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Fatama Zohora


Thoughtful Content Writer & Marketer.

About Me

In-Depth Comprehensive Writing | Blog post That Converts | Web Copy that Speaks to targeted Audience. 

Hi, I am Fatama. I write engaging content that is SEO friendly but fun to read.

Started as a Freelance writer about 4 years ago. Still going strong. I write in Fatamazspace.com

I specialize on blogging, content marketing, branding, Health. wellness and lifestyle niches.

My writing is clear and backed up by research.

•✔ My blog posts (ghostwritten for clients) have gotten them leads, conversions and email subscribers.

•✔ I've turned my writing passion into a online business.

✔ Owner of Fatamazspace.com where I teach new and intermediate freelance writers and bloggers how to create meaningful content that converts and gets shared.

✔Starting to build my own mark on the internet. I am currently available to work as freelance writer, blogger, content creator, content marketer, content strategist and editor.

Here is my portfolio: fatamazohora.contently.com

Impressed enough please connect with here on LinkedIn or mail me at- Fatamazspace@gmail.com

Hope to hear from my dream clients. Thanks

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Writing & Editing

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Marketing & Advertising

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Business Supplies & Equipment

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Information Technology & Services

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My Writing Samples

What is SEO? & Why you need it? The Right mindset for SEO

SEO as Search Engine Optimization is intimidating for most people. Because most of them do not have the right SEO mindset.I know because I also felt the same and sometimes still do.There is so much information on the net. Just overload of knowledge.Here I am writing another piece related to SEO. But I promise I will make as simple as possible for you.


Blogging for Beginners: 4 things you need to do before launching a Blog

You are ready. Ready to take up the internet world. You have decided to start a blog, but you are a beginner. You have never launched one for yourself before.Most of us get lost in the next step.How do I start?Where do I start?


How to Use Curiosity in Writing to Hook your Readers in Non-Scamy Way​​​​​​​

Simplest Emotion? Maybe, no doubt it is one powerful emotion.And a hard one to study too. As there not so much research based on curiosity and how it works and effects.But studies show that-Curiosity is linked to our wanting system and it can make us want something.It is one of the mind-boggling tactic used in writing.Many writers leverage “Curiosity Gap” to get traffic, leads and even conversions.


How to Delight Your Audience and Still Be SEO Friendly

If you do not write engaging content, what could possibly happen, right? Blog posts, articles or any kind of content, we read them to share and exchange information. And if the content is not engaging or as I call it not designed to digest easily; readers will not enjoy reading it let alone understand it well enough to take action. But, your content still needs to be SEO friendly.


How To Use “Empathy Marketing Strategy” To Keep Readers Hooked On Your Blog

What makes a reader to decide whether they want to read your content?Readers or your audience does not care about who you are.Especially if you’re just starting out.You have to earn their trust.How do you build that trust?By rapport and by empathizing with them.


Yoga for a Strong Core

“Stronger core”Immediately we think of rock hard abs, tight muscles that are shown in magazines or movies. But the concept is not entirely true like that. By the term Stronger Core, I understand the ability to sit upright both energetically and physically and that may not seem much.But having the right posture is a great sign of good health. People who sit around all day and with incorrect sitting posture day by day this can actually lead to neck and back pain symptoms and also other health prob


3 Excuses You Need to Give Up to Be Happy

3 excuses that hold you back from being happy. Here are 3 things you need to give up to be happy. Once you give them up your life will be much happier. When we hold onto some unnecessary excuses it makes our life hard and makes us uncomfortable in our own skin.



Freelance Writer

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 3/2014 until now

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