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Richard Adrian


About Me

I am a freelance writer specializing in technical and engineering niches. I work for both magazines and blogs. I have worked for various clients ranging from mid-level sized corporates to international Non-governmental organization's journals. I put quality first quantity second. I love computers and software. Its what I love to write about most. Any niche is welcome as well as  I would like to script a play or a film pilot for you.

Industries I Write About


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Computer & Network Security

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Writing & Editing

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Computer Games

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Computer Software

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My Writing Samples

Raspberry PI series

This is a series about the raspberry. I pitched it at Linuxandubuntu because it is a Linux based Mini computer.



A self-indulgent blog where I write on matters that are close to heart.



Technology Writer

I have been writing about Linux and Ubuntu for quite some time as a freelance writer.. tilI I landed LinuxandUbuntu 3 years ago it has been a journey of writing about various Linux distributions and Linux systems.From firewalls to the Raspberry to configuring SSH servers and how to install various Linux software. Am just a Linux geek.

Company: LinuxandUbuntu.com

I worked there from 4/2015 until now

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