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Valentine Orgeron


I specialize in SEO B2B & B2C Content and Copywriter for technology and pet businesses

About Me

I'm a guy with a passion for technology, art, and man's best friend (dogs!). 

I want to make the world a better place by helping businesses like yours get the content that they need to cater to their ideal clients.

I am passionate about animals and technology since I was born. Seriously, I started using a computer when I was 2 years old and you haven't been able to separate me since!

Whether you need your content to be conversational and entertaining, or clear-cut and bulletproof, I can help.  

For in-depth work history, please check my LinkedIn! 

Industries I Write About

Information Technology & Services

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Computer Software

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Computer & Network Security

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Consumer Services

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My Writing Samples

4 Content Marketing Tips for Tech Companies

4 content marketing tips to cater to your clients when you're offering complex services and products.


Alpha Wolves Aren't Real! Why Don't Dog Trainers Know?

Alpha Wolf Theory has plagued dog training methods since the 1970's. In this blog post, I discuss the harm done by the spread of this misinformation AND how dog trainers capitalize on it to this day.


5 Dog Training Myths Your Trainer Wishes You Knew

My time as a dog trainer was spent debunking these 5 myths more than ANY others.



Freelance Copywriter

Company: Vibrant Valentine

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Search Engine Evaluator

Providing evaluation on website quality and utility Judgement of credibility of news sources and sources for sensitive material Evaluation of the quality of audio recordings and their usefulness Transcription of audio and video recordings, and evaluation of automated transcriptions Evaluation of users intent for different search queries in order to judge results in a way that would best suit their needs Evaluation of video results for quality, utility, and appropriateness for select audiences

Company: RaterLabs

I worked there from 6/2017 until now

Content I Write