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Dawn Richards


Ebook and Article Writer/Author/Boardroom CV Resume Writer waiting for your call...

About Me

I love to write ghostwriting ebooks and articles as powerful lead generation tools to increase sign ups or as FREE GIFTS on company websites. See my Guerrilla Marketing and Neuro Marketing examples.

My other passion is writing Boardroom and Executive CVs, LinkedIn profiles, responses to selection criteria and cover letters. I've published four best-selling career books which contain templates and step-by-step instructions for writing successful job applications - Get That Government Job; Selection Criteria Toolkit; and Quick & Easy Resume Makeovers.

Industries I Write About

Writing & Editing

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Marketing & Advertising

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Real Estate

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Facilities Services

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Education Management

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Events Services

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Consumer Services

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My Writing Samples

Get That Government Job

For anyone facing the whole process of applying for an Australian government or corporate private sector job, here's an easy way to understand the requirements of the position and write your own powerful application using proven marketing strategies that `sell' your skills to the employer. Answering the selection criteria is easy when you know how. This book takes you through the application process step by step and provides dozens of examples from a wide range of occupations & industries.


Quick & Easy Resume Makeovers

A lot of really great applicants miss out because they don’t know how to write their applications for the new job market. Help is at hand! This easy-to-use guide shows you how to get your application into the ‘yes’ pile.You’ll learn how to quickly update your tired old resume and cover letter using professionally formatted TEMPLATES (just replace the text with your own information). We’ll also provide QUICK GUIDES and CHEAT SHEETS to help you build your brand on LinkedIn and other social media.


Guerrilla Marketing for the Fitness Industry

How To Use Guerrilla Marketing To Grow Your Fitness Business. Get your name, services and products in front of potential prospects without spending a fortune.If your fitness business’s profit is determined by new customers that are attracted through minimal marketing spend, then guerrilla marketing is critical. If your income is determined by your ability to attract leads and convert them into paying customers then you are undoubtedly looking for competitive ways to increase your leads.


Neuro Marketing Strategies to turbo-boost your fitness business

How To Turbo-Boost Your Fitness Business With Powerful Neuromarketing StrategiesIncludes 15 Red Hot Tips for Giving Your Fitness Business a Neuromarketing Makeover.As a fitness business owner, you’ve probably had a few ‘hits’ and a lot of ‘misses’ with your marketing. By the end of this ebook, you’ll know why and you’ll learn new ways to think about marketing to your clients.



Board and Executive Resume Writer

We can help you craft the perfect CV, Selection Criteria, Cover Letter, Profile or whatever else you need for that coveted boardroom role. Overseas applicants welcome.

Company: Smart Start Marketing Solutions

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

Ebook and Article Content Writer

Looking for a writer/author to develop your lead generation tools to build your business? We write amazing ebooks and long form content to increase your sign-ups and build customer loyalty.

Company: Words to Sales

I worked there from 4/2005 until now

Course Developer/Trainer

We help you grow your business through training your staff in customer service and marketing - online courses being developed so you can train your staff anywhere, anytime.

Company: Smart Start Marketing Solutions

I worked there from 2/1996 until now

Content I Write