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Have you hired other freelancers who fell short of your expectations? Did they provide inaccurate information? Fail to align with your brand and voice? And your content never did rank on search engines because the freelancer didn't truly understand SEO (other than adding a single keyword)?

You’re not alone.

Too many people claiming to be content marketers think that just because they own a laptop they can create compelling content that will make search engines find your site. 😲 Wrong!

I'm a multiple award-winning writer & marketer who's made the Google SEO algorithm my plaything!

🔹Guaranteed original error-free work
🔹Ghostwritten or bylined custom content created to resonate with your ideal audience
🔹Industry-leading SEO best practices for every single finance & technology blog post and page I create for you
🔹Original research based on YOUR business in YOUR state or province in YOUR country.
🔹Professional, error-free content marketing every time we work together. No hand-holding needed. No deadlines missed. Ever.
🔹A website that drives leads 24-hours a day thanks to the SEO blog posts & pages I create just for you.

My clients are finance & technology brands who don't have the time or energy to keep up on content marketing best practices. They know the value of SEO and, but don't want to take time away from growing their business & serving their clients

And while my passion remains finance & technology, I have enjoyed writing across 25 different industries and verticals in a variety of tone and voice!


Freedom is an award-winning ghostwriter, marketer, PPC copywriter, & author offering services to businesses and individuals in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, and Japan. She is also a best-selling novelist and an awarding-winning short-fiction author, songwriter, & playwright. She has worked directly with literary, artistic, & creative greats including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer prize winners, & New York Times Bestselling Authors.

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Online Portfolio Showcasing More Than 200 Unique Pieces

Finance, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Staffing, Recruiting, SaaS


25 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Improve Your Online Reviews

We live in a digital world. What was once good old fashioned word of mouth marketing is now the online review. It becomes critical, then, for the small business owner to prioritize their online review profile and keep their overall rating high. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of “How-Tos” that will help you take your online review profile to the next level: (Ghostwritten content)


How to buy a house if you’re an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur comes with a myriad of inherent perks. Many entrepreneurs can ditch long commutes in favor of home or location-independent offices. That can even mean Skyping meetings from your choice vacation locale. In many ways, being an entrepreneur can feel like winning the lottery – pursuing your passion from the comfort of an ideal location, and sometimes swapping business suits for Bermuda shorts. In fact, entrepreneurship is so attractive it’s reported... (ghostwritten blog)



Effectively utilizing a financial dashboard in your practice is complex. You want an easy way to get a pulse on your practice, monitor what’s most important, and leverage it to grow and improve. You might even have budgets and financial plans in place, and you want to know how to quickly determine if you’re still on the right track. A trusted set of reports will help keep you ahead. Here are five reports you should be generating on a regular basis:


Unlocking Growth by Activating Your Online Reviews

Ghostwriter | Blog As a small business owner, you need to be scrappy, resourceful and flexible to survive. You need to secure your place in the market by using all the tools in your tool belt and remembering that there is always room to improve. One of the best ways to fight for your business is to utilize the online reviews that are happening right now. These reviews will become invaluable to you as you learn to trust them and to trust your customer. Since you are not a household name...


How to get your business ready for GDPR

[Ghostwriter | Blog | Small Business] If your business collects any sort of online personal data (and whose doesn’t?), then you’re probably counting the days until May 25, 2018, when the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect. Although GDPR is an EU regulation which emphasizes that users must give “active consent” to any platform collecting their personal data. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your business’ collection and use of personal data:


The ultimate primer on using voice assistants in B2B marketing

[Ghostwriter | Blog] Voice assistants have transformed the realm of consumer marketing. Now you can get closer than ever to your customers—literally, your voice is in their home. And while some may dismiss voice marketing as a viable B2B sales technique, it’s important to note that executives and business owners have also jumped on the voice bandwagon. Some 90% of executives do research from their mobile devices before making a decision and 50% use voice search in the office.


