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Cristy Lynch


About Me

I’m Cristy, a freelance writer and content strategist located in Austin, Texas.

I've been freelancing on and off in the last 10 years. I've been working in insurance marketing for the last four years, both full-time and freelance, so now I focus predominantly on writing about insurance and related personal finance topics.

Most recently I was Content Strategist at Bestow, a life insurance insurtech startup. I was responsible for our blog and overall content marketing strategy and execution. I managed the editorial calendar, did SEO research for blog topics, drafted assignment briefs, wrote and edited content, and more.

When I'm not working, I work on my own creative writing projects like screenplays, short stories, sketches, and my own blog. I also have a huge love for comedy and improv. I perform regularly in Austin's improv theaters.

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My Writing Samples

5 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance in Your 30s

To buy or not to buy life insurance, that is the question on every 30-something’s mind. Right? Ok, maybe we exaggerated a wee bit. But to be fair, lots of 30-year-olds do consider buying life insurance. Life changes — like buying a home, getting married, starting a family, moving up the career ladder — are major motivators. Others are just proactive and want to lock in a low rate sooner rather than later. Whether you’re in the first category, the latter, or just plain confused, we got you.


Criminal Background Checks for Rideshare Drivers: Do You Believe in Second Chances?

If you knew your Uber or Lyft driver was convicted of a crime, would you still hitch a ride? What if the charge was seven years ago? Would that make a difference?


Life Insurance Underwriting: What Factors Determine Risk?

Let’s talk about you. If you’re even just the tiniest bit familiar with insurance, you probably know that there are certain factors that may impact how much you pay for coverage. This is true for all types of insurance — car, homeowners, business, and more. For life insurance though, it seems extra personal. Insurance companies are looking at you. So, what exactly are they looking at? In order to explain rate factors, we first must address two important industry vocab words: risk and underwrit


[Advertorial] Why Do 70% of Millennials Buy Life Insurance?

Millennials get blamed for a lot of things, like the bankruptcy of their parents’ favorite chain restaurant and their go-to department store. But 20-somethings and 30-somethings aren’t destroying industries, they’re improving them. When it comes to shopping, consumers have forced companies to change, or else risk the same fate as Blockbuster. Even life insurance, a centuries-old industry, has been forced to adapt to meet the needs of their customers. Fortunately, this means that life insurance


Why Giving Is Good For Your Health

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Mahatma Gandhi Whether you make donations to your favorite charity or volunteer your time at a local pet shelter, there’s no denying that the act of giving is beneficial to those in the receiving end. But it’s also great for the giver. And we’re not just talking about warm, fuzzy feelings. There are scientifically-proven positive side effects, too. It turns out that having a purpose is good for your health in several


Electric Vehicle Prices Down, But Americans May Not Be Ready to Dump the Pump

A recent Bloomberg article made a bold claim: By 2038, electric vehicles could make up to one-third of all vehicles across the globe. In the United States alone, electric vehicles will make up to 58% of new car sales. Why? “Lithium-ion battery prices are going to come down sooner and faster than most other people expect,” says Colin McKerracher, lead advanced-transportation analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The implication is that that buyers would purchase these green vehicles



Content Strategist

Managed blog editorial calendar, assigned topics to authors and freelancers, edited blog posts and articles. I also oversaw SEO strategy for the blog and monitored/reported on progress.

Company: Bestow

I worked there from 1/2018 until 3/2019

Social Media Strategist

Responsibilities included social media brand management, social media content curation and publishing, social listening, community management, social media advertising for brand awareness and customer acquisition, content writing, video production/editing.

Company: The Zebra

I worked there from 6/2016 until 12/2017

Digital Account Manager/Digital Content Specialist

Hybrid role of account management and digital strategy. Crafted and managed social media, blog and email strategy for client accounts. Responsible for master editorial calendars for client accounts. Built brand voice and tone across all channels. Managed social media advertising strategy, campaigns and budget, targeting key demographics and generating leads at a low cost per conversion.

Company: Wick Marketing

I worked there from 7/2014 until 6/2016

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