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Abhishek Srivastava


Executive Director at Merel Sales and Marketing Pvt Ltd | Director at Aylin Global LLP

About Me

I'm passionate about helping people and would love the opportunity to earn your trust. Let's connect and strategise the best way to help you achieve your objectives. Key Roles Performed till date:-  Strategic marketer with focus on e‐commerce, channel marketing, channel programs, demand generation, equally adept at marketing strategy and execution, market analysis, multichannel and e‐commerce strategy, digital marketing, online retail consulting, brand management, public relations, keynote presenter, industry commentator, business intelligence, data mining, analytic, segmentation, positions & branding. Pre‐sales consultancy, technical services, sales operations, global account management, key account management, customer relationship development.  Product development, new venture creation, business incubation, product creation, new technology research. China business development, global alliances, international project management, globalisation Fundraising, raising money, business development, negotiation, building companies, board member. Very high capacity in monitoring and controlling multiple projects on strict timelines that adhere to brand identity and value. Skills:-  Outstanding written and oral communications skills with a comprehensive experience in numerous forms of marketing & sales. Highly ambitious and performance driven B2C, B2B and B2G sales and marketing professional with an unparalleled work ethics. Being "Resourceful" is his strength and it helps him in completing the projects before deadline. Completely love building businesses on bootstrapping ideas. Professional Achievements:-  Worked closely with many famous political leaders, professionals, businesses, startups, Non-profit and strategically helped them in winning the leadership goals. Weakness:- Being "Quality Conscious" is the weakness and it helps me in achieving the best results out of every projects.

Industries I Write About

Luxury Goods & Jewelry

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Director Of Sales Marketing

Merel Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered & located in the heart of the country i.e. New Delhi, India. We like solving problems – by taking things apart, seeing how they work and putting them back together, at best. Merel’s mission is to craft the future of Organisations, being the best facilitators of world’s innovative products, and to provide cost-effective services & solutions at affordable Price and to foster their Organisational Objectives.We lead the way by creating a stepping st

Company: Merel Sales and Marketing Pvt Ltd

I worked there from 9/2016 until now


At Aylin Global LLP, we believe that the world would be a better place if organisational growth can be achieved by clear strategy and delivers exceptional branded customer experiences. The world is facing an epochal transformation at the rapid rate due to the daily emergence of new disruptive invention, innovation and automation in the field of science and management and many immature but few mature organisations are unable to cope up with these tremendous trends which may later turn into a stagnant growth for each of them. At Aylin, we believe deep insights about the market and the brand competitors plays a vital role in analysing strategies, planning, execution and sky rocketing multi-sectoral collaborations for freelancers, businesses, startups, companies or organisations to achieve maximum market share. Intelligent data insights empower the end users to be a lot closer to the results of the business. Aylin-Global-services We integrate three parameters (i.e craft, concept and storytelling) together into global brand management services, beautifully, through visual brand identities and systems, logos, packaging, advertisement campaigns, branding materials, UI Designs, company portfolio/presentations and digital designs.


I worked there from 5/2016 until now

Head of Investor Relations & Consulting Partner India

Company: NinzaBiz

I worked there from 5/2016 until now

Business Consultant

International Business Consulting & Expansion, Consulting Businesses through marketing, sales, experience design, product engineering and analysing the deep business propositions of Startups.

Company: NinzaBiz

I worked there from 8/2014 until now


Richest Corner is the world's leading source of advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring readers. Out of the box reality. http://www.richestcorner.in/ http://www.richestcorner.com/

Company: Richest Corner

I worked there from 8/2014 until now