Fast Data and Big Data: Impact on the IT Industry Search for

[Writer | Blog Post] In the IT world, results are driven by “fast data” and “big data” – both of which have an impact on productivity levels and bottom lines. It has become increasingly important for IT professionals to understand the roles that big data and fast data play in decision-making and business outcomes at large. While big data, or large sets of data that can be analyzed to detect patterns and trends, has become a widely understood phenomenon, “fast data” is a newer concept. Fast data


Workplace privacy: Five things that will make IT start monitoring your work computer

[Writer |Article ]The IT department can be your greatest ally – or they can be your worst enemy. Most of us use computers at some point during our jobs. Even in manual labour jobs are not exempt from having to file the occasional reports or send emails to superiors. Many fail to realize there is a server logging every single keystroke you type or link you click. And when it comes to your work computer nothing is considered private. Everything is fair game for the IT police.


The golden rules of keeping your BTC.com Wallet secure

[Ghostwriter| Blog] The BTC.com wallet has just released a new feature that helps users assess the security of their account! For this occasion, we thought to gather the most important account security tips.


Building an Advisory Board: A Young Tech Company’s Wish List

[Ghostwriter | Blog] Building an advisory board for an early-stage tech company means finding people who bring expertise, knowledge and assistance with decision-making. If you’re someone leading a business, it’s critical you understand how to do so. Tech companies should look for advisers with skills and experience the founders lack. So start by considering where your team has crucial gaps. Remember, an advisory board serves as your advocate. That said, it’s your responsibility to ensure that


Does the Amazon Echo Look have a built-in security risk?

[Writer | Article] Amazon has just announced its newest addition to Echo family: Echo Look, a cutting-edge device that doubles as your BFCF (best-fashion-conscious-friend). Echo Look responds to voice commands, just like the original Echo. You can use it to play songs, list news headlines, play trivia. It also still has full Alexa functionality. What’s new? Echo Look includes a wifi camera specifically for taking photos of you and your fashion choices. This allows you to check “which outfit


Are Recruiting Challenges Holding Your Team Back?

[Writer | Blog post] Wading through stacks of applicant resumes is just one of the recruiting challenges you face when looking for your next superstar. And it’s not just time-consuming; too often it’s unsuccessful. Recruiting Challenges You know you need to: tap into the ‘hidden’ candidate market find top industry performers


How to pick the right image for your Facebook post

[5-part marketing series on how to pick the best image for your Facebook post] Part 1: How to craft effective Facebook intro copy Part 2: The secret to designing click-worthy Facebook Ads Part 3: 5 tips for A/B testing your Facebook posts Part 4: How to craft killer Facebook headlines that leave readers wanting more Part 6: 5 ways to increase your Facebook engagement Part 7: 4 ways to use Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage Part 8: 7 next-level Facebook marketing tactics to increase your read


How fintech is redefining customer experience – and not just in the financial industry

[blog post] According to one senior global banking executive in PwC’s March Global FinTech report, “We thought we knew our customers, but fintechs really know our customers.” We’ve all experienced how grueling interactions with large financial institutions can be. Whether it’s applying for a loan, setting up a business account or making investments, we’re often faced with lengthy hold times, a deluge of forms to complete or confusing, non-intuitive web design.


Three major advantages of Machine learning for Entrepreneurs

[ghostwritten blog post] Entrepreneurs are better at finding and keeping customers, growing their businesses faster, running with a more flexible and talented team, and saving money than they have ever been before. Why? Machine learning. Machine learning, sometimes called AI and often represented by Google search algorithms and ad campaigns, has transformed the way entrepreneurs do business and opened the door to aspiring entrepreneurs who otherwise couldn’t get started.


The Accounting Treatment of Dividends

[Guest blog post on Dividends recording in C-Corporations] Note: This article corresponds to C-Corporations. For sole proprietors and S-Corporations the accounting treatment of dividends may differ markedly. Individuals may wish to consult an accountant or tax advisor for more.


