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Mark Biwojno


My passion is writing about changing industries and "what-if" scenarios

About Me

I'm a technical writer in the domains of business, finance, and economic theory. 

Industries I Write About

Capital Markets

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Public Policy

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Think Tanks

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Financial Services

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Medical Device

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Investment Management

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Information Technology & Services

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Market Research

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Computer Software

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My Writing Samples

Spotify IPO What you need to know

Analysis of the Spotify IPO, making what might be a boring topic (IPO analysis) into an engaging topic to a wide variety of individuals.


Business Competition Is Like A Forest

A general overview of how startups compete with larger companies, made to be understandable and interesting to a wide audience.



Analysis of cryto-currency investment and ETFs.


Monetary Policy Is Obsolete, Here's What's Next

Article touching on the topics of finance, economics, technology, politics and law.


The Single Greatest Myth In Business

A contrarian take on what drives financial success in business.


Profiting From Rising Interest Rates: The Case For Long HEDJ Between 2017-2020

Analysis of an incredibly complex topic (Interest rate disparities and derivatives) made simple and understandable by using analogies such as a businessman flying between airports with a suitcase full of cash.


Facebook: The Poster Child Of 'Jobless' Companies

An attempt to coin a new word, a "Jobless" company. Eg a company which has a very low workforce relative to it's profitability.


Boy's Life Letter To Editor

A letter to the editor I wrote to boy's life as a kid which was published.




Wrote several article for seekingalpha on topics of investment and finance. https://seekingalpha.com/author/mark-biwojno#regular_articles

Company: Seeking Alpha

I worked there from 3/2015 until now


Wrote several articles for stockpile, a Palo Alto based VC funded brokerage company. https://www.stockpile.com/theticker/should-i-buy-bitcoin-or-gbtc and https://www.stockpile.com/theticker/spotify-ipo

Company: Stockpile.com

I worked there from 3/2017 until /


Wrote several articles on a broad span of topics. Note this work was unpaid: https://medium.com/@markbiw

Company: Medium

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Why Aren't Real Life "Shark Tanks" Held In Every City?

In CNBC's series shark tank, entrepreneurs pitch investors for funding a business they've launched. There are no laws against having real life "Shark Tanks" in every city. While generating competition between investors is healthy for entrepreneurs, investors and VC's themselves may wish to limit the audience which entrepreneurs pitch to for fear of non-exclusivity or higher valuations. It's time that entrepreneurs woke up to various strategies to generate competition between investors.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: capital,fundraising,industry,vc,venture capital,angel investing


What Is "Banking-As-A-Service" And Should Banks Be Worried?

Banking as a service enables non-bank technology companies to create a "white label bank" without having a banking charter or being regulated as a bank. This technology has recently been rolled out by Q2, a provider of software for regional banks and is also offered by Green Dot. At risk is turning a bank's function into that of a utility being used solely for it's charter and regulatory status, with a layer of value-add separation between it and it's customers that it does not control.

Content type: Whitepaper

Keywords: banking,fintech,disruption,banking as a service,technology


Double Your Reach, Not Your Advertising Budget: With "Co-Marketing" It's Actually Possible

Co-marketing is the art of banding two companies which respect each-other together to market to each others' customers. The two companies share a similar audience, but are not direct competitors. Given the high cost of ads, co-marketing is an extremely attractive alternative which can work for brands of all sizes. Marketing arrangements between brands can be tricky, but the effort is worth it. Just imagine doubling your reach almost overnight with minimal overhead burden!

Content type: Whitepaper