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John Flynn


About Me

Jack specializes in the fields of Automotive, Golf, Home Improvement, Travel, and Web Design, but write well on any topic. He currently works as a contributor for a major automotive retailer and a popular golf website as well. As a professional writer, Jack works on several platforms and consistently delivers print quality content, regardless of pay level or employer. Some of his recent work includes press releases for the PBS series "Informed" with Rob Lowe, and "Behind The Scenes" with James Earl Jones.

Jack has hands-on experience in the fields of Communications, IT, Construction, Automotive, Retail, and Real Estate. He held the position of "Corresponding Secretary" for a Brooklyn Based community organization from 2008 through 2016 and is now the treasurer for the same.

Jack's educational experience includes Brooklyn Technical High School and a bachelor's degree in "Business/Web Design" from SUNY Empire State.

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My Writing Samples

Callaway Rogue Fairway Woods & Hybrids Review

A while ago, half joking, Phil Mickelson asked Callaway if they could put “Jailbreak” into a fairway wood. His sponsors did him one better and not only added it to an extensive selection of woods but, also to their entire line of Rogue hybrids as well


How Hardscaping Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

If you own a home with a yard, the right mix of hardscape and softscape can really bring an outdoor space to life. Every homeowner loves a wood deck or concrete patio with a barbeque and a place to relax in the nice weather. In the summer, nothing beats a built-in pool circled in pavers, or an above ground pool with a deck around it.


The Five Best and Five Worst Fruits for You to Eat

When it comes to fruit, the word “worst” may be a little misleading. Just about every form of fruit falls into the healthy food column. Due to the high sugar content in some fruits however, dieters may wish to load up on some, while avoiding others. So here- based on nutritional value, sugar content, and serving size - is a list of best and worst fruits for you to eat.


Austria Nightlife - Clubs, Bars, and Nightlife Tips

Cheap drinks and a young crowd make for a great night out at the Aussie themed Travel Shack. The Havana Club plays Latin dance music and draws a mixed crowd from eighteen to fifty. For traditional Irish food, good beer selections, and a great place to watch sports, try The Four Bells. A high cover and strict dress code keep the crowd a little more upscale at Club Cosmopolitan, The White Line, and The Bachelor club.


The 2018 Electrified Acura MDX

Thanks to the 3.0-liter with 3-motor hybrid system, a seven-speed transmission, and NSX-derived technology, the 2018 MDX Sport Hybrid achieves the rare combination of power, handling, and fuel economy. From the familiar Diamond Pentagon grille in the front, to the precision-crafted duel chrome exhaust in the rear, the MDX boasts a perfect blend of form and function.




Field Services

Company: Verizon

I worked there from 10/1977 until 3/2009

IT Technician

VoiP Technician

Company: Endeavor Telecom

I worked there from 6/2009 until 3/2011

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Five Reasons to Own a Toyota Genuine Dash Cam

A blog post promoting the new Toyota Genuine Dash Cam.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: As requested


Why Snow Tires Make Sense - Even Where it Rarely Snows

Most people think of winters as only for the snowiest of climates (myself included up until recently). But, manufactures make winter tires from different compounds than all-season radials and warm weather tires. My post will explain why it makes sense to equip a vehicle used anywhere that the average daytime high drops below forty-five degrees for an extended period during the year.

Content type: Blog Post


Five Fun Things You Can Do with a Toyota Genuine Dash Cam

I'm part of a large automotive project commissioned by a number of Canadian dealerships. On a recent review of the Toyota C-HR, the dealer asked if I could make particular note of the Toyota Genuine Dash Cam. Aside from the obvious benefits of having a dash cam installed, it looked like this option would be just plain fun, as well. Thus, the idea for this post. Thanks for your consideration.

Content type: Blog Post


Five Fruits to Avoid While Dieting

Most fruits offer more nutritional value than anything people put on their plates nowadays. However, because of the high sugar content found in some fruits, dieters may wish to load up on certain fruits, and avoid others. This post would discuss five such fruits, and why to avoid them. Thanks for your consideration, Jack.

Content type: Blog Post


How Safe is Generic Viagra?

Many men would probably opt for the considerably lower priced generic Viagra but, have concerns about using a generic medication. This piece would put their concerns to rest, and discuss the benefits of using generic medicines.

Content type: Article


Recent Advances in the World of Autonomous Driving

A nine-hundred to thousand word post that details recent developments in the field of autonomous driving. Approximately fifty-percent of the post would be dedicated to the software side, with Ionterra receiving the bulk of that discussion.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Ionterra,autonomous driving,driver-less vehicles,autonomous vehicle software,other keywords as requested.


Five Florida Communities That Offer World-Class Golf

Eight to nine-hundred words highlighting five great Florida courses located in private communities. List Bella Collina as one and imbed the desired link to the Bella Collina web site. I regularly write similar pieces in the travel, sales, and golf verticles. Thanks for your consideration. Jack

Content type: Blog Post