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Charlotte Maxwell-Gange


A freelance copywriter, copyeditor, and illustrator all in one.

About Me

I am an individual who has an avid passion for television, film, and literature, along with always being caught up on the latest entertainment news to ensure that I'm up to date with what's happening throughout the industry as a whole. Along with articles, I'm also very experienced in writing in-depth film analysis essays, as well as blog posts focusing on a range of different subjects. Throughout the two years that I studied media, I was able to accumulate and grow a number of skill-sets that will highly be applicable to this position. I am highly reliable and punctual, I can adhere to strict deadlines, and I have extensive communication and time management abilities. I know how to engage and interact with an audience to promote and distribute material, I can create and maintain a specific tone that will encourage conversation and discussion throughout the reader community, but I can also ensure that I provide a strong voice.

Industries I Write About


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Broadcast Media

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Mental Health Care

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Writing & Editing

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Media Production

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My Writing Samples

CMG SAMPLE Article - Breaking Bad Habits

A client article looking into the different ways that one could break a bad habit. Focused on the lifestyle and wellness niches.


CMG SAMPLE Article - EMDR Psychotherapy

A client article focusing on bringing light to the process of EMDR therapy.


CMG SAMPLE Article - Why Therapy Is Okay

A client article exploring the reasons why therapy is okay and pushing against the stigma that has been built around it.



Lifestyle Content Writer

I am currently the head lifestyle content writer for an online publication. I produce regular articles exploring the lifestyle sector, as well as exploring topics such as mental health, wellness, and self-care.

Company: InTheMedian

I worked there from 3/2018 until now

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