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Victor Phillips


Medical Doctor, Copywriter and Business Writer

About Me

Over 10 years of experience as Program Manager/Project manager/ Sr Business Analyst and Technical Writer leading and managing teams in Agile and Prototype methodologies.

● Diverse experience includes project successes in a client-facing role and leading teams in functional and business process change environments.
● Expertise in writing email marketing campaigns, sales pages, video sales pages and blog content
● Expertise in Agile methods like Scrum, Agile Manifesto and Lean.
● Experienced in risk mitigation and in meeting facilitation
● Experience and knowledge in other Agile methods/engineering practices like continuous integration, FDD, ATDD, TDD, BDD, Crystal, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework.
● Experience managing large projects, tracking plans and conducting risk analysis
● Led and directed teams on Scrum best practices, process improvement, estimation using JIRA,
● forecasting, metrics, release scheduling, impediments, technical debts, defects and incorporating
● Versed with SQL and running queries for Data Analysis
● Healthcare and technology expertise in telemedicine
● Lead development of protocols, standards, procedures and requirements for past projects
● Knowledge in developing reports and understanding Business Objects
● Lessons learnt from retrospectives for business and technology teams.
● Experience working closely with subject matter experts on managing requirement flows
● Have extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical and healthcare domain with Data Warehousing for projects
● Built integrated teams using Apple, Android, SQL Server and testing domains

Industries I Write About

Alternative Medicine

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Information Technology & Services

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Medical Practice

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Individual & Family Services

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Management Consulting

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Marketing & Advertising

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Writing & Editing

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My Writing Samples

Sales Letter Example

This is a sales letter for a personal development book.


Email Marketing Campaign

This is a newsletter campaign re-posted to a blog.


How Can I Lower High-Blood Pressure and What is High-Blood Pressure

This is a health article that covers the topic of high blood pressure.



Senior Business Analyst/Technical Writing

Responsible for determining, defining, and writing technical documentation of current and proposed business processes and user documentation for UMIS NorthStar 6.4 upgrade Provide research and analysis to improve service recommendations that included writing descriptions of the service, processing considerations, expense, and potential revenue analysis, benefits and risks. Acted as Project Manager for NorthStar 6.4 upgrade. Prepared presentations of Win-10 upgrade for all departments.

Company: Unisys

I worked there from 4/2018 until 1/2019

Product Manager/Sr Business Analyst

CareRemote is a leading provider of telemedicine services for Cardiologists and Vascular specialists. CareRemote allows physicians to take control over their practices by allowing them to generate revenue outside of traditional means. Responsible for writing advertisements and branding copywriting for products to achieve market-product fit. Email campaigns, presentations, blog content, case studies, landing pages copy and articles geared to health.

Company: CareRemote

I worked there from 3/2012 until 4/2018

Senior Business Analyst

Worked as a Lead Systems Analyst analyzing and writing documentation and converting technical jargon to clear documentation for stakeholders, Documentation was centered around Mobile and Web projects and Project lead for high profile mobile and desktop projects

Company: Wells Fargo

I worked there from 9/2015 until 2/2016

Educational Content Analyst and Technical Writer

EMS 3.0 is the latest version of ITU’s proprietary educational management system. The online platform gives students the ability to manage their academic coursework, take online classes, and stay on top of goings-on at the University. The new iteration has built out new features as well as a completely redesigned user interface. Responsibilities were to write and design content strategy for an educational platform.

Company: International Technological University

I worked there from 5/2013 until 9/2015

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

“Never Ever Suffer from Not Being Able to Get Around Again! What to Look for in a Mobility Solution Company.”

Empathy is an important part of a customer’s journey. This is even more critical in your industry. Creating awareness through content that speaks to your customers will mean more customers that not only will talk about your brand but, remain as customers for the long-term. I am proposing an article that discusses ways that will speak to the desires and needs of people that have challenges with mobility. It’s also important to have access to a team that has industry knowledge of mobility issues.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Mobility Solutions,wheelchairs,mobility


How to Mentally Prepare for Hip Replacement

Title: What You Need to Know: Mental Preparation for Hip Replacement. Abstract: I’d like to write a post that highlights some of the best practices for going into surgery. A friend of mine just had surgery and it was very successful. The strategies that I gave him were very effective in preparing him for operation and for post-operative recovery, as well. Date: 7-day turnaround Price: $350.

Content type: Blog Post


Dental Software Articles

Title: Build the Right Software for Your Practice: Why You Need to Think Differently as a Dentist Now and How to Innovate Abstract: I’d like to write a post that highlights ideas around innovation and succeeding as a dentist. I will explore the importance of building software that will serve as an asset for a practice. Date: 7-day turnaround Price: $300.

Content type: Blog Post


Three Problems With Physical Therapy and How to Turn These Problems Into Benefits

Title: Abstract: Three Problems With Physical Therapy and How to Turn These Problems Into Benefits These are a few problems with Physical Therapy and this can lead to a loss of morale by patients. Patients seem to lack knowledge of what goes on during encounters and how they should participate. This post would aim to convince patients about the importance of completing their programs and that they can benefit from a program that is centered around them.

Content type: Blog Post


How to Slash Your Costs With Document Services That Improve Processes

Abstract: Document Scanning and Services have been developed to help businesses lower costs.. Many companies hire analysts to set up these processes. It can be done in house to achieve the results that most people could not fathom. Oversights in knowledge and expertise cause companies to ignore these opportunities. The post would be aimed at businesses. It will show them that it is possible to adopt these services while replacing manual processes with simple automation using the right tools.

Content type: Blog Post


Step-by-Step: The First 5 Things I Do for Employee Well-being

Salutations, Digital training for employee well-being is a necessity. Many companies know why we should do this but not how to do this. Due to a lack of knowledge and sometimes resources, they simply don't have these programs in place. In this post, I will stress the benefits of a program like this and how it will add to both the immediate bottom-line. I plan to show how Learning Bank can add value as a partner in creating a program for companies. Thank you, Victor Phillips

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: well-being,employee well-being,productivity,employee productivity


What Everybody Ought to Know About Sales Revenue and Design

I saw your recent posts you on Maze. Thought it was interesting and wanted to reach out. I write copy for B2B to help them get more recurring customers or orders, etc. I've also worked with many other companies like Wells Fargo. I would like to write a guest post about the importance of design in creating revenue. I'll discuss how a customer makes decisions based on design. I will talk about the importance of good copy with design and how this will benefit the user Best, Victor Phillips

Content type: Guest Post