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Andrew Little


About Me

I am an expert freelance writer with over 3 years of experience. I have mastered every English writing test I have ever taken for freelance websites and content creation agencies (I am ranked in the top 10% of participants for Upwork's English writing test), I have proof of several positive reviews I have received from previous clients, and I have never missed a deadline for a client! If you are looking for high-quality articles in various business, cryptoeconomics, investing, finance, and marketing (especially on subjects related to PPC, SEO and SMM) niches at very reasonable prices, I am the person you are looking for! I can also write articles on travel topics and other miscellaneous hobbies as well.

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Marketing & Advertising

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My Writing Samples

Short Local SEO Guide For Small Business Owners

This short local SEO guide will provide a list of very simple and effective things every small business owner must do to improve their local SEO rankings.


The Pros and Cons of Working a 9-5 Job

This is a blog post I wrote to explain the pros and cons of working a 9-5 job.


3 Tips for Writing Effective Ads

This blog post will provide 3 useful tips to help prevent business owners from wasting money on ineffective ads.


3 Key Ways Blockchain Can Help Combat Fraud

This writing sample explains the security benefits of using blockchain in financial service activities.


5 Essential Items To Pack For Your Honeymoon In The Bahahmas

This writing sample provides a list of 10 important things newlyweds should always pack for their honeymoon vacation in The Bahamas.


Insight on Using Social CRM to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

This is a recent blog post I made to explain the benefits of social CRM for businesses.



Freelance Writer

I have written many articles for Textbroker International on many subjects, such as business, finance, travel/hospitality, marketing, politics and other general topics. I have never missed a deadline for a client, and I have received several positive reviews from clients.

Company: Textbroker International

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Freelance Writer

I have received lots of positive reviews from clients during my time writing for Copify USA (can provide proof upon request). I have written for Copify USA clients on many different subjects such as business, finance, politics, hospitality and more.

Company: Copify USA

I worked there from 4/2016 until now

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