Want a Flood of Foot Traffic – Get Used to Texting you Customers

[Ghostwritten Blog] Texting prospects is a point of controversy for many business owners. Some entrepreneurs argue that you “should not text your customers unless you’ve met their family,” while others go to the opposite extreme and only allow customers to make purchases via SMS.



[Ghostwriteen Blog | Coworking] Every company strives for brand advocacy, but you can’t just go out and buy it. Members of your coworking space can become advocates by organically advertising for you–just because they love what you offer. And in an age where millennials trust peer feedback more than any other form of direct marketing, creating brand advocates is more important than ever.


Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

[How-To Guide] Improving your WordPress SEO is crucial for getting more traffic to your website. Sadly most WordPress SEO guides are too technical for new users to get started. If you are serious about increasing your website traffic, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress SEO best practices. In this guide, we will share the top WordPress SEO tips to help you improve your WordPress SEO and get more organic traffic.


How to Create an Effective Offboarding Process

Everyone loves an extra day off, especially when the weather is nice. Summer Fridays at your organization could offer an unparalleled return on investment by boosting engagement, morale and productivity. These days, more and more businesses give their employees this beloved seasonal perk.


The Perks of Offering Summer Fridays

Everyone loves an extra day off, especially when the weather is nice. Summer Fridays at your organization could offer an unparalleled return on investment by boosting engagement, morale and productivity. These days, more and more businesses give their employees this beloved seasonal perk.


7 Signs of a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood That Will Make You Want to Move In

Whether you’re planning to rent or buy an apartment or home, it’s important to find a dog-friendly neighborhood that suits your style. If you’re one of the more than 100 million Americans who live with a dog (or two, or three…), locating the right area can make house hunting a daunting task. Groomers, general practice veterinarians (as well as emergency clinics), and pet stores are essentials found in most communities. But, if you’re specifically looking for a neighborhood that easily accommodat


How “virtual volunteering” can help you change the world anytime, anywhere

This byline article was picked up by YahooNews & Yahoo Canada from host publication, HelloGiggles and distributed to its worldwide audience. https://www.yahoo.com/news/virtual-volunteering-help-change-world-233952053.html https://ca.news.yahoo.com/virtual-volunteering-help-change-world-233952053.html


Can cannabis treat diabetes?

Every day, three million Canadians live with diabetes. By 2020 that number is expected to grow to 4.2 million, more than 10 percent of the country’s population. What’s worse, an estimated additional one million Canadians have the disease but do not know it.


Cannabis for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system. It primarily affects motor function and intentional muscle movement. One out of every 500 Canadians is affected by Parkinson’s, with roughly 6,600 new cases diagnosed annually. And while the exact cause of Parkinson’s remains unknown, there is hope for better treatment.


How to Write Content That Converts

If you want content that converts, you need to create relevant, compelling blogs, videos, and eBooks. With so much competition on the internet, attracting and converting readers has never been more challenging – or more vital. But the great news is, it only looks complicated. With these few essential tools in your inbound marketing toolbox, you’ll be creating content that converts before you know it. Here’s how:


Buying Car Insurance in Ontario: What You Need To Know

Purchasing car insurance is challenging at the best of times, so we’ve put together six tips to help you get the right insurance coverage, at the lowest possible price.


Shingles Vaccine Free for Ontario Seniors

Ontario is the first Canadian province to provide free shingles vaccines to seniors, saving each eligible Ontarian approximately $170, while helping them maintain their good health.


How to optimize your store on mobile

77% of all Americans own a smartphone, and with 61% of all online sales coming from mobile shoppers during the holiday shopping season, it's easy to see why optimizing your store for mobile is a must this year. But, optimizing your store means more than just having a great theme - it includes everything from the first impression of design to flexible and clear checkout options. Don’t worry though. In this post we'll run through the top tips to keep your mobile shoppers happy, and your revenue


Dog Owners Liability in Ontario

Dog bites are a serious issue, regardless of the size of dog involved. Canines of every shape and size have the potential to injure seriously, sometimes fatally. Even the timidest, sweet dog can bite.


