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Reuben Brody


About Me

I was raised in a small town in rural North Carolina. My family is Jewish and migrated to the south in the early 1900s to start a haberdashery, which expanded into a chain of department stores that my father sold when I was in college. Nevertheless, my formative years were spent in a retail enviornment, and my first job was in the shipping room because I was too young to be on the floor. Eventually, after much begging, I became a salesman. 

Like most southern boys I spent a lot of time in the woods. Bass fishing. Hunting. Camping. I’m even an Eagle Scout. 

I attended boarding school at The Hun School of Princeton, which was a tremendous experience, fueling my intellectual curiosity and exposing me to New York City and Philedelphia on the weekends. 

From there I went to the University of Colorado, Boulder. After taking a class on Chaucer, I became enamored with literature. I graduated with a bachelors degree in English in 2000, though you could say that I had also successfully completed minors in fly fishing, hiking and snowboarding. 

After college I spent three years in New Orleans, working as a staff writer for Mayor Ray Nagin, leading up to Hurricane Katrina. It remains a pivitol moment in my life. In the wake of the storm, I evacuated to Raleigh-Durham, NC, to be with my family, where I held two consecutive jobs in real estate development. 

However, my heart was still in writing so I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my passion as a screenwriter. Since then I've spent six years as the LA editor of InsideHook, a men’s lifestyle site. My scripts are written in the wee hours of the morning. 

I still write screenplays, and one was recently optioned by Mannequin Pictures. I keep the lights on by freelancing. 

I love Los Angeles because it provides both big city cultural amenities to fuel my intellectual curiosity as well as natural beauty found in its mountains, deserts and coastline to fuel my adventurous soul. 

I spend most of my time writing screenplays. But when I’m not doing that I’m with friends, either hiking, camping, going to restaurants or watching movies. 

Industries I Write About

Apparel & Fashion

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Civic & Social Organization

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Broadcast Media

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Commercial Real Estate

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Environmental Services

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Food & Beverages

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Government Relations

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Government Administration

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International Affairs

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Luxury Goods & Jewelry

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Marketing & Advertising

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Public Policy

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Writing & Editing

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Political Organization

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Oil & Energy

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My Writing Samples

How One Chef Perfected Delivery Food

Chef Eric Greenspan is incubating restaurant concepts as delivery-only


The 5 Rules for Pairing Steak with Whiskey

Chef David Lefevre outlines the simple ways to pair steak with whiskey.


How to Convince Someone that Solar Power Trumps Coal

Through the use of language we can reframe the renewable energy debate and convince people to make the switch to cleaner energy.


Patagonia's First TV Ad has Nothing to do with Fleece

The venerable outdoor brand made a great tv commercial trumpeting their values, which makes their audience love them more.


Where to Take Her to Eat in Los Angeles, a Decision Tree

We made a decision tree to help guys decide where to take their lady friends to dinner.


What the Navy SEALs Know about Policing that the Cops Don't

I did a Navy SEAL self defense class and learned how to dial my emotional response to high stress situations.



Los Angeles Editor

Wrote 3-4 articles a day about local retail, restaurants, environmental issues and travel all under tight deadlines Assisted the sales and marketing teams in finding strategic partnerships, and collaborated with them towards creating integrated content that kept us in the black Analyzed engagement statistics to maximize SEO and keep open rates and click-throughs above 8% and 12%, respectively Forecasted trends so that we broke stories before our competition Curated events and hosted events

Company: InsideHook

I worked there from 9/2012 until 2/2019

Marketing and Leasing Associate

Worked in under-served communities, bringing a city to life with events and cultural attractions Studied local history and market trends to help name, brand and foster location identity for four historic properties Cooperated with local government and local non-profits to rebrand downtown Durham Collaborated with the design, and finance teams in repurposing historic buildings that recently sold for $18M and $19M Scouted and signed the tenants that raised our occupancy from 30 to 80 percent

Company: Scientific Properties

I worked there from 10/2007 until 12/2009

Commercial Broker

Predicted growth opportunities and negotiated contracts for Circle K, Little Caesars, Capital Bank, Walgreens, Verizon Wireless, and Advanced Auto Managed budgets and timelines for tenant construction Researched, prepared and filed entitlements with city planning and zoning departments

Company: Vanguard Property Group

I worked there from 9/2005 until 10/2007

Staff Writer

Helped articulate the Mayor's message through press releases, talking points, and personal correspondences under tight deadlines Drafted crisis responses for: Hurricane Ivan, police brutality and crime, civil engineering issues, and unemployment Through this, learned about real estate development, historic preservation and brownfield remediation Established a system for organizing documents and standardized the office letter format Provided fact-checking on a wide range of topics

Company: City of New Orleans, Office of Mayor Ray Nagin

I worked there from 7/2004 until 9/2005

Content I Write