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william stephens


About Me

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."- Jim Rohn.   

 I believe that hard work and discipline are crucial components to one’s success. What is success? I believe success to mean much more than financial independence. Success is measured by the impact a person has on others. I am not saying that a successful person impacts many people. It is not the quantity that is measured on this particular scale. Who we are and how we influence is truly what matters. In a society that is as fast paced as it is ruthless, selflessness is not a quality that is rewarded. To grasp the concept, that we must humble ourselves before we can grow, is not an easy task. I am a man who is committed to growth. I desire to be the best version of a husband, friend, employee and father. This is what being successful means to me. If at the end of my life, the people who were a part of it can say, “I was better for having known him”, I have accomplished success. This is who I am. I work as hard as I possibly can, not out of obligation but out of desire. I constantly educate myself about things I don’t understand because I respect and appreciate wisdom. I am a devoted husband and I love my wife more than words could ever justify. I am an honest and loyal man, even when it is not in my best interest. I enjoy competition and sports. I am what some would call, a sports fanatic. Like all people, I have my own opinions. However, I always hope that while sharing my opinions with another, they have an educated rebuttal that makes me think. If a person can briefly describe who they are, they are doing themselves a disservice. We are all complicated.

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Project Manager

Manage commercial grade projects including budgeting, scheduling, logistics organization, fabrication, erection and personnel management.

Company: MacAljon

I worked there from 3/2017 until now