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Mark Lambert


Nerdy, Conversational, Authoritative Copywriter

About Me

I’m a seasoned copywriter and editor, experienced in finding fresh angles on technology and how it shapes modern life. 

My personal history brings flavor and personality to my writing. I’ve traveled a lot, worked in senior management and have years of experience working with disadvantaged communities in third world countries. I’m also a huge geek.

This puts me in a good position to tell compelling stories about technology, the future, and why readers should care.

Industries I Write About

Management Consulting

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Marketing & Advertising

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Consumer Electronics

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My Writing Samples

How to Ask for a Raise — and Actually Receive One

Management Consulting: According to a recent PayScale survey of over 160,000 employees, only about 30% of people who choose not to ask for a raise experience a salary increase. By contrast, of those who do ask for a raise, just over 70% are successful. The bottom line is, to earn more money, you’ll probably have to ask for it!


Pitching Outside of the Box

Ever had a moment in your life when someone offered a wholly unexpected and “out of the box” approach to solving a problem? The latest example for me happened just last week, when through a series of catastrophic yet completely understandable miscalculations, I locked myself out of my garage. After a few too many pitiful minutes pacing up and down my driveway wondering why bad things happened to good people, I decided to seize my own destiny. I set about inventing a brilliant tool for reaching


Continuous Learning Lessons From a Cat

Marketing & Advertising: My cat is easily the most “together” person I’ve ever met. She’s always well-groomed. She’s rarely late. She’s religious about getting twelve hours of sleep every night, yet manages to maintain a peak level of fitness. Her persuasion skills are the stuff of legend. She’s also an expert in networking, forging lasting friendships while actively pursuing clearly defined life goals (bug-eating, mainly).


4 Consulting Firms That Support Work-Life Balance

Most employees appreciate the importance of balancing their professional obligations against the time they need to enjoy life outside the office. But work-life balance is more than just a buzzword. According to the American Institute of Stress, nearly 80% of US professionals report feeling stressed by their work. Studies on family conflict show that added work pressure exerts a significant negative influence on happiness at home, and poor work-life balance correlates to chronic health condition


How to Maximize A Holiday Party on a Limited Budget

Management Consulting: Whether you love them, hate them (or regard them with complete indifference), holiday celebrations are an undeniable reality of many company cultures. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — when the silly season hits, work life can seem like a relentless parade of tinsel, paper plates and sensibly casual slacks.


Disruption And Change – How Unique Perspectives Can Change The World

Marketing & Advertising: Everyone is different. This is hardly a controversial or revolutionary observation. Unless you happen to live on some island somewhere conveniently populated with genetic clones of yourself, sooner or later you’re going to stumble across someone with different opinions. However, somehow the simple fact of difference seems to cause a lot of disturbance in this mixed up world of ours. Different opinions and perspectives are disruptive. They’re destabilizing.


Best Sites for Job Hunting

Human Resources & Management Consulting: Job hunting is something almost all of us will do at some stage in our adult lives. In fact, according to recent Gallup research, roughly half the working-age people reading this article right now are actively looking for a new job.


Date Night Apps: Don’t Head Out for a Night on the Town Without Them

Consumer Electronics: Going out for a night on the town is cool. Well, it can be. Is it just me or can it also be kind of hard work? I mean, it’s all well and dandy to put your fancy shoes on and head out into the big city, but without a plan of attack you could well end up sitting in Taco Bell at 9 pm with nothing more to show for your efforts than a tray of bean burritos and a heart filled with disappointment.


6 Indie Films You Must Watch Before You Die

Entertainment: I can’t tell you exactly why, but I’ve always found there’s something compelling and hypnotic about hunting for that hidden gem of an indie film. Unfettered by big studio money and unconstrained by the claustrophobic restrictions of “what sells,” indie films are inherently hit or miss.


Charging what you're worth: Lessons from a vacuum cleaner

Marketing & Advertising: Years ago, I owned a vacuum cleaner. To be clear, I didn’t buy it. Nor do I have any recollection of someone giving it to me. One day I looked in my closet and simply discovered it nonchalantly resting against a wall. It seemed rude to question its right to be there.


