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Benjamin Welton


Office Assistant at Howard Gottlieb Research Center

About Me

I have been a freelance writer since 2013. I have written op-eds, news articles, listicles, book reviews, and social media posts for businesses. 

Industries I Write About

Writing & Editing

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Law Enforcement

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Defense & Space

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Marketing & Advertising

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Security & Investigations

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International Affairs

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Leisure & Travel

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My Writing Samples

"James Bond's World War I Origins"

Article about British spy fiction, James Bond, and the importance of popular representations of World War I.


"The Case of the Vanishing Private Eyes"

Article about history of private policing in the United States.


"The Dry Decade"

A book review


"What I Learned from Self-Publishing"

Article about self-publishing my own books.



Office Assistant

Company: Howard Gottlieb Research Center

I worked there from 6/2017 until now


Responsible for creating freelance copy bundles for Emphatic's many clients.

Company: Emphatic LLC

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

Freelance Researcher

Currently working on several client-based research projects. Interested in clients looking for historical research resources.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 5/2016 until now

Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant

Ph.D students at Boston University are under contract for five years of individual coursework and instruction.

Company: Boston University

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Freelance Writer

Currently seeking clients interested in: copywriting, editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, or article generation.

Company: Benjamin Welton

I worked there from 5/2012 until now

QA/Blog Writer

Currently involved in creating content for the Cull & Co. blog, as well as QA services with a specialization in E-commerce websites, digital marketing, documentation, and UX testing.

Company: Cull & Co.

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Languages I Write In

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Blog Post - Failure of Modern Education

I'm someone who has been and out of higher education for over twelve years. I know how the American education system fails to instill in students true creativity and independent thinking. My proposed blog post would detail how heavy bureaucracy, career-conscious professors, and a stifling atmosphere has contributed to a stultifying classroom. My blog post would also offer solutions towards how we can make education better for America's entrepreneurs.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Education,Entrepreneur,InnovationAmerica