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Anthony Greer


About Me

You have a growing business with a million different hats to wear and tasks at hand. 

Content marketing doesn't have to be one of them.

I'm Anthony, a freelance content marketer/blogger from Seattle, WA.

Freelance writing fuses together two of the three things that I love the most: writing and helping people (the third is my partner). Seven years in journalism taught me the importance of not only knowing your targeted audience but also how to grab and hold their attention. 

As a storyteller, I can find the unique selling proposition for businesses, products, and people. One of my favorite hobbies is to take an everyday situation or an overused Hollywood plot and make it new and interesting. Those skills seamlessly translate into B2B and B2C content writing, marketing, and branding.

My diverse client list ranges from small businesses to full-service firms. I write and edit blog posts, articles, and other content for flow and SEO. In addition, I have experience writing scripts, press releases, and newsletters. 


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My Writing Samples

How to Handle Low-Quality Leads

As your funnel fills up with potential leads, your marketing and sales department need to work together to develop a scoring system based on your best customers to determine the quality of the current leads.


Business Funding: 6 Unconventional Ways to Get It

Getting business funding… Whether you’re selling home-made tomato sauce out of your kitchen or teaming up with college friends to create a tech start-up, every entrepreneur needs capital. Getting the financing to operate or expand your business is not easy.


Why the Middle of the Funnel is so Important

After you cast a line but before you catch a fish, there’s the middle of the marketing sales funnel. The middle of the funnel is where you’re trying to get the fish to bite. You entice them with different kinds of bait, jostle the rod, try different depths, and convince them that your hook is the one worth biting.


3 costs that disrupt your the quality of your business (and how to deal with them)

A quality product or service is one that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations. To assure that our company’s tangible products meet their desired level of quality, it is important to pay attention to every stage of the product’s process. There are three types of costs when quality considerations: appraisal, prevention, and failure.


Solar: Our Best Energy Solution

If the government fails to limit greenhouse gasses by 2030, profound global warming will be impossible to prevent.


E-Publishing: Breaking through the Consignment's Confinement

A long, long, long time ago, when there was a second Bush in the White House and the Simpsons were up to season 364, aspiring authors could only their books publishing if they followed the consignment model.


Rugby Star Ben Cohen Takes a Stand

British rugby star Ben Cohen visited Seattle this past weekend as part of his tour to promote the StandUp Foundation.


Before Glee, there was Diverse Harmony

Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is music to the ear of a listener.




Work as a freelance content marketer and writing, B2B & B2C Blogger, and as a journalist. I write content several online newspapers, magazines, blogs and small and mid-sized businesses. I also work as a ghostwriter.

Company: AG Creative Publishing

I worked there from 10/2014 until now

Staff Writer

Interviewed Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Hal Sparks, Ben Cohen, Jamie Pedersen, and many others. Wrote and edited articles ranging from human interest stories to controversial political topics

Company: Seattle Gay News

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Marketing Manager

Managed events for Absolut vodka including contests, heightened events, and tastings. I also reached out to hundreds of customers on a weekly basis through product marketing.

Company: SPI Marketing

I worked there from 10/2012 until 11/2014

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Topic Clusters: How to Get People on Your Site and Keep Them There

Hubspot considers Topic Clusters the next evolution in SEO. A topic cluster is a collection of content pieces that all relate to a similar subject. Instead of doing research on 7 different topics, you can do research on 1 subject in 7 different ways or perspectives and hyperlink them to the main idea (the initial topic you were writing about). Not only does this make readers think that you're a SME, but every time someone reads one of the 7 posts, the other 6 get an SEO boost.

Content type: Blog Post


9 Benefits to Teaching Abroad

Did you know that most English teachers in Asia make enough to save 30%-50% of their income after expenses, or that graduate programs are often looking for students with real-world experience? How often does someone get to teach during the week and Angkor Wat, which is considered by many to be one of the Seven Wonders of The World? There are so many benefits to teaching abroad--most of which people don't even think about.

Content type: Blog Post


Trade Shows: Why Your Team Must be Prepared

46% of trade show attendees are in Executive or Upper Management, and 81% of attendees have buying power. 80% of attendees will leave a trade show remembering more about the people manning a booth than the booth itself. Does the team representing your company know their client base? Can they recite your brand promise, and do they know your unique selling proposition? Preparing your staff before attending a trade show could be the difference between an amazing ROI and a costly disaster.

Content type: Blog Post


Consumers' Average Attention Span is--Oh, Damn It! We Already Lost You

8 Seconds! You have 8 seconds to grab a reader's attention. Your headline is what gets fish to bite, but your hook is what reels them in. What opening line is someone most likely to read: "They had flown from England to Minneapolis" or "They had flown from England to Minneapolis to look at a toilet." Learning how to write a great hook and how to avoid writing bad ones, your consumers will read beyond the first 10 words and be intrigued by the next 1000.

Content type: Blog Post


How to Tell a Brand Story

If you're selling someone a patchwork quilt that looks just like the ones their grandma used to make, you're selling a memory. Who is your target customer? Describe them in 3 or 4 adjectives. Where do they live? Who do they hang out with? What do they do for fun? The better you know your customer, the easier it will be to tell their story. The better you know your brand, the easier it will to tell YOUR story.

Content type: Blog Post