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Sally Ramsey


About Me

I have spent the majority of my career as a chemist, although writing has always been involved. I was in demand for industry publications intended for the layperson because I wrote on technical subjects without resorting to jargon. For the past few years, even though I still have a tangential connection chemistry, I am primarily a writer. I have several books out and produce web content regularly for a media company. I write primarily on industrial subjects. My other specialty is disability issues, especially as they relate to autism. I have two sons with autism and ran a support group as well as holding local, state, and national positions in the Autism Society of America I've also written special needs cookbooks including one distributed by the Autism Society of America.

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Nonprofit Organization Management

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Renewables & Environment

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My Writing Samples

Nano-Sanity: A Solution to the Coatings Dilemma

A description of the incorporation of nano-particles in UV curable coatings.


Blogs related to autism

Blogs based on my own experience, intended for parents.


GRAS Bio-based Materials for UV-Cured Coatings

An article reproducing my paper on the technology I developed using generally regarded as safe (GRAS), edible materials to formulate coatings.


Sally Ramsey books available on Amazon

Two cookbooks, a novel, and a novella that I have written that are currently available.




Technology developer

Company: KRS Technologies

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

Ghostwriter (freelance)

Expert level for six industrial categories

Company: Tempesta Media

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

Chief Chemist and VP New Product Development

In charge of developing technology and quality control.

Company: Ecology Coatings

I worked there from 11/2003 until 12/2012

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

The Future of 3-D Carbon Nanotube printing

3-D printing is a technology that is finding increasing use across a multitude of industries. Aerospace companies are making large investments in 3-D printing and it is used to produce parts on the International Space Station. Lighter, stronger, and conductive composites of carbon nanotubes and polymer resins may be the next step in producing components and sensors for use both beyond Earth's gravity, in our skies and on terra firma. Sensors produced by this technology may be wearable.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: 3-D printing,additive manufacturing,composites,aerospace,sensors,supermicrocapacitors


Expand your tenant pool by permitting remote monitoring

While seniors and members of the disabled community may have many skills to live on their own, remote monitoring can provide additional security that they will be safe in their homes. The addition of sensors, cameras and emergency communication provides confidence and support, allowing those with special needs to live in ordinary homes in all types of communities.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: seniors,disabilities,remote monitoring,support


The attractions of radiant heating

Radiant heating can make a common home seem like an upscale one. It is quiet, efficient, reliable and unobtrusive. It can create more comfortable rooms, particularly bathrooms, for a spa-like feel.It an important selling point to tenants with allergies, as it puts no dust or allergens in the air. Electrical radiant heating also eliminates the hazard of carbon monoxide poisoning. As an upgrade, radiant heating is a feature that promises a safer, cozier home.

Content type: Whitepaper

Keywords: radiant heating,safety,comfort,luxury,health


Don't Get Caught by Pump and Dumpers

First time entrepreneurs may be tempted to answer the siren song of a financial angel who promises to support their start up by enticing investors. Beware of horns beneath the halo. Your angel may solicit funds by way of a private placement memo or propose a reverse merger to go public. all with the goal of bleeding off funds and leaving your company to founder. If your path to success sounds too easy, it probably is.

Content type: Blog Post


Sensory Obstacles to Nutrition

Many individuals have barriers to good nutrition that go beyond taste preference. Chunks in sauces, textures, even the appearance of ingredients such as raisins may present a significant challenge. This is especially true in the autistic community. How do we design a diet that is acceptable to the senses yet provides adequate nutrition?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: sensory restrictions,texture,autism,diet,nutrition