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Joana Veiga Ferreira


Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Lecturer

About Me

I'm a passionate digital marketer with over seven years' experience in this industry. My strength lies in creating bespoke digital strategies centred around strong content. I love nothing more than putting together a creative content campaign that helps businesses reach their goals. 

From writing engaging website copy, to creating a lead capturing e-book or whitepaper, showcasing the company's work through case studies, or spreading awareness through thought-leadership articles, I have experience in planning, executing, distributing and amplifying great content at every step of the journey.

Get in touch for more info, or simply browse through my portfolio here: https://joanaveigaferreira.contently.com/ 

Industries I Write About

Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Higher Education

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Leisure & Travel

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Marketing & Advertising

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Public Relations

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Content Portfolio

A porftolio of some of my most recent writing samples. Includes website copy, blog articles and more.


My Website

My business website where you will find more information about me and what I do, testimonials from happy clients, and some of my own blog articles.



Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer

https://www.jvf.marketing/ I help brands grow their online presence and achieve their digital marketing objectives. Whether that's a full digital marketing strategy, a content strategy, social media, or online PR I can help them make sense of the complex world of digital and use each channel efficiently. I also guest lecture regularly on topics such as content marketing and influencer marketing and am available for in-house or online training and speaking.

Company: JVF Marketing

I worked there from 2/2018 until now

Associate Lecturer

Company: The Manchester Metropolitan University

I worked there from 9/2018 until now

Associate Trainer

Company: Inspire, Motivate and Engage

I worked there from 5/2018 until now

Languages I Write In

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Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Is Yoga Nidra the Answer to Improved Productivity?

Yoga Nidra does not involve stretching, downward dog, happy baby or headstands! In fact, the whole practice is done lying down, sending you into a yogic sleep - a state of conciousness somewhere between waking and sleeping. This isn't just a form of relaxation, it's a deep meditation shown to improve focus and productivity after just a short session. So, should your office consider running lunch-time yoga Nidra classes to improve staff morale and productivity?

Content type: Blog Post


It's Portugal Like You've Never Seen if Before

Portugal is a beautiful country. Full of history and culture. More than a golf destination, a beach vacation or a boozy holiday, it's a country full of heritage, wonderful gastronomy, hidden castle ruins, mountains, villages and the tallest waves on the planet! Discover some of Portugal's hidden treasures from the hilltops of the Alentejo to the sprawling countryside of Alte, the beautiful wineries of the Douro and the waterfalls of Geres.

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How Hero Content can Drive Leads

A good hero campaign can help your business drive qualified leads. But it takes time to plan and execute. From whitepapers to e-books, infographics to videos, learn how to create a successful integrated hero marketing campaign that will help your business grow and achieve its objectives. In this in-depth guide, we'll take you through the steps of creating your campaign, executing it, measuring and understanding how to refine it.

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The Seven Superfoods We're Still Talking About in 2018

Every year there are new superfoods that we just HAVE to add to our diet. A couple of months later no one is talking about them anymore and turns out they weren't that good for you. So which ones should we actually stick with an invest in? This article explores the type of superfoods or supplements we should continue adopting, and also those that should forget about altogether!

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How Mindfulness and Meditation can help you stay in shape

Yes, going to the gym and eating a healthy diet contribute to looking and feeling your best. But so does a healthy mind. And as stress is the leading cause of weight gain, we need to prioritise our emotional wellbeing as much as our physical. In this article we explore simple ways you can get started with a mindfulness-based meditation practice, and how you can adopt it to your every-day routine. Add in some healthy supplements and teas and you'll be on your way to living your best life!

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Using your FAQs section as long-form content

Starting a business blog is a big step and a huge commitment. You need to ensure you're creating high quality content consistently and that you don't go long periods of time with no new blog articles. But have you ever thought about using the FAQ section of your site instead of a blog? By creating long-form content in the shape of a question, you're delivering useful content to your audience while hitting those long tail keywords, without the need to date stamp your work. Find out more...

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