Fly Safe! Regulations Governing The Drone Industry

Real estate agencies frequently use drones to get stunning, aerial shots of properties they have been enlisted to sell. Drones can play a life-saving role in search and rescue or surveillance maneuvers, and don’t forget recreational activities like drone racing!


Best Lures for Ontario Fishing

Whether you’re in the hunt for whitefish in Lake Simcoe, walleye in French River, or smallmouth bass in Eagle Lake, you want to use the best lures for greatest results. And we’ve put together a list of the top performing lures in use across the province, to help your decision-making process.


Best Places to Golf In Windsor Ontario

But if you are a golfer, or are considering taking up the sport, then you have an extra reason to love Windsor – access to some of the best golf clubs in the country! With a mix of private and public clubs, Windsor’s 29 golf courses range from practice to professional facilities. Here are just three of the best places to Golf in Windsor


Fishing In Ontario: Where Are They Bitin’?

If you have plans to go fishing this season, we’ve got you covered! Today, we’ll share with you some of the best spots for northern pike, smallmouth bass, musky, and salmon. And we’ll even let you in on which spots are the best for snagging a trophy catch! It promises to be a thriving year for fishing in Ontario. Which of these top spots will have you casting your line?


How to Protect Your Assets From Spring Storms

Spring is full of promise and potential – from torrential rains to hail and thunderstorms. Nearly every year, damage from thunderstorms and hail is in the millions of dollars nationwide, destroying cars, windows, landscaping and too often, homes. And while you can’t predict what Mother Nature will do 100% of the time, you can take steps to ensure she doesn’t do irreparable damage if she’s having a bad day.


Technology Based Companies Are Growing in Toronto

Not just the centre for tech creation, Toronto is the country’s hot-bed of tech development and research, seeing new startups cropping up every quarter. And each one hopes to meet with the same successes experienced by these Toronto-based companies.


Toronto Top Five: Vegan Restaurants

Being vegan can mean challenges when it comes to finding really great places to eat. But thankfully, in Toronto, cruelty-free dining is becoming easier as more and more restaurants are upping their vegan game.


Toronto By Transit

With its world-class theatre, live entertainment, dining, and sporting events, Toronto is a global destination, seeing more than 14 million tourists annually. And with the number of parking spaces decreasing almost daily, driving around the Greater Toronto Area is not always an option. Thankfully, transit has you covered. The first thing you learn after spending more than a couple of days in the sprawling metropolis is that Toronto is not really a walkable city. City maps are deceptive. Routes


Christmas In Tokyo

Christmas Day in Tokyo is not what you might expect. Businesses remain open. Families don’t come together from near and far to overeat, watch sports, or play newly unwrapped board games.


Writing a novel: notes from a first timer

When I first started to write “Pundit” I had little idea about writing a novel. I had written plays previously and was somewhat familiar with the method of telling a big story (as opposed to a concise 5000-word short story), but I really had no clue what I was doing. I found out the hard way. I spent countless hours tucked away in the back corner of my flat, desk facing the wall (I had read Stephen King’s On Writing, after all) and carefully crafted what I considered exquisite scenes and stunni


Elaine Stritch: everybody rise

I crossed paths with the redoubtable Elaine Stritch several times over the decades, each time more memorable and poignant than the last. She had that certain “je ne sais quoi” quality about her. You wanted to be near her because she made the moment more intense, more vibrant and alive; and perhaps every so slightly off kilter. I was supposed to interview her. Sit across from her, face to face, and ask her questions. In the end, I wonder if I would have been able to do so.


Joan Rivers remembered

When I first heard the news about Joan Rivers, my thought was this can’t be really happening. She was like your favourite aunt, someone you expected to always be there, offering sound, sage and sometimes completely outrageous counsel. She can’t be gone. No one else does what she does. No one. The only time I am truly happy, is when I’m on stage. I am a performer. That’s what I am. That’s it.


