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Professional Proofreader & Freelance Writer for Hire

About Me

Do you want to know the difference between Wonder Woman and me? When it comes times to get the job done, we kill it. I write content that's SEO friendly, conversational, and easy to read. I respect deadlines because time is money. Looking for a writer with a sense of humor and a nose for research? I'm your girl!

Industries I Write About

Education Management

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Food & Beverages

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Consumer Goods

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Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

Momtreprenuers hate this word

New entrepreneurs often let fear hold them back. This article supports what budding entrepreneurs should do instead of being scared.


Women Business Owners Disrespecting Each Other

This blog post is about the girl on girl crime that no one talks about.


Marriage and Entrepreneurship...Do They Mix?

Do entrepreneurs isolate their partners while they reach for the pie in the sky?


Why women should work for themselves?

A woman's place is on her two feet. Olivia Pope isn't the only girl boss in town!


Why Kids with ADHD Need Their Own Stories

Children with learning disabilities need to see characters that reflect their gifts and flaws.


Handwriting Hacks You Should Try in Homeschooling

Have a kid who hates writing I do! Try these ideas to get your kid's pencil moving.



Freelance Writer, Blogger

I'm a motivational blogger and freelance writer for hire. I specialize in guest blogging on momtrepreneur sites, email marketing, landing pages, and copywriting. I work closely with bloggers and small business owners to increase traffic and drive new customers to business. I'm seeking freelance work as an editor for online content. 

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 6/2017 until now

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Agent for Dental Department

Company: UnitedHealth Group

I worked there from 7/2014 until 1/2018

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Helping Early Learners Reach the End Zone

Helping early learners to develop cognitive, social, and behavioral skills that they can use through their education is an important part of learning. Teaching students to be self-sufficient and rely on their ability to problem-solving begins with teaching them how to solve their own problems. In the late 1970s, Wood and Middleton included scaffolding, a method used to hold the student up until they were strong enough to do it own their own alongside ZPD. The result, tangible life skills.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: education learning disabilities Zone of Proximal Development


The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth

This blog will inform your customers how to maximize their insurance coverage for crowns, bridges, and dentures. I will also show customers and providers how to get appeals turned over and what to do if their plans require a waiting period be met before services are rendered.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Dental insurance customer service x ray requirement sedation procedures


The Big Girl's Guide to Dressing Fly

Let's give your readers a fresh POV on the world of fashion through the eyes of the Big Girl Bombshell. The average American female wears a size 14, but that doesn't me she's below average in any way. Let's show the world how real fashionistas rock the runway! No topic will be off limit, lingerie, skinny jeans, even butt pads. Fashion is ever changing and the industry needs to know big girls aren't taking no for an answer when it comes to looking cute!

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Plus Size Plus Size fashion Big Girls,Plus Size Women Full Figured Thick


Moo-ve Over Lactose, There's A New Ice Cream in the Freezer

Minus the Moo is answering the prayers for millions of lactose intolerant customers who deny themselves heaven because of hellish digestive problems that come with eating dairy. Minus the Moo serves real ice cream made with wholesome products you'll find in Mom's kitchen. Minus the Moo's ice cream is so good, even the cows forgive you.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: #lactose #lactoseintolerance #icecream #dairywithoutthediarrhea #milkblog #eaticecream #


A Place to Call Home

First time home buyers, current home owners, professionals or those who are "just looking" need to hear about all the options available to them when purchasing, selling, refinancing, or flipping a home. No topic will be left behind in these blog posts. Readers will learn everything they need to know from start to finish about the home buying process. The goal is to reduce the usual anxiety it comes with making the commitment to become a homeowner.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Credit Scores,Pre-Qualifying,Down Payment,Home Inspection,Flipping Houses,Refinancing,Reverse Mortgages,First time home buyers,FICO score,Foreclosures,Home Repairs,Home Warranty,Roof,Flood Insurance


The ABCs of SEOs from a Novice POV

Generation Xers were introduced to computers in the early ages which should make them experts, right? Wrong. Gen Xers are smart enough to make an educated guess yet remain clueless to a lot of tech lingo they should know if they want to create online businesses and stay relevant. Let's break down all the tech talk in everyday language so Gen Xers everywhere can make the most out of this chameleon industry.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: SEO,content optimization,stop codes,Word Press,Alt Link imaging,Google Analytics,managing social media


The Upside to Downsizing

Hi, I'm Bonnie Price. Your company caught my eye as I'm a recent downsizer. I went from a 1900 square foot house to an 1100 sq ft apartment. I'm a flexible freelance writer who lives to inform your audience about real estate. Real estate is much more than buying, selling and flipping. I want to help you show your readers how to find the perfect space to call home. If you're looking for a writer who creates SEO friendly content, that is engaging, entertaining, and easy to read. Let's talk!

Content type: Blog Post


How to Shut Down your Annoying Neighbors Like A Boss

3-5 to ways to deal with neighbors who walk the floor, throw cigarette butts over the railing, or play their music too loud while you're trying to sleep, binge-watch, or meditate. How to teach people to assert themselves so they won't come off wimpy or super aggressive. Teaching tenants how to live harmoniously ensures less friction, a drop in crime rates, lease renewal and less stress for the property owners is the goal to help owners maintain a steady stream of income.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: conflict resolution,apartment owners,rental,tenants


The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Daily Naps

Health benefits of taking a nap, rise in productivity, encouraging employers to include/encourage naps during the day especially during high volume season i.e. tax season, open enrollment for insurance companies, decompress areas, dim lights

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Sleep deprivation,naps at work,advocate power naps


Online courses for children who get left behind

Lessons and technology for children who get left behind due to learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Online learning and shorter schools days may create productivity, increase a desire to learn, and provide an alternative to students who don't qualify for special education.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: No Child Left Behind,ADHD,Autism,difficult students,online learning works better for students with learning disabilities