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Michael Snow


Content Writer at Self-Employed Freelance Writer and Editor

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Professional blogger, freelance writer, and screenplay writer. Native English speaker with years of experience in the creation of online content. 

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Law Enforcement

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Leisure & Travel

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Computer Games

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My Writing Samples

Missouri Department of Corrections is Losing Experienced Officers as Staffing Crisis Continues

News blog post and interview on Missouri Department of Corrections.


13 Reasons Why Season 3. Will it Happen? Why it Shouldn't

Entertainment article about Netflix series 13 Reason's Why


How To Promote Amazon eBook For Free or Little Cost: A guide For The Self Publisher

Blog post: a guide to promotions for Self Published authors on Amazon.


How to Make Money Online: Your Guide to Working For Yourself

Blog post: a realistic guide to making money online and avoiding scams.



Content Writer

Company: Self-Employed Freelance Writer and Editor

I worked there from 7/2010 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Connect With Clients

Success for a new business can be divided into two parts. These can be defined as 'exposure' and 'connection.' First, your business must be visible to the public and well-defined in its purpose and scope. Next, it is vital to establish a connection to the consumer. A connection is what tells a potential client that they want or need your product or service. Strong connections involve clearly defined needs of the customer and role of the business, establishment of trust, and value of service.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Entrepreneur,small business,marketing for Entrepreneurs


How Miss-use of Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

Social media integration has become a vitally important component of business. Branding, marketing, and public relations all live and die by the effectiveness of a company's social media presence. Looking beyond the clear benefits of a strong social strategy, we need to look at the potential detriment of improperly utilized social media communications. We review the impact of social media posts that have hurt business as well as examining the issues of third-party content creation and security.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: social media integration,social media strategy,social media security


Why a Professional VoIP Service is Important for Self Employed Entrepreneurs

One important component of success for a self-employed Entrepreneur is often overlooked. Having a professional phone service and virtual office improves communication with customers and boosts the reputation of your business.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: VoIP service for self-employed


AI: Reality VS. Fiction

It's hard to deny that our perceptions, hopes, and fears are heavily influenced by pop culture and media. Popular movies, TV, and books tend to portray Artificial intelligence in one of two ways. it is either the ultra-powerful miracle that helps Toney Stark save the day or, more often it's the Ultra-powerful technology that seeks the destruction of man and seems to have a special beef with Linda Hamilton. In reality, AI is nowhere near these extremes and has real-world application for everyone.

Content type: Blog Post


How a Failing Corrections System Impacts Street Crime

Behind the walls of a prison, men and women are forgotten and ignored by society. Their crimes have placed them in a setting to address their behavior, however, a lack of rehabilitation and a flawed system create risks for these offenders and for society when they are released.

Content type: Blog Post


Streaming Services are killing Cable, But Will We Get Something Worse?

Recent information has shown that 60 percent of U.S homes have left cable behind. Streaming services have made it easier and more affordable for viewers to get the programming they want. However, with more and more streaming options hitting the market and complex contractual agreements, we could see the birth of a new system that is not too far from the overpriced cable packages of yesterday.

Content type: Article


Top 10 Tips for Bloggers to Improve Search Rankings

Blogging can be a lucrative industry, but it can also be time-consuming with little payoff. One of the most important factors in determining which way a blog goes is discoverability. The best blog that no one sees, will certainly fall into the second category. Boosting search engine rankings is the first step to building an audience for your blog. Knowing how to do this effectively is the key to success.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: SEO,blogging,search engine ranking


Why Mobile Integration is Important for Business

In the early days of the internet revolution, many companies didn't feel that they needed a website. Now, an official website and/or social media page is considered a necessity for businesses of all types. As technology and consumer behavior continue to evolve, businesses must now look closely at the importance of mobile app development and integration. A well-integrated mobile app increases visibility, improves branding efforts, fosters trust with the public, and helps to grow your client base.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: social marketing,app development for business