Ships that Mysteriously Vanished

Entertainment: Oceans may be great for keeping a vast global buffet of seafood nice and tasty fresh, but when it comes to getting from A to B, they leave a lot to be desired. Oceans are big, drowny, and not all that cooperative when it comes to easily recognized landmarks. Nevertheless, human history is full of stories of how we've opted to spurn the safe crunchiness of our natural habitat in favor of sloshy adventures on the high seas.


Darkest TV Moments from the '00s

Entertainment: It's easy to remember TV shows of the '00s as a relentless rainbow of upbeat, primary-colored tales about people being there for one another, especially when the rain starts to pour. However, that televisual happy-scape of yesteryear (okay, less than 20 years ago) was actually speckled through with its fair share of dark 'n' dreary moments.


Level Up Your Romance Game This Valentine’s Day With The Perfect Gadget

Consumer Electronics: Gadgets get a bit of a bad rap when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and we at Nerds HQ think this is kind of a shame! Sure, your obligatory dozen red roses is a classic. And yes, there’s something to be said for the simple romantic gestures — like a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti with a mariachi band — who among us hasn’t enjoyed that?




Developing landing pages, marketing material and longform articles, mainly focusing on the construction industry.

Company: Websmith Media

I worked there from 6/2018 until now


Produce a wide range of content, both customer facing and B2B. Writing mainly for a technologically savvy audience.

Company: Squirrel Digital Media

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Editor and Content Developer

Write and edit longform content for blue chip companies. On-point brand raising copy in niche sectors, ranging from legal and financial to automotive and emergent tech.

Company: Clearvoice

I worked there from 1/2017 until 5/2019


Developing SEO copy, mainly focusing on emergent tech and biotechnology startups

Company: Writer / content developer

I worked there from 6/2017 until 12/2018


Developing speculative articles for a neurotechnology startup. The role required that I find imaginative ways to tell stories about the company's product.

Company: Brand Building / Content Strategy

I worked there from 1/2018 until 8/2018

International Relations Consulting

Range of consultancies provided to develop policy materials in developing countries

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2013 until 12/2016

Community Engagement Consultant

Working with remote communities to develop public health strategies. The role required cross cultural awareness, and coordinating technical writing across diverse teams.

Company: World Health Organization

I worked there from 1/2011 until 12/2013

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

What I Learned About E-learning on a Tiny Island

For close to a decade I lived on a cluster of tiny islands in the Pacific, working in international development. At that time, the concept of e-learning was arriving. It was exciting for my education-starved islander friends, but I was surprised to see that new learning tools also brought interesting cultural challenges. Through a few anecdotes about e-learning, I plan to reinforce the importance of understanding your personal goals and finding a product which is compatible with how you think.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: e-learning,education,culture,society,design


Here's to the Intrepid Neighborhood Adventurists

I was guilty of thinking of my neighborhood as a boring assortment of houses lined up with tedious regularity along gray, featureless streets. It was what I drove through to get somewhere else; a big, boring jumble of “nothing to see here”. I was wrong. It was technology which opened my eyes to just how interesting a neighborhood can be. I'd like to write a quick, fun blog piece about apps to transform readers from disgruntled suburbanite to neighborhood adventurists at large.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: real estate,neighborhood,apps,discovery,adventure


Zink: The Environmentally Ethical Printing Alternative We've Been Waiting For?

Drawing from this data (https://www.energycentral.com/c/ec/ink-waste-environmental-impact-printer-cartridges) I'd like to write a ~500 word blog post about the hidden impact of toner cartridges and ribbons -- and how Zink technology doesn't just disrupt an outmoded industry, it offers a way to significantly reduce chemical and landfill waste.

Content type: Blog Post


6 Technologies That Will Make You Happier

I'd like to write a blog post about technologies that can make you happier. I'll drop some research findings into the article, providing a conversational but trustworthy authority voice. Name the products you'd like me to promote and I'll build these into the article.

Content type: Blog Post


How to Nurture a Winning Reputation as a Freelancer

Most freelancers learn early on that branding wins gigs. But success as a freelancer isn't just about that jubilant moment of signing on with a shiny new client. It's also about nurturing your existing relationships, building the foundation for a long and productive association. I'd like to write a piece about branding's less sexy but more steadfast cousin: reputation. How do you nurture trust? Why is it important? Where do branding & trust meet?

