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Mary Liken


Financial Writer who knows SEO and digital marketing

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Writer with a Finance specialization, who also covers Digital Marketing, Travel, Arts and Culture, and Design.

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Fighting corruption in real estate lending in India

The Indian government does not have a very close handle on the amount of black money that is held in India or in banks outside of the country. A recent study released by Assocham posits that the amount could be as high as India's GDP! (Roughly US$2 trillion.) India has been working with Switzerland, primarily, in hopes to repatriate a significant amount of the black funds. However, the nation has not yet signed on to the AIE treaty, which will enable the Swiss to relinquish the information.


The case for geopolitics having no effect on oil markets

In a recent Forbes article, Guarav Sharma puts forth the claim that geopolitical risk is as overblown now as in previous cycles. Sharma's argument centers around the belief that all of the geopolitical realities are already factored into the markets. He also posits the belief that risk fatigue is alive and well, especially in the oil markets. While risk fatigue may be an absolute truth, the realities of production interruptions and distribution disruption caused by geopolitical upheavals...



Financial Writer

Writer, Editor, and Content Creator for various clients and businesses with a focus on Finance, including macro trends in economics and business, investing, and personal finance. Create content for direct clients as per their monthly needs in multiple areas including finance, current business trends, market analytics, and investing. Conduct thorough research for business clients for both publication and in-house distribution.

Company: MLL

I worked there from 3/2009 until now

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