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Emily Holbrook


Writer, Editor, Content Strategist — Owner of Red Label Writing, LLC

About Me

I'm a former editor in chief, bond trader and analyst turned entrepreneur. Red Label Writing helps companies in the insurance and financial services sector (and beyond) craft compelling copy, in-depth features, news stories, white papers and newsletter content from someone who has worked on both sides of the line. I work with clients to devise a content strategy to reach the right people with the right words. RLW has worked with everyone from individual agents and advisors to insurance startups and Fortune 100 companies. How can we help you?

Industries I Write About

Environmental Services

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Financial Services

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Investment Banking/Venture

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Investment Management

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Leisure & Travel

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My Writing Samples

Leveraging generational diversity in teams

Long form feature on page 20.


Women's Insurance Network

Head of content strategy and development.


Fiat Chrysler Undergoes Major LED Retrofit, Saving 50% on Energy Costs

News article for site targeting corporate energy managers.




Writing, editing and content strategy for B2B magazines, consumer publications and companies in various industries, including insurance and financial services.

Company: Red Label Writing, LLC

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

How Starting a 529 Plan Can Shape Your Child's Future

A 529 Plan, or "qualified tuition plan," is a smart step in investing in your child's future. This blog post helps parents figure out the difference between a 529 Plan and an Education Savings Account and the difference between state-sold and advisor-sold plans. The post will also highlight important facts about such plans, and any state-specific tax implications.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: 529 Plan,Investing,Children's Education,College


Why Disability Insurance Matters

If one your agents is injured, getting them back to work means not only another paycheck for them, but more revenue for your business. Disability insurance helps sick or injured workers return to work faster — and with less financial stress. What's stopping your brokerage from offering such benefits?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: disability insurance,real estate agents,benefits,real estate brokers