Ann Richards: The Lost Fire

Freedom Chevalier brings alive the figure of Ann Richards, politician and feminist icon, whose warmth and words still inspire today. In 1991 Ann Richards became the governor of Texas, only the second female ever to take this position in 150 years


Interview with Holland Taylor, actress and playwright

I talk to Tony-nominated actress during a 'great interview' | On January 14th, 2013 Holland Taylor celebrated her 70th birthday. Eight weeks later, her self-penned two-act play, ‘Ann” about the legendary Governor of Texas, Ann Richards opened at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in New York City’s famed Lincoln Centre. It was the culmination of an intense, six-year, all-consuming effort.


Liz Smith: 91 years old and still in demand

Liz described our interviews as "One of her favorites!" | Liz Smith is 91 years old but still writes daily for several papers including the The Huffington Post. She describes herself as the “2000 year old columnist” and she’s been dishing on Hollywood’s famous and infamous for over sixty years writing for such papers as The New York Daily News, Newsday and The New York Post. If it happened in Hollywood, then Liz Smith has been privy to it.


Indica vs Sativa: Are They Really That Different?

Go to your favourite licensed producer (LP) website, or your local dispensary and you’ll see the terms ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ everywhere. Generally, indica plants are short and bushy and believed to have relaxing, bodily effects, while taller sativa plants are thought to be energizing and cerebral. But ask a scientist well-versed in cannabis, and you may hear a different story. “We would all prefer simple nostrums to explain complex systems,” says neurologist and and International Cannabinoid R



Communication is the lifeblood of every business; keeping in constant touch with your customers is vital. But gone are the days when your customers were strictly the people in your neighborhood. Now that you have clients from all over Victoria, BC, and around the globe, communication has never been more of a challenge, or more important. Did you know that email marketing is an ideal way to keep in touch with your clients? In this article, we’ll look at 5 Great reasons to send email newsletters.



Do you feel that content marketing for your business is a waste of money? You aren’t alone. It’s so easy to understand why you probably feel that way. Sometimes, marketing can feel like a whole lot of nothing; fluff. Especially content marketing, right? I hear you. It’s tough to believe someone when they say a blog is the key to a successful business.



A testimonial are an ideal way to boost customer confidence! It’s one thing for you to tell a potential customer how wonderful you are, but it’s another thing entirely when someone without ‘skin in the game’ gives you a recommendation. WHAT IS A THIRD-PARTY REVIEW? In its simplest form, a third-party review is an unbiased testimonial about your service or work that you’ve performed.



Instagram is arguably one of the most reliable social media platforms when it comes to creating brand awareness for your businesses. With the average user checking their feed more than 30 times each day, and with more than 600 million active users, the potential to grow your audience on Instagram is limitless. This short guide will show you how you can build your audience with ease.



Many content writers can write copy. Many copywriters can turn out great content. Both content writers and copywriters write words for clients. But although the job titles are often substituted for one another, the two terms are not interchangeable.



When I first started freelance writing, I thought all I needed to do was write a couple of blog posts, and the customers would start rolling in. But despite sending out a few hundred emails, that didn’t happen. And the more time I devoted to digital marketing and becoming the best SEO strategist I could be, the less time I had to grow my freelance business. But with a little trial and error, I discovered ten killer ways to get new clients. And when I occasionally hit a dry patch, these simple s



Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Business I Learned From Steve Jobs Okay, not everything. But Steve Jobs did teach me a few things about what to do, and what not to do. The technology poet inspired, but he also aspired and strived to achieve, like every other dreamer.


Sumo for Beginners

Japan’s national sport, Sumo, is a traditional style of wrestling with roots reaching back to Shinto festivals during the Edō period (1603-1868). Wrestlers would perform at shrines during these celebrations to entertain and honour the Shinto gods and goddesses (kami) with the hope their actions would encourage a bountiful harvest. But Japan's love of the sport can be traced back even further: traditional Japanese folklore tells us centuries-old tales of how the gods themselves would wrestle one


Is Mining Cryptocurrency Still Profitable?

