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Raisa Sendrovich


About Me

I'm a celebrity social media manager who has 7 years experience working with top musicians. I know what works and doesn't work on social media. I like to write about specific aspects of social media to help people with their strategies as well as my experience working with talent and what it takes to be a celebrity social media manager.

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Marketing & Advertising

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Apparel & Fashion

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11 Perfect Captions For Your Coachella Posts

Since Coachella is all about the photos and photos, I created a quick post with some inspiration for their social media captions.




Social Media Management for celebrities, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies. We help bold brands and personalities by creating a social media strategy that gets their project exposure, increase their engagement, increases their social media presence, and eliminates the frustration of lackluster results in as little as 12 weeks.

Company: Candidly Social

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

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Why You Should Never Buy Followers and Likes

There's so much pressure on social media these days for followers. Whether you're in entertainment, jut want to be an influencer, or have a thriving business it all comes down to your social media. If you don't have the followers, you don't have the trust from potential customers and most casting directors main concern is how big your social media is. It's important to share that as much pressure as there is to have your following, there are many repercussions that can occur in the long run.

Content type: Article

Keywords: social media,instagram,facebook,twitter