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Melody Alderman


An award-winning professional who can write from the head (Microsoft, etc.) and from the heart (YourTango, etc.).

About Me

I am a unique and multi-faceted writer with a broad background of experience. I have interviewed everyone from teachers to rock stars and know how to write sharp, professional ad copy just as well as I do poignant, engaging blog posts.

I have always had a vast variety of interests. This is why I have taken classes on a subjects including early childhood education, law, government, and film history.

In 2014, I was presented with an award for my work with Microsoft Advertising. I now divide my time freelancing for companies like Disney and Gonzaga University, while devoting myself to a nonprofit I created in 2018 that works to advance childhood literacy.

Industries I Write About

Writing & Editing

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Staffing & Recruiting

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Religious Institutions

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Alternative Medicine

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Political Organization

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Broadcast Media

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Civic & Social Organization

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Commercial Real Estate

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Consumer Electronics

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Consumer Goods

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Food & Beverages

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Leisure & Travel

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My Writing Samples

Dolly Parton Interview

My interview with the brilliant Dolly Parton, as featured on Yahoo.


It is NEVER Too Late! 15 People Who Made Their Dreams Come True Later in Life

I created *all* content on this page, including meme images.



This is a website I created entirely from scratch. Every aspect of it is mine, from the ground up.


Margaret Cho Opens Up About Her Addiction, Relapse, and Childhood Sexual Abuse

This is an interview I did with the brilliant comedian and actress, Margaret Cho


11 Times Betty White Was Cooler Than You'll Ever Be

I put together this piece and created each of these memes.


Meredith Salenger Opens Up Exclusively About Her Engagement To Patton Oswalt

An in-depth interview with actress and wife of Patton Oswalt, Meredith Salenger


Be Losing

A personal blog post I wrote about the real life trials and tribulations of weight loss.


Hilarious Real Estate Listings You Have to See to Believe

I worked as a writer and digital content strategist with Lordea, a real estate site.


Let Me Tell You Something About This Girl… She is Unbelievable

A female empowerment piece I wrote for Thrive Global.



Writer, Digital Media and Content Manager

Current and past freelance projects including: Content Producer, Gonzaga University website redesign Writer and Content Manager, Ridiculously Efficient Writer / Blogger, Yahoo, YourTango, Thrive Global, and more Marketing copywriter for Vienna International and Hailun Digital Media Manager, Northwest Pianos Marketing Manager, Lordea Reporter, CDA News Media Engagement, Vienna International

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2015 until now


I am the founder and president of this important nonprofit, which is committed to advancing early childhood literacy and music education.


I worked there from 5/2018 until now

Digital Producer

Producer on the Walt Disney World mobile app for iOS/Android Managed day-to-day tasks with editorial team and developers Facilitated both technical and content objectives for mobile projects Managed resources and monitored budget expenditures

Company: Disney Parks and Resorts Online

I worked there from 5/2014 until 12/2014

International Site Manager

Source content from a wide variety of stakeholders across global insights and product teams Set editorial guidelines and brief copywriters, designers and publishers to create content Guarantee best practice web publishing guidelines are being followed Ensure all content is optimized for SEO and amplified across social media platforms Manage site audits and scrubs where necessary

Company: Microsoft Advertising

I worked there from 1/2013 until 4/2014

Site Manager and Production Coordinator

Project Manager for dozens of successful Microsoft Digital Literacy language releases Key contributor to Microsoft e-Learning, a free product utilized globally to teach computer skills In charge of communicating and managing localization efforts with international teams Production coordinator responsible for managing project components between several teams Monitor and maintain budget agreements while managing workflow

Company: Denny Mountain Media

I worked there from 5/2007 until 6/2010

Media Editor, Producer, Writer

Wrote copy and headlines for features, marketing materials and photo accredited content Coordinated and fulfilled requests from remote and internal production and management teams Worked with Content Management System to upload and create database storage of content Photoshop, HTML, Video screen capturing and Productivity tools to implement day-to-day tasks

Company: Real Networks

I worked there from 9/2006 until 1/2007

Producer, Writer

Worked with editorial staff to produce up-to-the-minute content for the MSN.com homepage Imported videos into the MSNBC database after converting them to asx and JavaScript Gathered weekly traffic reports on pages produced (through created G links) Wrote, created and delivered the weekly Entertainment Newsletter Updated Windows Media Radio links, text and images through a uniformed publishing tool

Company: MSN Entertainment

I worked there from 2/2006 until 6/2006


I have photographed special studio sessions for RollingStone.com with artists like Keane and Louis XIV.

Company: Rolling Stone.com

I worked there from 10/2004 until 6/2005

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

5 Little Known Ways To Grow Your SaaS Company: #3 is Absolutely Genius!

SaaS marketing can be intimidating at first, but it can pay off in spades. These 5 little known ways to grow your Saas company could help you change the way you do business.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: SaaS marketing,Saas company,business,growth,tips


Attention Busy Moms: If You're Looking for the Best Prices on Baby Items, We've Got You Covered!

Your time is important. You don't have time to shop around for the best prices. Let us do it for you.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: mothers,parenting,babies,best prices,deals,sales