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Mark Prvulovic


Freelance Cryptocurrency and Marketing Writer

About Me

I'm a freelance writer that for the past few years has largely been writing in the blockchain/fintech/crypto ecosystem, alongside other areas like AI/Big/Data/IoT. This includes writing for ICO advisory firms, producing whitepapers, research articles, case studies, and other material as needed.

At the same time, I also have a background in copywriting, e-commerce marketing, sales funnels, etc. I've written for financial publications and websites, as well as producing marketing materials for advertising agencies for various campaigns.

If interested, I'd love to chat further about what you're looking for in your projects.

Industries I Write About

Marketing & Advertising

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Investment Management

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Public Policy

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Computer Software

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Information Technology & Services

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Venture Capital

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Alternative Medicine

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Financial Services

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My Writing Samples

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Behind Starbucks Teavana Closure

A short analysis on the implications of Starbucks closure of it's Teavana retail stores from both a retail perspective as well for a Starbucks shareholder.


How Commodities Markets will be Changed by Blockchain Technology

An article explaining how blockchain technology will influence commodities markets for both investors and traders alike.


"7-Figure Crypto Club" Sales Landing Page

A long-form direct-response copywriting landing page, focused on selling a 7-figure cryptocurrency investing report.


Hypothetical Blockchain Security Vulnerabilities and How They Can Be Addressed

An overview of some of the security vulnerabilities that can exist within the blockchain world.




A boutique copywriting and technical writing company where I help small businesses and start-ups improve their marketing strategies. This includes designing content strategies, as well as A/B testing, implementing sales funnels, writing whitepapers, articles, sales pages, advertorials, etc.

Company: Writing By Mark

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

Senior Blockchain Writer

Worked as a senior writer and analyst for a leading ICO advisory firm. Writing directly for the founder as well as the CEO's of Kapitalized clients, I had a wide exposure to blockchain startups all across the industry.

Company: Kapitalized

I worked there from 6/2018 until 11/2018

Investment Analyst and Writer

As a freelance contractor for INN, I produce analytical articles and case studies for the firms management team to be used on campaigns for their clients. This includes analyzing and writing about cannabis, precious metals, blockchain, commodities, and other market sectors.

Company: Investing News Network

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

The Role Analytics Play in Finding Cost Savings Reductions

An article explaining both the theory and practical examples of how predictive analytics and forecasting can lead to cost reductions - especially in less mainstream industries that aren't associated with advanced data management, such as agriculture.

Content type: Article


Blended Commission and Fee-for-Service Model

An overview of the pro's and con's behind a blended commission/fee compensation model for financial advisers, especially in comparison to strict commission or fee based models on their own. The blog post will also cover how financial advisers can utilize sliding compensation models depending on the individual situation of their clients to best match their financial needs.

Content type: Blog Post


Why Cryptojacking Is Becoming The New Ransomware

An overview of cryptojacking - what it is, why it's happening, and how hacker's are taking advantage of end-users computing power to mine cryptocurrency. The article will also go over what are the hard to detect symptoms of cryptojacking, how to protect one's computer from these malicious attacks, as well as how this trend will impact information security companies moving forward.

Content type: Article


How Testimonials Influence Potential Customers and Clients To Buy

An overview of the statistics and case studies that show how well placed testimonials influence buyer decision making. The blog post will also go over social influence and how human behavior is determined by other people's opinions. Lastly, the post will emphasize some case studies that show how much extra revenue can be gained by just including some testimonials.

Content type: Blog Post


3 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Improve Cyber Security

A short blog post that will gloss over blockchain technology and how it can be used to improve cyber security and prevent leaks and hacks. The three ways will be 1. Decentralized information storage, 2. Preventing data theft and 3. Making Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks impossible. I'll conclude the article by mentioning some of the more noteworthy projects in the blockchain world tackling cybersecurity issues.

Content type: Blog Post