My Writing Samples

10 happiness Strategies to Floursish in Business and Life

Happiness strategies of exceptional , flourishing companies.


How to Create Your Revolutionary New Year

How your happiness can lead to your sucess.


Well-Being at Work

Why are Americans so unhappy and what can be done about it?


Common Money Beliefs that Hold you Back

Overcome Money Beliefs


Secrets to Unlock Your Abundance

The world is very abundant and the more you realize this themore you will attract what is available to you. The trick starts with your mindset.Why is that?Well, how do you get results? You do the work.You can't do the work without having the knowledge.And even with the knowledge it doesn't matter if you don't have the skill set.Yet even with the skill set the right mindset is all that matters.Mindset + Skillset + Knowledge + Work = Results.No more. No less.So before I share the secrets to unlock


A Happy Brain Leads to Longevity

according to the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, our brains have a plasticity where we can change the chemistry of our brains based on happier thoughts. In a 2007 study, the use of a PET scan detected serotonin uptake builders when a person had a happy memory and conversely slower serotonin uptake with a sad memory. With this realization, we can change our neurochemistry based upon conscious thought, and shift our practices to empower our thoughts to a happier state.


15 Action Steps that Highly Successful People do Differently

Whether you are a high achiever or have an intense work schedule, the fastest way to stress is trying to do it all by yourself. However, highly productive professionals have mastered time management. So, if you want to learn from top athletes, straight-A students and more than 200 entrepreneurs and other billionaires as to what they do differently, here are a few tips:



Chief Happyologist

Personal and Professional Development, transforming happiness and success for professionals to flourish in career, self-care and authentic leadership.

Company: Jackie Ruka/Get Happy Zone Lifestyle Co.

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

Clinical Specialist

Sales and Marketing of HIV education and products to the HIV community.

Company: Glaxo Smith Kline/Viiv

I worked there from 1/2010 until 10/2007

VP Business Development

Developed and launched turn key initiatives of healthcare brands.

Company: Phoenix Marketing Solutions

I worked there from 6/2007 until 12/2009

Content I Write