Content type: Article

Keywords: freelancing,self employed,Human Resources


Impostor Syndrome: What it is, Why it Happens and How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

Have you ever heard a voice in your head saying, "I feel like a fake!" You're not alone. Research into workplace confidence suggests ~70% of people experience some self-doubt in their professional lives. In this article, I'll provide an evidence-based foundation for understanding for this phenomenon. I'll argue that instead of thinking of it as a feeling to "overcome," it's actually a useful catalyst for self evaluation, confidence-reinforcement and setting yourself up for managerial success.

Content type: Article

Keywords: self-confidence,success,psychology,self-management,continuous improvement


Can Leadership Really Influence Organizational Culture?

Organizational culture is a nebulous concept. It's hard to define and harder to measure. Yet those of us who've had the misfortune of working within a toxic organizational culture are likely to have an immediate appreciation of its importance. This article will describe some practical approaches to quantifying organizational culture, and explores the role good leadership plays in maintaining it.

Content type: Article

Keywords: leadership,culture,productivity,communication


Neurotechnological Assistive Technology and Music: The Ultimate Meeting of Minds?

I'd like to write a speculative article aimed at getting readers excited about how assistive technology can open up amazing (and really quite beautiful) new possibilities for human expression. In particular I'd like to talk about neurotechnological music devices (http://bit.ly/2Xuyqg8) and the artistic expression it makes possible. I'll then link this back to Puffin's work and how assistive tech needn't be about practicality. It can also be about new ways of sharing the joy of being human.

Content type: Article

Keywords: neurotechnology,music,assistive technology


Musk vs Strunk: An Epic Standoff That'll Change Our Future

In the press today, you'll find articles about amazing advancements in AI generated copy (https://cnn.it/2IUuOzL). It's a hot topic. AI will change how words shape marketing. I'd like to write a reflective comparison of Elon Musk's vision of an AI augmented future and the life's work of a little known but influential English professor who wrote "The Elements of Style" - a bible for clear expression. My hook will be that technology may evolve but fundamentals of authentic language are timeless.

Content type: Article

Keywords: digital marketing,AI,language,writing,communication


Branding, Reputation and Response - The 3 Pillar Marketing Solution

If branding galvanizes your product's relevance and reputation locks down its credibility, it's customer responsiveness which glues them together. Without a strong customer interaction strategy you're missing out on key opportunities to establish your relevance and credibility in your customer's eyes. ThriveHive offers guided marketing solutions to help you build all three marketing pillars. We'll empower you to build the whole marketing package.

Content type: Article

Keywords: marketing,branding,reputation,customer responsiveness


Website copy edit

Hi! I'd like to write articles for you guys, but I hope you don't mind if I mention your existing website copy is in urgent need of an edit and rewrite. There are many errors which are damaging the credibility of your brand. I'd like to fix that for you first. I'll go through every page on your site and correct its grammar and spelling errors. I'll also make the language punchy, concise and dynamic for you. :) I'm friendly and easy to work with. I'd love to get your existing content on point.

Content type: Blog Post


First up an admission -- I'm a pultrusion luddite. I still think I can help you. Here's why:

I spent my coffee time this morning learning about Tencom. Fascinating! But if you'll forgive my impudence, I feel an important page is missing from your site. You define what pultrusion is, so at least some of your clients are interested novices. But as that reader, I wanted to step away from the process. You've told me what. But I also want to understand why. Why is pultrusion important? What can it do for me? I want to collaborate with you to develop an engaging entry-level "why" landing page

Content type: Article


Musk vs Strunk: Two Eccentrics and One Epic Battle for the Future of Meaning

In the press today, you'll find articles about amazing advancements in AI generated copy (https://cnn.it/2IUuOzL). It's a hot topic. AI will change how words shape marketing. I'd like to write a reflective comparison of Elon Musk's vision of an AI augmented future and the life's work of a little known but influential English professor who wrote "The Elements of Style" - a bible for clear expression. My hook will be that technology may evolve but fundamentals of authentic language are timeless.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: marketing,AI,language,writing,communication


Adding a Face and a Story to Your Brand

I like your landing pages! Crisp and compelling. But I notice your About section lacks an origin story. I've dropped two links below to give you background on why I think that is an important issue to address. I'd like to build a crisp landing page introducing the Lending Pad founders & describing their vision in a compelling way. I'd start by sending some written interview questions. I'd then develop a "meet the founders" page which builds a story around Lending Pad's origins and vision.

