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Alexandra Johnson


Content strategist and content writer

About Me

Alexandra Johnson is a full-time freelance writer specialising in digital marketing, in particular content creation. 

Alexandra is a real estate guru who has been published on Move IQ and Prime Location, and in Country Life magazine where she is a contributing features writer. 

She loves to help new homeowners overcome buying and selling issues including move-in and redecorating anxiety. Her work has been praised by readers and editors for her fun and casual yet serious business approach to all real-estate related topics. 

Alexandra has been writing real-estate content for years and her articles and blog posts can turn even the most complex of problems into accessible, understandable and easily implementable solutions. 

Her ability to transform complex language into layman’s speak has led to companies such as Property Solvers and Move IQ trusting her with their content needs. 

Alexandra is also an experienced recruitment writer with clients such as Harver, Algorec and CV-Library enlisting her services. 

She relishes researching complicated topics and transforming them into everyday language that everyone can understand, enabling each brand to increase their audience. 

She is a university educated, a native English speaking, born and bred London. She is also a Huffington Post blogger and a contributing writer for Guardian newspaper Small Business section. 

Whether it's content marketing, business copywriting, blogging, or journalistic pieces you require, everything Alexandra writes is imbued with passion and soul. She is a stickler for punctation and spelling - nothing offends her more than a misplaced apostrophe.

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My Writing Samples

11 ways to reduce hiring bias

Ways for recruiters and talent acquisition leaders to reduce bias in the recruitment process.


17 tips for a killer sourcing strategy in recruitment

tips for recruiters and talent acquisition leaders to improve their sourcing strategy utilising AI and recent recruitment technology.


Make house buying and selling less stressful the whole family

Top tips for buying and selling houses when you have a young family to consider.


6 tips for selling your home this winter

Tips and advice for home owners trying to sell their property during winter.


3 ways to reduce plastic consumption

I contribute to an online lifestyle magazine and sustainable living is a topic I'm passionate about.


Cost per hire and all you need to know

Everything a recruiter or acquisition manager could want to know about the cost of hiring.


Tips for selling your home fast

East to implement advice for home owners looking for a quick house sale


13 common hiring biases to look out for

Common hiring biases all those involved in recruitment and HR should be aware of.


Big data recruiting

All you need to know about big data and its increasing use in recruitment and HR


9 tips on social media recruiting strategies

Why recruiters should look to use social media to find their next hire and the best ways to implement social media in your recruiting strategy


5 films for estate agents

Films that real estate agents can relate to at different stages of the house sale.


Skype 7.0 is dead, long live Skype 8.0

Technology report on the Microsoft update to skype 8.0 from 7.0, including the new features and UX/UI



Why you should try a vegan lifestyle


Who do you need to invite on a hen do

The social etiquette of a hen do/bachelor party


how to plan a bachelor party for an expectant mum

The dos and don't's of planning a bachelor party for a pregnant bride.



Freelance Writer

Freelance content creator

Company: Aly Johnson Writer

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Top X benefits to community living


Content type: Blog Post


If you’re in charge of talent acquisition, do you do this…

X ways recruitment is changing and how HR managers/recruiters can source top candidates using the latest techniques. i.e. utilising technology, harnessing social media, AI, appealing to Gen Z, embracing the gig economy.

Content type: Article

Keywords: recruitment,human resources,staffing,talent acquisition,candidate sourcing,career advancement


How do you know if you’re a successful CEO?

This article will discuss the easily distinguishable traits of a successful CEO plus it will examine the not so easily identifiable traits. Traits such as: leadership - knowing how to lead when you don't know where you're going; tenacity - being able to make tough decisions and bounce back if you make the wrong one; decision making - having courage in your convictions; accepting responsibility that the buck lies with you; being emotionally intelligent.

Content type: Article

Keywords: CEO,candidate sourcing,HR,recruitment,leadership,talent acquisition,decision making


Could AI improve your recruitment strategy?

A look at the latest technological advances and how AI is being implemented to aid in recruitment. Article will include easy to action advice for talent acquisition managers looking to switch up how they recruit top talent.

Content type: Article

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,career advancement


If you want to hire better seasonal staff, have you tried this?

Article suggesting X ways in which HR and talent acquisition managers can attract, hire and retain staff in this most notoriously tricky industry. Suggestions include: referral schemes, divulging responsibility to team leaders, improving company online presence and building a better brand, taking advantage of gig economy mentality and the tech that supports it.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,seasonal staff


Do you hire successfully? How do you know if you don't measure these metrics?

Article outlining key metrics that you as the HR manager should be keeping an eye on. Metrics that will ultimately influence your recruiting strategy, technique and budget. Metrics such as time, cost and quality of hire. If you aren't measuring these already, how do you know when you've hired successfully?

Content type: Article

Keywords: metrics,KPI,recruitment,recruiting,cost per hire,quality of hire,HR,human resources,talent acquisition,career advancement


X ways to save your resume from the slush pile

This article will cover X ways to improve a resume, including how to make a standout personal statement, why soft skills are just as important as hard skills and why formatting could be the key to getting through to interview. It will also look at the use of keywords and why keyword stuffing is not going to win you any friends nor interviews.

Content type: Article

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,resume,CV,keyword,career transition,career development


Why soft skills are so important in today's job market

This article will explore soft skills, what they are and why they are so important for job hunters in today's job market. It will describe easy ways for candidates to improve their existing soft skills and how to pick up new ones. It will suggest innovative ways for candidates to display their soft skills to potential employers via their resume.

Content type: Article

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,soft skills,career development,career improvement,resume,job hunter,job market


Could candidate experience be the reason you aren't attracting top talent?

