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Chris Campbell


News reporter, copywriter and marketer.

About Me

News reporter, marketer and copywriter. My work has appeared in publications such as The Guardian, CityLab, the Post-Dispatch, Forbes.com and a variety of regional newspapers.

I've helped a variety of large corporations and their executives create and manage editorial and marketing content for online publication. I've also helped a number of startups build their marketing and social strategies from the ground up.

I also specific experience in popular finance and technology topics, including banking and investment, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Big Data, cloud computing and online security.

Industries I Write About

Financial Services

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Investment Banking/Venture

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Information Technology & Services

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Investment Management

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Legal Services

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Marketing & Advertising

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Public Relations

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Venture Capital

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Computer Software

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Online Publishing

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My Writing Samples

39-Hour Filibuster Ends With Passage of Controversial Senate Law

News story about a controversial filibuster.


Living the Fight

Feature on the lives, loves and losses of MMA stars.


Website copywriting

Conceptualized and wrote all website copy for Dr. Gary Heil, noted business and leadership expert, as part of his relaunch.


2nd Wave Seeks Investment

Blog post on software firm seeking investment.


ICD 10: Good for Starters, but...

A piece I ghostwrote for PwC Health execs outlining challenges accompanying the introduction of ICD 10, a new medical billing/coding protocol.




Over the last few years I've written for a variety of newspapers and websites. My reporting has included coverage of the Ferguson protests and other national issues for The Guardian, CityLab and other publications. I've also covered financial news, with an emphasis on mergers, private equity and venture capital.

Company: Journalist and Writer

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Marketer and Copywriter

My work for corporate clients is largely focused on copywriting, content strategy and editorial development. In the last year I've helped banks rebuild their websites, authored white papers for financial institutions and overseen content development and media strategy for startups. I've created high-level marketing content on a freelance basis for Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies and their executives, with particular emphasis on the finance and technology sectors.

Company: Strategist and editorial consultant

I worked there from 2/2012 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Can a Few Smart Psychological Tricks Help You Succeed at Saving Money?

This post would detail how understanding cognitive biases and other psychological issues can help people be more successful financially. Two examples: Nudge Theory and the idea of creating "small wins" via incremental, measurable progress.

Content type: Blog Post


How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are Transforming Supply Chains

This article would examine how blockchain technologies and tokenized platforms are transforming logistics and supply chains by using sensors/chips to record the history of products, make processes more efficient and cut down on fraud and waste.

Content type: Article


Enterprise Data Breaches Are Rising -- Here's How to Help Stop Them

This post would offer background on the rising number of enterprise data breaches and offer up-to-date mitigation strategies.

Content type: Blog Post


Are Your a New Home Buyer with Student Loans? Here's What You Need to Know About New Lending Rules

Recently Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made lending eligibility changes affecting millions of student loan holders. This post would walk prospective buyers through these changes and help them understand how student loans can affect securing a mortgage.

Content type: Blog Post


Thinking About Selling Your Small to Mid-sized Business? Here's What You Need to Know

This post would detail essential information for those interested in initiating a sale, while also discussing how a firm such as TKO Miller fits into the equation.

Content type: Blog Post


How Institutional Cryptocurrency Investment is Changing the Compliance Business

Hello: This post would discuss how cryptocurrency exchanges and projects are dealing with KYC and AML challenges and how an expected surge of institutional investment into the space will create profound business opportunities for compliance firms.

Content type: Blog Post


How AI and Blockchain Will Work Together for Mutual Improvement (working title)

AI and blockchain are two of the most discussed (and potentially transformative) of today's technological trends. This post would discuss the relationship between the two and how they might be integrated in the years ahead. Thanks, Chris.

Content type: Blog Post