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Alicia Rudnicki


Writer & Editor

About Me

I am a longtime freelance writer and editor who believes in accuracy, creativity, deep research, good listening to client needs, and writing that is eloquent yet easily understood. 

My college degrees are in journalism and education (K-6 and ESL). Content writing is an ongoing university of sorts through which my broad range of topic knowledge constantly increases. That said, I am particularly interested in writing about architecture and construction, digital user experience, horticulture, and the world of good reading. Regarding the last topic, you'll find my book reviews at IndieReader.

Industries I Write About

Architecture & Planning

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Industrial Automation

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Information Technology & Services

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My Writing Samples

How to Avoid Writing the Worst Marketing Email in the World

Artisan is an employment agency that focuses on professionals in digital industries and marketing. This article concerns how to write a marketing email.


A Lyle Saxon Reader: Lost Stories of the French Quarter and Buried Treasure

This is a review of an independently published compendium of historic writings by one of Louisiana's most famous journalists.


Ask Mr. Sage Blog Posts

I am staff writer (noted on the editorial credits page) for northern California's Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery. FBTS specializes in drought-resistant sages. Mr. Sage is a character I created to represent FBTS co-owner Kermit Carter.


Garden to Table: Farmer Gracy's Guide to Strawberries

Farmer Gracy is the website of an English company that markets bulbs and other plants for Holland's Rotteveel family. This blog post concerns their strawberries.


Climate Change and the Jersey Shore: Who Cares

My byline for this news feature about New Jersey's receding shoreline is my maiden name. The article talks about public opinion concerning climate change leading to rising seas and coastal flooding.


Cleanup and Landscaping Tips to Protect HOAs from Wildfires

Landscaping techniques for residential areas prone to wildfires include defensible space and firescaping. This blog post concerns protection of homeowner associations (HOAs). I wrote it for Houston agency S.O. Creative, which represents northern California's Serpico Landscaping.


Can You Lay Asphalt in the Rain?

The answer is yes, but you have to use the right type of asphalt for varying conditions. This article, written for Demand Media (now Leaf Group), concerns hot mix and cold mix asphalt applications.


Pavers that Allow Grass to Grow Through

Certain kinds of paving can limit the growth of heat islands in cities and suburbs. This article for the San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate website explores various forms of pervious paving, including types designed to allow growth of grass.


How Much Settling Is Normal in a House?

This article describes ways settling occurs in houses and how to identify it. It talks about common problems, such as expansive soils, poor compaction, and the kind of backfill on which a house is built.


What Is Plucking & Abrasion

Demand Media's content creation algorithm was based on the volume of requests for keyword phrases. Why was there a high volume for this one? I don't know. But being a sucker for complicated science topics, I gave it a whirl and ended up traveling through time to understand how ancient megaflooding due to climate change shaped Earth and Mars.




Self-employed producer of content from advertising to websites

Company: Alicia Rudnicki Writer & Editor

I worked there from 1/2007 until now

Staff Writer

Freelance copy production for blog, catalog, marketing emails, reports, SEO, and you-name-it

Company: Flowers by the Sea Farm & Online Nursery

I worked there from 5/2015 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Why Faxing Isn't Disappearing from Multifunction Printers

It's been three years since the 2016 publication of Jonathan Coopersmith's book "Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine." Yet as Coopersmith notes in a 2019 article for Quartz, for many users faxing remains "more secure, easier to use, and better suited to existing work habits than computer-based messaging." My post would include current statistics and reasons for fax use and why a multifunction printer is a top choice for faxing.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: multifunction printers,fax,faxing,secure communication


Humor in content: How to make 'em laugh, not cringe

A spoonful of humor in business content can sweeten or poison the reading experience of your audience. What kind of funny stuff is effective and appropriate instead of cringeworthy? Sarcasm has some unexpected benefits, according to Scientific American, but beware of getting too snarky. Here are some tips about how to use humor wisely in your blog.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: business blog,business content,humorous communication,selling with humor


Wood Flooring Vs Engineered Products

Hi, Timber Trading, My apologies, but I won't be available during July. However, come August 1, I would love to begin pitching blog ideas or helping you with other writing projects. So, please consider this a friendly hello and a "yes" to being interested in your company. Relative to wood construction materials, I have mostly written blog posts about flooring in the past. These have included topics similar to the pitch title here. How many posts would you like per month? Alicia Rudnicki

Content type: Blog Post


How Landscaping Improves the Value of a Property

Appearance is important. Whether property owners want to improve the value of their private residences or commercial buildings, they should consider landscape improvements, including attractive hardscaping and plantings as well as sustainable maintenance.

Content type: Blog Post



Excellent writing, great communication

Alicia quickly learned a new field and provided us with excellent content. She's intelligent, responsive and an excellent writer. Thank you!

Arik Diamant, Penguin Strategies