Article outlining why candidate experience is key to attracting, hiring and retaining talent. What could happen if candidates have a bad experience and what companies can do improve candidate experience including implementing tech, improving communications, speeding up TAT, building a better brand, improving online presence, using social media more effectively, encouraging employee-generated content.

Content type: Article


Why you shouldn’t start a food business

A tongue in cheek blog post about why you shouldn't start a food business (essentially saying, you should start a food business if you have 'these' qualities, skills and drive.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: startups,food business,entrepreneur,new business,skills,qualities


Why growing your startup organically isn't always the healthy option

This article will explore the pros and cons of organic growth when building a business.

Content type: Article

Keywords: growth,business growth,business development,career development,executive office,CEO,leadership,building a business


Which is the better investment: real estate or gold?

This blog will explore the reasons why people invest in real estate and gold, and then determine which one yields a better return and why.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: real estate,investment,gold,home ownership


Is owning your own home still the American dream?

There are so many facets to the American dream - how do you know if you've achieved it? A recent report suggests 84% of Millennials think owning their own home is a part of the American dream. So how do you go about reaching this holy grail? This blog will explore the various ways to save for a down payment and how to get most real estate value for money.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: real estate,home ownership,property,owning property,investing in real estate,mortgage,down payment


How to survive business failure

Success is great, but it's how we handle failure that can define us. We all have natural levels of resilience, but it's knowing how to grow your resilience and what skills and strengths you're lacking that determine how you survive business failure. This blog post will explore resilience, how you can learn to be more resilient, how to learn from failure and how to flourish after failure.

Content type: Blog Post


Is cost to hire impacting your bottom line?

Recruitment requires a budget, but if you're not keeping on top of the budget, hiring can become a costly business necessity. By reviewing cost to hire, businesses can establish what methods and strategies are working for them, and what they can afford to stop doing. I will also discuss the long term cost benefit of carrying out pre-employment checks on potential candidates.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,cost to hire,pre employment assessment


Do you know what candidates say about their experience with you?

Providing a great candidate experience should be a priority in today's digitally connected world. The impact of a negative online review could scupper all chances of you hiring the top talent you need to grow your business. This blog post will suggest X ways businesses can improve the candidate experience (and why) and what prehistoric practices they should best be bidding farewell to.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,candidate experience


X costly home improvements sellers should avoid

This article will highlight the X most expensive home improvements that yield minimal ROI. Sellers should instead focus on affordable improvements they can make to their home to make it more attractive to buyers (a sample list will be included to suit the Married Maxwell's generous budget).

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: real estate,investment,home ownership,selling real estate,real estate agent,millennials,property


X ways tech can speed up your house sale

This article will explore the latest tech that can help speed up a house sale. It will include tech sellers can use to increase their audience reach specifically apps and smart marketing as well as tech that can aid the conveyancing process including apps and software. If you have suggestions that you would like me to include, please just let me know.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: real estate,investment,home ownership,selling real estate,real estate agent,millennials,property,estate agents


Most common dilemmas facing CEOs

This article will discuss the most common problems that CEOs come up against, inc how to lay off executives that they hired, how to choose execs to hire, how to lead when the direction is a mystery even to you, dealing with the loneliness that is leadership.

Content type: Blog Post


X ways to give your executive level resume the edge

This article will look at X ways to make an executive level resume stand out from the crowd inc: show don't tell; connecting your resume to your socials; boxing clever and thinking strategically.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,executive level,resume


The ABCs of content marketing for food business startups

A how to start content marketing guide for food start ups.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: startup,entrepreneur,business,content marketing,food business


Achieving strategic value through disruptive marketing

This article will discuss ways marketers can achieve strategic value for their clients through the application of disruptive marketing trends and how they can bolster their efforts by taking advantage of innovative and emerging technology.

Content type: Article

Keywords: marketing,digital marketing,disruptive marketing,purple cow,technology,marketing trends


Marketing challenges a growth stage startup will face, and how to overcome them.

This blog post will cover points such as: dealing with and outwitting the competition; cash flow management; smart recruitment; being proactive, not reactive to market changes.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: marketing,digital marketing,disruptive marketing,purple cow,technology,marketing trends,growth,startups


X business growth strategies that you might not have considered

This blog will explore the growth strategies that customers might not have considered including investing in their customer services, outsourcing communications, investing in customer retention and diversification of products, amongst others.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: business growth,strategy,communications,customer retention,diversification,marketing strategy,communications provider


How to invest in real estate without buying a house

Have you considered these alternatives to investing in real estate without buying a house? Items include P2P lending, crowdfunding, property bonds and buy-to-let. With Millennials about to be locked out of the real estate market, again, here are X alternatives to investing in real estate without owning the keys (and yielding high return).

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: real estate,investment,home ownership,millennials,property,property management,buy to let,landlord


X powerful changes to take your resume to executive level

This blog post will look at ways job hunters who are ready to take the next step up the career ladder can alter their resume to reflect their change in management level. It will inc: highlighting proficiencies early, tailoring the resume to match the job description, linking to the job seeker's socials and including job experience only where it demonstrates how the job hunter came by their specific skill set.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: talent acquisition,recruitment,recruiting,HR,human resources,manager,AI,technology,executive level,digital recruitment,executive recruitment


The changing nature of digital marketing

This blog post will seek to elucidate the evolving world of digital marketing, including the advances in technology that mean to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must continually adapt their marketing strategies. The blog post will also look at ways marketers can stay one step ahead by defining their business goals early, the importance of staying agile and flexible and understanding that the needs of audiences change at various stages of the sales funnel.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: marketing,digital marketing,disruptive marketing,purple cow,technology,marketing trends,sales funnel,marketing strategy