Content type: Article


Help with landing pages

Hi! Your product sounds fascinating! I know you're looking for article pitches, but I wonder if you'd allow me to enhance a few critical landing pages on your site. I feel you've explained your value-add concisely, which is great. But, I've worked with many clients to build brands and I feel you're missing 3 main critical pieces, which I'd broadly define as 1) building trust; 2) showing your customer the direct benefit and 3) giving your brand's vision a human face. Can we talk about it?

Content type: Article


Your Story - I want to build on it!

Hi! I'm a tech writer who specializes in landing page conversions. I enjoyed delving through your site this afternoon. However, I was struck by what feels like an important area for development. Your "Our Story" lays some great foundations, but it could be much more compelling. I'd like to hear about the founders and Hyla's vision. I'd like to learn more about your patents. I feel like you need a stronger story (for reasons outlined in the doc I've linked below) and I'd like to do that for you!

Content type: Article

Keywords: brand,story,sales,landing page,content


Meet the Founder Page

I was just reading through your site, and would love to write a Meet the Founder page for you. Laurent Marchand's bio on your Management Team page is very list-based. It's informative but it reads more like a resume. I'd like to develop a 700 to 1000 word "story" which describes Laruent's journey to starting Kaloom. The goal is to put a human face on your vision and to build trust around your brand. More about me here: http://bit.ly/ML-CopyTestimonials

Content type: Article


Why J. O'Brien? Landing Page Idea

Hi! I'm a landing page conversion specialist. I see you have a well-developed About Us section, with prominent and effective copy around Leadership & Vision. What I'm not seeing though is a "why J O.Brien?" landing page: A crisp overview of the business advantage of a total security solution. This would draw from your vision but provide practical, punchy examples to help a prospect "see" why you offer something unique. It could also be an excellent SEO asset. I'd like to develop this for you!

Content type: Article

Keywords: landing page,SEO,security,brand


How the Right Meeting Venue Makes it Easier to Do Business

I'd like to write a ~700 word blog post targeting high income mid-career professionals about the impact of a well-appointed meeting venue on business outcomes. I'll use 1 or 2 statistics to establish a friendly, authority voice. I'll touch on the benefits of having access to a first class meeting venue, referring specifically to comfortable surrounds, access to luxury services and the added benefits of the clubhouse experience. I'll link internally to the BC meeting venue page and clubhouse page

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: business,meeting,venue,corporate


Pitching Outside Of The Box

Most of the time, a good pitch accurately target's a client's stated content goals. However, sometimes a client doesn't know what they should be swinging for. On these occasions, it might be smart to "pitch outside the box." - How to identify when a client might be unsure of what content will drive conversions on their site? - What approach works best when starting dialog with a client about an approach they mightn't have considered? - Why it's a smart approach to try.

Content type: Guest Post

Keywords: freelancing,pitch writing


I can give you the tone you're after if you give the content suggestion :)

I can deliver crisp copy with an educated and affluent tone. I dropped Bella Collina a pitch last week focusing on your meeting venue, and I can see that it wasn't accepted. No worries! However, I like your brand so I'd just like to bounce back an alternative suggestion. If you have a content idea, I'd love to write it up for you. I'm confident I can get your brand voice right, but should revisions be required this will be no problem at all. I believe I'm a good fit for your content needs.

Content type: Blog Post


Happiness in the Workplace. How Do You Measure It, And Does it Really Matter?

