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Mike Schulz


A CPA Writing Mostly About Accounting, Outsourcing and FinTech

About Me

There are three things you should know about me:

First, I am passionate about creating and improving business efficiency.

The tread that runs through most of the topics I like to write about is improving business efficiency and productivity using the wonderful array of products and services available today.

Second, I know a great deal about a select few Federal Government Grant programs.

As Fiscal Manager for a mid sized non-profit and Comptroller of a Health Department and low-income primary health clinic, I have collected a great deal of specific knowledge about these programs operate, and the services the grantees most want.

Third, I love to cook.

There are few things I enjoy more than finding a interesting recipe and bring it to life in my state of the art kitchen. I don't write about it though. I'm sticking with B2B only.


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My Writing Samples

What is Business Productivity? And How it can Help You.

This post considers a basic way to measure the efficiency of a business. It examines how to judge the effect a proposed change to a business will have on the efficiency of that business.


6 Key Features of the Best Small Business Accounting Systems

This post considers six features a business owner or manager should consider when purchasing an accounting software package.



Fiscal Manager

This job involved the financial management of a multi million dollar nonprofit organization. I was heavily involved in Head Start and Community Services Block Grant programs.

Company: Mobile Community Action

I worked there from 7/2012 until 7/2015


This job involves the financial management of a County level Health Department. I am also the CFO of its affiliated 10 location Federally Qualified Heath Center (FQHC). The FQHC receives Federal funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, Ryan White, Medicaid MOMCare, and others.

Company: Mobile County Health Department

I worked there from 7/2015 until now


I worked as both a tax professional and auditor. I worked on numerous litigation support projects as well.

Company: Various

I worked there from 6/1988 until 6/2012

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