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Cristina Neagu


Content Writer and Editor

About Me

A professional editor and writer since 2012, I've edited or written articles on all kinds of topics, but my specialties are science, healthcare, and project management. My former career in academia has taught me how to do thorough research and back up claims with facts. As a freelance writer, I love to translate complex information into clear, concise, and creative copy that helps and inspires the reader.

Industries I Write About

Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Mental Health Care

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Management Consulting

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Writing & Editing

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Leisure & Travel

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My Writing Samples

The Brief Guide to Nutrigenomics: How Diet Can Affect Your Genes

The saying “you are what you eat” could become “what you eat can change who you are” in the context of nutrigenomics. Your diet can affect your genes, and this is what nutrigenomics is all about.


The Concise Guide to Vitamin B5: Why You Need It and Where to Find It

Also known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 is an essential nutrient for human health. Most of the foods you eat have a certain amount of pantothenic acid. That’s because this nutrient is essential for all forms of life, so it’s present in almost all plants and animals.


Tips from an Editor on Managing Content Writing Projects

If you’re a small business owner interested in creating web content, you’ll need written content. If you don’t want to outsource content writing to an agency, one alternative is to work with freelancers. But managing content writing projects can be a herculean task. These tips can help you.


Creative Ways to Come Up with Original Ideas for a Small-business Blog

Good ideas for a small-business blog aren’t easy to come by, so it’s tempting to imitate your competitors’ content. But this strategy only works as a temporary solution for a creativity lapse. If you’re tired of looking into your neighbours’ yard, try some of these ways to find original ideas for your business blog.


What Is Boron and What Are Its Health Benefits?

Boron is a chemical element found in soil, rocks and water. It’s essential for the growth of plants and for the health of many animals. Researchers have known the health benefits of boron for decades, but its exact role in human metabolism still has secrets for researchers.


Preparing for the Inconceivable Risk—Are You Ready for Black Swans?

When rare and extreme events never observed before occur, they have major consequences. Since they cannot factor black swans into their risk analyses, organizations should prepare for the consequences of these unthinkable events by assembling a black swan response team and an emergency plan.


Talent Management at Project Team Level

For organizations that carry out projects, talent management means equipping team members with the right mix of technical, project management, and leadership skills. Here are four reasons why any organization that does projects should invest in talent management.



Editor and Proofreader

I specialize in copyediting and proofreading nonfiction documents. Since 2012, I have been providing the following services to individual and corporate clients: scientific editing, business editing, digital content editing, and nonfiction proofreading.

Company: Own business

I worked there from 6/2012 until now

Freelance Content Writer

I have a keen interest in science, communication, and content marketing. As a freelance writer, I like to combine my experience, knowledge, and interests to write online articles about science, healthcare, and project management.

Company: Own business

I worked there from 9/2011 until now

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