Forbes featured a story today (6/11) about how New Zealand is abandoning GDP as its chief measure of progress, opting instead for a social marker known as the Happiness Index. (ref 1) I'd like to use this news story as a starting point to explore metrics for measuring happiness in the work place. What can happiness tell us about the overall productivity of a team? Should it be a goal in its own right? Should managers actively work to increase happiness or is it merely an added bonus?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: happiness,productivity,management,Human Resources


Let's Add a Face and Story to Your Brand

Now that you have clean landing page copy, I have a follow-up suggestion for the basic architecture of your site. Right now, CHEQ doesn't have a face or a compelling brand story. I've dropped two links below to give you background on why I think that is an important issue to address. I'd like to build a crisp landing page introducing the CHEQ founders & describing their vision in a compelling way. I'd start by sending some written interview questions. I'd then develop a "meet the founders" page.

Content type: Article


Your Story - I want to build on it!

Hi! I'm a tech writer who specializes in landing page conversions. I enjoyed delving through your site. You have such a personable brand! I *love* the pictures. I want to build on that foundation, producing an engaging story about Tettra's "origin story." It'll be a punchy piece of copy talking about the people and ideas that made Tettra happen. It'll be a great SEO asset, but more importantly, it'll build trust around your brand and help prospects feel comfortable with you.

Content type: Article

Keywords: story,brand,content marketing


Let's tell a story about one of your "hero" clients

Hey! Just browsed through your blog. I have a few ideas for you, but wanted to start with a clear gap I'm seeing. Let's get different voices on the table! I'd like to write a piece describing your product from the perspective of one of your preferred clients. This gives us a great opportunity to put benefits before features. Also it's a voice vouching FOR you. Powerful stuff. If you can hook me up with a solid customer, I'll develop an interview style piece telling a new story about your brand.

Content type: Blog Post


Building a blog series that you can use to keep your marketing blog category fresh.

I was reading through your site and hit the marketing blog. I was struck by how content rich that section is, but also noticed it's a little stale with the last post from 3 months ago. I hit this article (http://bit.ly/2NUSkkN) and loved it. It's dense with information -- great for reinforcing your brand's authority. I'd like to take each of its 3 headings and write 3 concise blog posts of 500 words each. Each will have a CTA back to 1 of your Marketing Solutions landing pages.

Content type: Blog Post



Excellent Writer & Communicator

Mark is a pleasure to work with and jumps completely in when attacking and assignment. It is refreshing to see his level of enthusiasm in accomplishing the mission beyond expectations.

Tony Shannon, RiseFuel

Master storyteller!

In the world of B2B freelance writing, it's rare to find someone who takes risks and infuses personality into their work, while still adhering to the client's requirements. Mark is one of these people, and checks off every box in terms of what brands look for in a writer. If you're aiming to build awareness with storytelling (not sales pitches) then I'd strongly recommend working with Mark. I wish we'd found him sooner!

Michael Brown, nDash

Energetic, Engaging Tone and Compelling Voice

Mark has the rare talent of making the writing informative and authoritative but still approachable—and even funny! It's so refreshing to work with someone who can break out of the dry, academic tone to create content that connects with the reader emotionally. Mark is a compelling storyteller, and I'm happy to work with him. He is also extremely thoughtful and easy to work with—assignments are submitted on time and he's very responsive if anything comes up.

Rachel Lake, Ivy Exec


Mark approached me about editing and improving the language on our website. He is super passionate about doing an amazing job and making a difference, and really did exactly what he promised. Really looking forward to working with Mark again.

Jonathan Marciano

Simply The Best

Mark is a rare breed of writer. He's exceptionally talented and can write in many different styles. He's also 100% reliable. We can always count on him to deliver exactly what we need, when we need it. But what sets Mark apart the most... is his extreme honesty. We've never worked with a writer who is so straight up about how long the work took to complete and how much we owe him. On several occasions he's even told us to pay him LESS because the article took less time. Highly recommended.

Simon Smith, Websmith Inc.

Grateful Mark came to the rescue!

I honestly don't know what I would have done if I had not found Mark. My clients who often want an original piece of copy for their blogs, articles, whitepapers, etc. I need to be able to delegate that writing to an expert who knows how to write quickly, clearly, professionally with a light "voice". Mark has always met and EXCEEDED my expectations and needs. I will always reach out to Mark when I need an excellently researched and written piece of copy. Thank you for making me look good!

Faye Kimmel, Faye Kimmel Consulting