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Joan Goodchild


Technology & Infosec Writer, Editor, Content Strategist. Experienced Broadcaster, Storyteller, Public Speaker, Moderator

About Me

Award-winning, veteran writer, editor, content strategist and researcher with expertise in B2B technology and information security topics. I have more than 20 years of experience covering and developing content for a wide range of audiences. As editor in chief of CSOonline, I was responsible for strategy and developing content for security professionals seeking news, analysis, features and tools for managing a security program. As a marketing content writer, my specialty is taking a complex concept and finding the story within to engage your customers.

Industries I Write About

Computer & Network Security

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Computer Networking

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Computer Software

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Financial Services

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Writing & Editing

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Staffing & Recruiting

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Information Technology & Services

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Security & Investigations

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My Writing Samples

The Time is Now to Embrace Hyperconvergence

White paper on the topic of hyperconvergence in data centers


Security Analytics: Benefits and Best Practices for Deploying

A deep-dive industry report on security analytics tools offering best practices for IT teams to consider when researching and deploying.


7 Insights on the State of Cyber Security

Ghostwriting assignment for a client in the SAP space.


The Worst C-Level Mistakes

Ghostwriting assignment


Rising Breach Rate Drives Businesses Toward Zero Trust Security Model

Custom brand post for a security vendor.


Best Practices to Help You Reel In The Threat of Phishing

Editorial article on security awareness and phishing.




Working with B2B clients to refine their message and brand's voice. Services include: • Content Strategy Development • Content Creation • SEO Advice and Expertise • Public Speaking and Panel Moderation •Webcast and Event Hosting

Company: Cyber Savvy Media

I worked there from 10/2010 until now

Editor In Chief

As EIC, I was responsible for editorial strategy for CSOonline, a web destination for security professionals seeking news, analysis, features and tools for managing a security program. I oversaw CSO's team of reporters, writers and contributors and we provided daily insight on a broad range of security and risk management topics. Areas of focus include information security, physical security, business continuity, identity and access management, loss prevention and more.

Company: CSOonline

I worked there from 6/2013 until 6/2017

Executive Editor

Joined CSO in 2008 as senior editor. In that role, I developed and grew several crucial beat areas for security professionals, including social engineering, social media risks and the leadership/careers coverage for the site. Launched CSO's initial video and social media strategies. Promoted to executive editor in 2012.

Company: CSOonline

I worked there from 7/2018 until 6/2013

Broadcast/Web Editor

Appeared daily in a live remote business report from the BBJ newsroom that was a regular segment on the NECN morning news broadcast. See examples of my work in the projects section of this profile. I was also responsible for updating the BBJ's web site with daily news stories from around the region, as well as working with, and editing, submissions from BBJ beat reporters who provided short news stories to be posted on the web. Position required regular use of web analytic tools to understand

Company: Boston Business Journal

I worked there from 8/2006 until 7/2008

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

What are Man in the Middle attacks? (And why the finance industry should care)

Often done for financial gain, MitM attacks are an ever-present threat for organizations, particularly the finance industry. IBM X-Force’s Threat Intelligence Index 2018 says that 35 percent of exploitation activity involved attackers attempting to conduct MitM attacks.In this post, we look at the factors behind MitM attacks and the best ways to thwart them.

Content type: Blog Post


Medical Device Security: Should You Be Concerned

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has thus far no reports of patients being harmed due to cybersecurity flaws in medical devices, independent security researchers have found vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by hackers on certain devices, like pacemakers and insulin pumps. What should healthcare companies be doing now to make patient safety a top priority?

Content type: Blog Post


Here's the advice I wish I'd received before launching my first start up

Experienced entrepreneurs weigh in on what they wish they had known before launching their first start up venture and why that advice might have helped them along the path.

Content type: Blog Post


Phone calls are still critical to business - here's why

Despite an increasingly digital focus and online emphasis in business, phone calls have never been more important for companies. Multiple factors, including brand image and customer service, all rely on the phone as an integral part of strategy. This blog post digs into the factors behind the importance of using phone technology and why companies will continue to rely on calls, despite digital trends.

Content type: Blog Post


Tips for managing security amid an infosec talent crunch

Cybercrime is costing companies millions. Some estimates put the global cost of cybercrime at as much as $600 billion — about 0.8 percent of global GDP. Research from the Ponemon Institute finds the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, a figure that rose 6.4 percent in 2018. Yet businesses are pinched to hire skilled security pros to help shore up defenses. This article offers tips for managing security when help is hard to find.

Content type: Article


SBA loans at an all-time high, but gap persists for women borrowers

Small business loan approval rates for big banks were at a record high of 27% in January 2019 - a rate not seen since before the start of the Great Recession. While the number of women-owned businesses that applied for funding in 2018 increased by 13 percent, the average size loan for women-owned businesses is 31 percent less than for male-owned businesses. This article looks into the factors behind the difference in browsing amounts

Content type: Article


IoT Security Starts with a Thorough Risk Assessment

IoT security begins well before you start interconnecting sensors and other devices. A comprehensive risk assessment is critical to ensure you’re building the right controls across all layers of the IoT stack, from endpoints to networks. This post will explore the key elements of an IoT risk assessment.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: IoT security,risk assessment


The time for DevSecOps is now

The practice of DevSecOps in the enterprise is catching fire, and organizations who are not prepared to embrace it will soon be left behind. A new study from Carnegie Mellon and other partners finds that organizations with elite DevSecOps programs are outperforming others in terms of DevOps automation, open source controls, container controls, training and cybersecurity preparedness. In this post, we will examine why DevSecOps is growing and outline the benefits.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: DevSecOps,application security,application development,infosec


How AI is transforming sales

AI has gone mainstream, and sales teams are reaping the benefits of the data insight, automation and pattern recognition it offers. In fact, recent research from Inside Sales finds businesses increasingly understand the power AI has to enhance a sales rep’s role and make it more efficient. In this post, we explore the potential for AI to offer the following benefits to sales: • Improve sales performance • Price optimization • Enhanced forecasting • Lead optimization • More effective upselling

Content type: Blog Post