With cryptocurrency success stories of profitable Bitcoin transactions creating overnight millionaires, you’ve probably imagined yourself setting up a rig and mining. What better way to earn passive income than to have your desktop computer solve a few mathematical problems and pop out new Bitcoins? While this might have been the situation in the beginning, with nearly 80% of the world’s total number of Bitcoins already mined, you might be wondering--is mining cryptocurrency still profitable?


Using These Tips Could Save You Over $100 on Next Month’s Rent Check

Rent is often the single biggest chunk of a monthly budget. Having a roof over your head is money well spent — but handing over hundreds (or thousands) of dollars every month hurts. While paying rent is a necessary evil, the good news is you can reduce how much you have to pay by $100 (or more) with a little creativity. That’s more than a thousand dollars every year to put toward student loan repayment, getting rid of consumer debt or fattening your emergency account. At its heart, a rental ag


Edge Out The Competition With These 5 Social Media Trends for 2019

Edge Out The Competition With These 5 Social Media Trends for 2019


Business Poor? No Problem. 5 Free Marketing Tools to Make You a Better Content Marketer

Business Poor? No Problem. 5 Free Marketing Tools to Make You a Better Content Marketer


Three Ways to Use Content to Become Your Industry’s Go-To Resource

When it comes to building authority, it feels like every time you turn around someone is claiming to be an expert. That can make it tough to stand out as a real go-to resource. So how do you set your brand apart from the competition and establish your reputation as an industry leader? By using compelling content! Great content can position you in front and help establish your position as the only go-to resource worth seeking out. And we have three ways to help you get started.


Use Storytelling to Create a Brand They Can’t Live Without

Whether huddled around a campfire, listening to ghost stories that chill us, or drifting off to sleep while imagining the look on Goldilocks’ face when she tastes that “just right” porridge, many of our earliest childhood memories center around storytelling. It’s hard to pin down when we began telling stories, but many experts believe storytelling predates written language. Storytelling is what defines us as a society; it’s how we pass along what’s essential from one group to another.

http://Whether huddled around a campfire, listening to ghost stories that chill us, or drifting off to sleep while imagining the look on Goldilocks’ face when she tastes that “just right” porridge, many of our earliest childhood memories center around storytelli

3 Steps to Improve Lead Generation

People often ask me the best ways to improve lead generation, and regardless of their industry, I find myself repeating the same thing: consistently tell compelling stories that provide real value to your readers. In other words, I tell them content marketing is a powerful tool to get more leads.


How to Charge Your Career with Meaning & Purpose

For many people, a job is just a paycheck; it’s what keeps them moving from one month to the next. Distanced from the impact of their work, individuals caught in such a scenario often experience higher s


Five Simple Ways We Can Teach Our Knoxville Children To Be Kind

Children watch us all the time, even when we don’t think they are. And even more than watching, they’re studying us; they’re learning how to navigate life. We are teaching them ‘how to adult’ from their earliest moments. And long before they consciously decide on an action, they copy us, picking up on subtle cues from how we walk and talk, to how we live.


Brain Fuel: What Knoxville Kids Eat Can Affect Their Ability To Learn We

We all know that the foods our kids eat can have a dramatic impact on their health. But did you know that dietary choices can affect their ability – or inability – to learn? Foods high in caffeine, sugar, sodium, and other chemicals can leave young learners tired and unable to focus, sick, or incapable of sitting still. These food effects not only impact their grades but their overall behavior and mood as well. That’s why programs like the Power of Produce (POP Club) at Nourish Knoxville is ma


Best Ways to Stay Healthy During Knoxville’s Cold and Flu Season

Jeannie started feeling under the weather late last month on her way home from work; but like most of us she ‘pushed through’ the fatigue and aches. “I thought I was just a little run down,” she admitted, “but man, was I wrong!” In little less than a day, Jeannie realized this was going to take more “than a long bath and an early night” to get back into the swing of things. “I don’t have time to be sick,” she said, “and I don’t know many people who do.”


