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About Me

I love being a financial and business writer because it allows me to make use of everything I learnt in my previous career while pursuing my passion for writing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, 5+ years’ experience at a Big 4 accounting firm, then another 3+ years’ experience in Banking, I have in-depth knowledge on matters relating to accounting, tax and personal finance.

Using this knowledge to help other businesses attain their marketing goals has been an incredible experience.  To me, there is nothing better than turning out a piece of work that a client loves, or solves problems for their target audience.  I thrive on research and find adapting my tone and style for each project a fun challenge.

While I have worked successfully with marketing agencies on brands such as Intuit, The Tax Institute and Xero, I also create content for small businesses directly.  My clients have come from different corners of the world, such as Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore.

I am based in Melbourne of Australia.  

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Accounting Software: Your Key to Better Cash Flow

If cash-flow concerns keep you awake at night, now is the time to get the right tools to regain control.


Wining and dining clients: Is it tax deductible?

Buying a client some coffee or lunch may seem a necessary business cost, but will the tax office give you a deduction for it? Frustratingly for small business owners, the tax rules around wining and dining clients are not black and white.


Five tips to get your books into shape

Playing catch-up with your bookkeeping? Now is the time to knuckle down so you can approach tax time with confidence.


How will a career in tax change your world?

Do you know what you want from your career? It is important to give this some thought if you would like to work in a competitive field like tax. As we learnt through industry experts at the recent Tax Institute webinar, tax is alluring to today's graduates for many reasons.


Make Your Mortgage Disappear Quicker with an Interest Rate Discount

A small interest rate drop can significantly reduce the term of your mortgage. Especially if you combine other interest saving strategies such as making fortnightly repayments, putting in extra payments whenever possible, and using an offset account.


Bookkeeper, accountant or both?

Should you hire an accountant or a bookkeeper for your business? Engaging the right professional can help grow your operations while unburdening your load.


Movement in the Australian Interest Rate Could Happen Soon

here is widespread speculation that a movement in the Australian interest rate will happen soon. But which direction will it go?


Property Wealth the Ultimate Incentive for Home Ownership

For those pondering the age old question of whether to rent or buy, it may be of interest to know that having equity in housing is strongly linked to being wealthy. In fact, it can even be said that building equity is popularly seen as the main way to accumulate wealth in Australia.


Overvalued Aussie Dollar the Biggest Threat to Economy

According to the latest IMF findings, the biggest threat to the Australian economy in the near future is the strong Aussie dollar.


Be a Mission-Driven Company: For Your Staff, and Your Bottom Line

A mission statement is standard for a company, but ask any employee what it really means and they probably won’t be able to tell you. Are your staff aware of your company’s mission? Does it drive what they do and how they work? Can your company call itself ‘mission-driven’ in word and deed? We dug deeper and asked some experts.



Tax Assistant Manager

The primary purpose of this role was to manage corporate tax returns for clients in the Information, Entertainment and Communications industries. This involved preparing tax accounting calculations and tax note disclosures for statutory accounts, liaising with UK tax authorities and updating clients on changes in tax legislation and accounting standards.

Company: KPMG

I worked there from 9/2004 until 5/2008

Finance Operational Risk Analyst

A diverse role with a strong focus on coordinating monthly profit and loss and balance sheet reporting for the Investment Banking division. Also responsible for producing monthly newsletters for the finance division.

Company: UBS

I worked there from 5/2008 until 12/2009

Finance Manager

As a Finance Manager, I was responsible for performing data analysis, producing management information reports and advising senior management of business performance, key drivers, emerging market trends, seasonal factors affecting results as well as risk and opportunities for the consumer banking division. In this role, I gained exposure to financial products like credit cards, savings, loans and current accounts.

Company: Lloyds Banking Group

I worked there from 6/2010 until 2/2011

Statutory & Control Reporting Manager

Multifaceted role with the aim of implementing a new balance sheet reporting strategy. My responsibilities included producing monthly financial reports, process documentation and facilitating meetings to review financial results.

Company: Royal Bank of Scotland

I worked there from 6/2011 until 4/2012

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