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Joseph Reilly


Questions Writer at Zenjoy Limited

About Me

Always game to work with reputable growing companies that will prosper from my writing, editing, and proofreading skills along with my background in customer service, data entry, and project management expertise.

Industries I Write About


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Security & Investigations

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Broadcast Media

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Computer Games

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Education Management

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Online Publishing

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Apparel & Fashion

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My Writing Samples


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Campus Safety

Worked in various campus buildings writing reports, residential logs, over night guest policies, while overseeing access control.

Company: The New School

I worked there from 3/2015 until now

Writer and Editor

*Took on various projects for independent contractors. *Self- published two novels through Amazon.com and Createspace.com. *Founded website for book information, blog material and promotional purposes. *Formed email subscription list for newsletters and customers. *Set-up various social media accounts as a platform to gain a reading audience. *Pitched story/article ideas to editors of print and online media. *Marketed services through website, ad campaigns, reviewers and blog tours. *Networked with other authors, writers, and publishing agents.

Company: freelance editor/writer

I worked there from 9/2014 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Tips For Moving After A Major Snowstorm

A blog post for the movers who may have scheduled their big move but where met with the unlikely circumstance of a major snowstorm the day before. This blog will provide tips on how to make moving day as easy as possible while the ground remains covered in winter's merciless white creation.

Content type: Blog Post


How School Acts as The Comfortable Second Home

This will be a blog post on the how school for young children can be a fun second home mixed in with being a gateway to learning about a world outside their own. From experiencing another friend's culture, to learning new ideas, this blog would be an informational perspective piece on the positive impact school can have on a child.

Content type: Blog Post


Is Starting a Fashion Line Your Dream?

This would be a blog post referencing ideas and concepts surrounding creating a fashion line. How to get started, what type of motivation is behind this, and questions similar will be touched upon. Not only would this be a getting started piece but it would also provide some direction.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Fashion industry,blog