Getting Connected: Finding the Caregiver Resources You Need

If you are responsible for caring for a parent or other loved one, knowing where to find resources and support can be vital in managing both their care and your own. Fortunately, there are many different ways to get the support you need, and resources are available in the physical world, online, and through apps designed to make your day to day life easier and more fulfilling.



Digital Marketing Specialist

I help businesses tell their stories in a way that resonates with their ideal customer. I provide writing & editing, content & inbound marketing services, social media branding, website design and development for enterprises of all sizes. I work with both long- and short-term clients, as well as those who require single posts or articles.

Company: Freedom Ahn Communications

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Independent Journalist

Writing personal & institutional finance, Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech, business, economy, and select travel & culture stories for publications and sites around the globe.

Company: Independent

I worked there from 1/1996 until 9/2018

Director of Marketing

Drove network growth, community members, and social media followers from company launch to merger; Strategized, wrote, and edited lead magnets that continually pushed growth & conversions (including templates and ebooks); Designed company website, created all copy for the site; Developed sales funnel, in addition to promotional content that included landing pages and video scripts; Managed and edited consumer-facing blog, investor-facing and podcast show notes; Wrote & edited all website content

Company: Targeted Blockchain Technologies

I worked there from 1/2014 until 11/2016

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Vertical Video: What You Need To Know

This blog post will look at why vertical video is important and how you can use it to improve marketing campaigns. Including: why you need it; best practices; dimensions; the importance of storytelling; and how to create immersively user experiences

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Vertical video,landscape video


Increase Local Traffic With Google Ads: 3 Simple Strategies You Can Start Using Today

Small businesses too often assume Google Ads are only useful to drive on-site traffic. But with the right strategies in place, such as location-based keywords, location targeting, and scheduling your ads for specific times of the day you can successfully use Google Ads to drive foot traffic to your local business. This piece will provide three different ways optimize your ads to begin driving local traffic.

Content type: Blog Post


Forgotten SEO: Are Your Video & Images Optimized For Search?

Video and images you’ve optimized for search engines can give you an extra visibility bump, drive more traffic to your site, and help increase conversions - especially when the majority of businesses forget to do so. This blog will provide actionable takeaways for readers to implement immediately such as file name, alt, & title text optimization.

Content type: Blog Post


Strategies for Retirement Saving (When Your Over 50)

This piece will outline actionable advice for those 50+ with little to no retirement savings including: determine (realistically) how much money you'll need; maximize contributions; create a detailed spending plan/ budget; considering opening an Roth IRA (in addition to employer funded retirement); reconsider your ideal retirement age/ can you work later; benefits of working with a financial advisor to meet retirement goals.

Content type: Blog Post



Freedom Ahn over delivered ahead of schedule.

Freedom did a phenomenal job of piloting Six-Figure Wealth, whether that involved implementing A/B testing to increase retention of our bi-weekly newsletter or polishing a profile article. This versatility, talent, and openness to improvement typify Freedom's work. She has big ideas, but perhaps more importantly, has the ability and expertise necessary to put them into action.

Bali Bucknoor, Six Figure Solutions

Freedom Ahn is a valuable asset to each project she undertakes

Freedom Ahn is an excellent content marketing writer. Her exceptional research skills make her a critical asset for projects across a range of industry verticals. She has a sharp eye for detail, is a clear and responsive communicator throughout the lifetime of the assignment, and she always meets her deadlines (or delivers early). Freedom is s a valuable colleague, and I'm looking forward to working with her throughout 2019.


Freedom is one of the best I've worked with.

I have had the pleasure of working with Freedom on several content & copywriting projects. And honestly, I feel lucky to be able to work with her. It's rare when you find someone who genuinely understands content strategy, business strategy, AND is also a great writer. Freedom consistently delivers top quality content. She is extremely conscientious, reliable, and responsible. Freedom regularly over-delivers. She is a fantastic communicator.

kelly ANDERSON, Self-Employed