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Michael Peterson


About Me

Writing has been the one constant in my life that has allowed me the space to simply just be. It has always been the  most effective way of communication and has brought a much needed level of visibility to my life. It has given me the voice that in my younger years was taken from me and through that connected me to many others who have shared similar experiences or circumstances.  ‚Äč Long before I was here and long after...writing will still remain. I plan on leaving a piece of myself behind. I have always wanted to live in a different time and with writing in a way I can. 

Industries I Write About

Religious Institutions

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Arts & Crafts

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Food & Beverages

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Motion Pictures & Film

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My Writing Samples

Being A Black Christian In 2017

Walking through life as an African American male in this day and age.


The Battlefield of Love

The good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to romantic relationships and what it takes to make them work.


Be You To The Full

Self love is the best and longest journey there is.


Content I Write