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Kevin Covarrubias


Freelance Writer | Entrepreneur | Tech Enthusiast | Undergrad at Claremont McKenna College

About Me

Creative, impact-oriented professional with experience in social justice work, project management, and communication. My professional interests are founded on three significant parts of my personal identity: an urban birthplace in East Oakland, my family relationships as the son of immigrants, and a love for human stories. Through my professional experiences, I demonstrate a commitment to transformative collaborations and an intuitive capacity for generating dialogue towards social good.

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Higher Education

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Thriving in College as a 1st-Gen Student

As the title suggests, this article will cover the 1st-Gen college student experience and offer advice on how to excel and overcome challenges. It'll include a personal anecdote from the author's personal experience, pointers on how to tap one's full potential, and a sneak-peak at what the light at the end of the tunnel looks like after graduation. The article will also explore other non-traditional paths that college students may take due to a variety of circumstances.

Content type: Article

Keywords: 1st-Gen,College Success,Students of Color,PWI


Remedies to Gentrification in Major U.S. Cities

This article will briefly examine the history of gentrification in major U.S. cities as well as the policies that local and state governments have adopted in order to address the impact that it has had on communities of color. The author will also offer practical solutions to remedy the consequences of the inevitable and bridge the gap caused by generational inequality.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Gentrification,Communities of Color,Oakland,San Francisco,New York City,Los Angeles,Chicago


The Problem with the Way We Protest

This article will reflect over the nationwide demonstrations that took place in 2015 on college campuses. The author will express his perspective on college activism and what he sees as the source of tension and division among communities that could work together to solve very valid issues. Also, he will emphasize the point that everyone has the free agency to choose whether he or she will get involved in a protest, and shouldn't be demonized for that choice.

Content type: Article

Keywords: College activism,PWIs,Students of Color,1st-Gen,Feminism,Black Lives Matter