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Brian Hickey


Business and Technology Writer

About Me

I write for enterprise technology companies and professional service firms who need informative and insightful content for their audience.

I focus on long-form content ranging from feature articles through guides and explainers to thought leadership material such as white papers, market insights or research reports. Readers are typically senior managers in medium to large enterprises.

I write about the most important topics for business leaders: business growth, digital transformation, customer management, risk, regulation, and human capital. 

Industries I Write About

Financial Services

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Information Technology & Services

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Hospital & Health Care

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Computer Software

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Human Resources

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Legal Services

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Management Consulting

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My Writing Samples

How to improve workplace collaboration

The make-up and dynamics of the workforce has changed. Companies need to offer flexible working to attract and keep talent, high salaries demand high productivity in return, and rising property costs encourage remote working. Collectively, these changes are driving the need for greater collaboration in the workplace.


Why cybersecurity is moving up the executive agenda

Cybersecurity measures are becoming more important for businesses of all size because the number of attacks is increasing and the types of threat are changing.


Getting ready for the extension of SMCR

With less than nine months to go, time is running out for firms to get ready to implement the Senior Managers and Certification Regimes . In this article we provide background to the regulation, a list of implementation considerations and a high-level plan to help focus readiness activities.


Is RegTech the answer to the finance sector’s $100 billion annual compliance bill?

Even basic compliance processes are becoming more difficult and fines for non-compliance are getting bigger. RegTech isn’t a silver bullet, but it can automate basic business processes, freeing up skilled business resource and providing valuable insights that help reduce the likelihood of non-compliance.


A guide to enterprise use of distributed ledger technology

We’ve written this series of articles as an introduction to distributed ledger technology and its current commercial readiness.



Drafted in 2016, GDPR, takes effect on 28th May 2018. It means changes for many companies and major changes for those that control or process lots of data.


Speeding up customer due diligence checks

Many of the new FinTech-based banks promise account opening in less than 5 minutes, but for incumbents anything less than 5 days is aspirational. In fact, it takes an average of 26 days to onboard a new client — long enough to drive customers crazy.



Freelance Content Writer

Freelance writer, creating long-form content for enterprise technology companies, professional service firms, and online publications serving both.

Company: Readmont Writing

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

IT & business change project management

Delivered IT and business change projects for business areas including payments, regulatory compliance, corporate banking, risk, finance, HR and operations.

Company: Bank of Scotland, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group

I worked there from 10/2005 until 11/2017

Tech Sales & Marketing

Marketing manager responsible for products, pricing, channels and marketing communications. Sales exec for software, hardware and services to new and existing customers. Achieved multi-million-pound sales targets year-on-year.Product manager for mid-range systems and services. Managed product life from concept to retiral and provided pre-sales tech support to sales teams and customers.

Company: ICL, Sema Group, Workplace Technologies, NTL

I worked there from 8/1990 until 9/2005

Software Development

Team leader on development of first commercially deployed version of secure UNIX operating system. Software engineer for operating system development on mainframe and mid-range systems.

Company: Burroughs, Unisys, ICL

I worked there from 1/1985 until 7/1990

Content I Write


Takes your content to another level

Brian is an extremely talented, articulate researcher and writer. From content development to the final product, he always goes above and beyond, consistently delivering premium content. He is thorough, eloquent, and tackles even the most complex themes with aplomb. Brian is a rare breed and a true pleasure to work with.

Yeru Chernilovsky, KeyScouts